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>ywn feel Ame's head hole
>ywn feel Ame's tongue scar
Just kill me now, I'm ready

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forgot to add an image im dum af

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Gurame is dead
Rainforest is in progress
Iname is forgotten
Ametori is winning

That's all really.

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I was gonna go for a rrat that Ame actually went sightseeing with Kiara. but then I remembered Ame did some mocap stuff and fish tank memberpost

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>my feet hurt
>this music is too loud
>i wish i was at home watching tiktoks

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Infinity only gets up when drama occurs now

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player 1 is kirby,
player 2 is wii fit trainer
butts is the enderman

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Can't say much but they were very close... I hope they still are after all this time.

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Silvervale and Ame go way back

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This Bae stream is pretty nice to help cope if you feel sad that Ame isn't appearing

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her voice is actually pretty cute if you listen to it

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Well... Shippers got btfo'd from our thread so far.
But we still can't stop shitposters and worse: the community using Ame to brag.

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Are call ins from random fans? That will be so cringe

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>this is reaching the point of making the board you're oshi
There is nothing wrong with wanting to maintain you oshi's/fanbase's good reputation

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Do I like Kiara? why or why not?

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i like korone and okayu and miko and subaru and gura and amelia and the blue hair EN one too those are my favourites

i dont dislike the others i just dont know them. oh kobo is cool too

>do you want us to reply with our favourites?

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Damn it, when are we gonna see this collab bros?

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99% sure that's not ame bro

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Anakin doesn't hate sand because its course and rought but because it reminds him of his home and his time as a slave, he has no good memories of it.

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She would get overwhelmed and then tells you that she didn't like it.

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Hello? Streams?

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WWE isn't real wrestling, this is real wrestling

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4chan is a whore!

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