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Or... you can use those two hours to watch the streams and while watching look up the meaning of words that catch your attention, having fun instead of getting bored with lessons and losing all of your motivation, you don't even need to memorize them since they are going to be frequent words that will stick in your head naturally each time you hear them.
After a few months you will be understanding 60-80% of a stream.
That's how I learned English, and I didn't even tried to translate the words, I just watched my favorite youtubers, and after about four years I realized that I could understand literally everything. Context is fucking powerful.
I tried to do the same with Japanese but I realized that in four years my oshi can graduate before I even start to understand her, so I look up words while watching to speed up the process, and after only 1 year I can understand a good portion of my oshi's streams, feels good.
Also, Fuck Kanji.

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No as in I already knew about the stuff she brought up. Except the Holo Alt and Fauna stuff

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I would like to apologize for implying that Mio was a cat in the last thread. I had just ****** up and hadn't showered or ate yet, I obviously know better. Here is a Mio as apology.

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Mio doesn't have a general, she shares the hag general whenever it's up, and I feel we don't really have too many Miofa overall, just people who really like her design and/or hags Like how we don't have too many Fandead, just a couple passionate ones and assorted lolicons.

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