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>doesn't know the meaning of word "miasma"

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>I am standing on some sort of bridge coming across some endless black void
>Suddenly, loud af rumbling sound
>Moment later, giant, GIGANTIC Gura rises above me
>The bridge with me on it was around her chest level, as she towered over me. I felt like a fucking ant. Scary.
>Probably she also had a trident, didn't remember.
>Suddenly she spoke: "Why are you looking up at me? Why are you afraid? Why you stopped? Go on, walk forward. Become as big as me. Surpass me" - or something similiar, didn't remember exact wording, remember it was her voice, but booming and echoing.
>woke up after that speech

What did she mean by that, bros?

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She will enjoy being on top, being dominant, being powerful and start to tease her chat or genmates during collab about those topics from time to time ("ha-ha, wouldn't it be silly, for you to end up beneath my foot, right?"). She will hate the idea of being a sub though, and will never be into it, will never retweet or even enjoy artwork where she is not in complete control, and ignore all hornypost superchats where viewer places her in sub role, but gladly react to even blue ones where she is placed in dominant.

She won't blantantly admit her dominant preference, but it will be easily seen.

Who it gonna be? For me - picrelated.

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Or in the end, avatar matters not?

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