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Take this /hlgg/. You'll need this when Fauna's live stream starts. The saplings will be spreading noxious gas while crying.

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Here /hlgg/. You'll need this to survive the night.

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shien and luca collab would be pretty funny specially with the language barrier but with how much of an entertainer both are theyll probably make it kino

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Check this little guy

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luca shien collab make it happen

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You guys feeling better yet? If you're not, then here take this. I'm sure it'll brighten up your day if only a little. Just remember to always stay cool and continue to love Hololive, okay?

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Here /hlgg/, I'm going to entrust you with this. Treat it well and it will surely aid you during whatever trials you face. Remember, stay safe and stay cool, you're awesome and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Have these to compensate

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Here /hlgg/. You look like you've got some troubles on your mind. Take this with you and get those negative thoughts out of your head. Remember to be happy and stay cool.

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hey thats a......

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Here /hlgg/, this looks like it's going to be a turbulent time so you'll need this to get through it safely. Remember, keep watching those streams and keep being cool.

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Here /hlgg/, you're going to need this. It'll help you get through this day with a big smile while watching all the streams that are coming up. Remember to enjoy your oshi's streams, enjoy her friend's streams and stay cool.

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Here /hlgg/, you look like you're having a rough time today. Take this with you, it'll help you get through whatever it is you need to power through. Remember to stay safe, and stay cool.

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Here anon, you'll need this for the thread to come.

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Here /hlgg/. You'll need this to have a good night's rest so you can wake up energized and ready for more streams. Remember, stay healthy and stay cool.

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Superchat rankings
2021.07.05 ~ 07.11

Ayame - $56,368
Kiara - $36,137
Rushia - $25,007
Marine - $21,153
Flare - $19,195
Korone - $17,895
Lamy - $17,161
Shien - $16,375
Kanata - $16,269
Mori - $15,781
Pekora - $12,242
Watame - $11,803
Noel - $11,734
Gura - $11,270
Subaru - $8,722
Ina - $8,136
Suisei - $7,794
Nene - $7,679
Miko - $6,691
Okayu - $6,667
Aki - $5,317
Ollie - $4,708
Fubuki - $4,477
Botan - $4,234
Luna - $4,042
Sora - $3,875
Amelia - $3,085
Towa - $2,866
Matsuri - $2,370
Aruran - $2,023
Aqua - $2,001
Roboco - $1,868
Mio - $1,853
Moona - $1,607
Temma - $1,555
Reine - $1,316
Choco - $1,008

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Here /hlgg/. You'll need this to get through the day with peace in your mind.

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Here /hlgg/. I think you'll need this to get through the day.

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Here /hlgg/. You'll need this.

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Here /hlgg/. You'll need this.

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Shien's 3D was the absolute peak of today's content. Now I'm super excited to see what the other Holostars 3D is going to be.

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>Here anon, I'll let you have this.

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