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Reimu is one of the shittiest vtubers.
She has gotten raided with 10k streams before, something no indie could even dream of. She has gotten collabs with some of the biggest vtubers. All sorts of sponsorships and opportunities way out of her league by being associated with Ethyria.

Even after all that, nobody wants to watch her. She's one of the least popular people and literally BEGS her chat to drop superchats.
>"you owe me a supa bitch, you better supa for that"
that is what her life is like. She has no male fans either, all women.
After shipping herself with Vox and doing 10+ meetups with him, she then moved onto Vanta and started a playful "fight" with Millie over the right to suck Vanta's dick.

All of her content boils down to "look at me I'm hispanic" and shittalking America, often shittalking white people offstream as Fulgur told us:
just like Uki

It is BIZARRE to see this little turd continuing to get Holo collabs. I have no idea what's going on behind the scenes but let me tell you , there is nobody less deserving of such an interaction. There are plenty of indies who have Reimu's numbers, why not give them a shot instead?

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I hope she's doing alright.

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Fuck you, now I can't unsee it.

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>Mamatori went from saying Yakuza is shit to saying it's funny
It's over, we lost Mamatori to the Midkuza meme...

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>More and more ENs moving out of Western countries
great, now Cover has even less of a reason to build an overseas studio

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I wish women were real.

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maybe, it's been like 3 days and it just keeps getting worse

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>She is enjoying this more than Monster Hunter Rise
MHbros, not like this...

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>dyke hairstyle
>OMG! She is pretty! I like her hair!
What's her problem?

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So is it true that Fuwamoco went super ham for the Valentines stream? Or is it just ruffians coping about the GFE shit like usual? Cause they've been really trying to pretend they do GFE despite them being terrified of/hating their own fans.

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Chumbies, help, I can't stop singing Diggy Diggy Hole...

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KFP, I have bad news for you. Kiara is a white woman....

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Are we being raided by /v/ here? Are they upset that that their shit board has too many VTube reaction pics again? Now they're trying to turn this board into an eceleb cancer board as retaliation. So sad, they even pick one of the ugliest bastards out there.

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>next up

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ya got me i have a frying pan forehead i have like 10 more years of hair left before the norwood reaper comes for me

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>Gurame collab discussion getting drowned out by fatefags and yakuzafags
what happened

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I'm only 24... I can't do a good fat, gross, oji-san voice for this song...

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You can count on probably one hand the number of times shes lusted over a guy since she debuted. You couldn't even count the number of times she's lusted over women in a single stream using both hands and feet.

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Imagine being Gura and reading this
>other vtuber corpos sole goal is to kill you
>every single new vtuber gets compared or wants to be you
and then remember
>funposting gets every western vtuber jump at you like a tsunami of leeches
>making hard promises triggers thousands of schizos when you can't fulfill them
>scary big numbers haunt you at whatever you do
>face of the company you admired and now represent
all of this and more BUT
>you are a midget womanlet with health issues and antisocial tendencies who needs a tardwrangler just to do basic work

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please no

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sorry chumbud no stream for the past two month :)
oh no in fact she wouldnt even say it ahaha

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I should've expected that.

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We were winning until we lost.

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