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you could sell this to Cover and become multimillionaire

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Sorry for rejecting you Pomu, come home

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stfu cabrón

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homos is the branch that YAGOO cares about the most at the moment, and cherishes as if it were its own son.
As long as the Gura's continue to reject and ignore the homos, no blessing will be given to the ENs. they will always be neglected, no visas will be issued for them to stay in Japan, and they will never be able to visit the COVER studio and dance by themselves.
Some of the songs recorded for the 3Dlive will be deleted by COVER without their consent.
A 1hour live becomes a 40minute live.
The day will never come when they will be able to do something truly idol-like, even though they try to be proud "Idol".
If Gura, Kiara, etc. don't change their minds.
Isn't this hilarious, "Idolchads"?

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better one

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>Nui plans on graduating
>They make her a Koshien captain to delay it
>She wins Koshien
>Announces that she is graduating in her speech
>Leaves Niji on a good note
Niji intern, I have a good script for you

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Can an edit anon replace the fat Yagoo head with Dr. Manhattan? I want to shitpost about chuubas running away from home

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>uses your oshi as an onhahole

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based Cover enjoyer

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Give me something Arabic, I'll translate it for you.

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Kson, holoEN needs you.

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>Nostalgia Critic, Irate Gamer... come home.

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>Imagine being an unicorn
VTubers are the evolution of the waifu where you can now be cucked by your waifu (or oshi who cares). Before, there was only fanart of your waifu in which you could self insert as the dude fucking them or imagine its someone else, but there was never anything real to back up that fantasy.
Now when a vtuber goes and fucks someone, they can simultaneously cuck millions of people at once. It's not the same as the voice actress of a waifu fucking someone, because they were never the character they portray in the same way a vtuber is. So much of what you fall in love with in a vtuber is their actual real life personality. Even considering that the extent to which they play a character varies between vtubers, it's virtually impossible to be 100 percent fake and have nothing of your actual personality slip out when you're streaming for hours at a time, meaning most give up and just stream as themselves even if they were playing a character at first.
Do you truly believe any of these women, who as most of us know through doxxing are at least attractive enough that they'd never have to worry about being able to get laid if they want, will stay abstinent just for the sake of people they don't know? Even if you have no hard evidence leading to believe they are getting pounded by bbc on the reg, it's only a matter of time. Watching, waiting for that one fatal slipup where a male voice comes on stream or they accidentally fail to refer to their boyfriend as "brother" or "dad" and the facade all comes crashing down. At that moment you will know a form of cuckoldry that before was not even possible, and it will be a shared sense of dread with upwards of millions of men all at once.

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It sounds like you're proposing some sort of "Holovision" channel. Tell me, will there be regularly scheduled advertising breaks in the middle of the segments so that people tuning in for hours on end will have time to use the restro- I mean watch advertisements?

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nijibronies, come home

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>an act probably mandated by corporate
Hololive is a black company

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Are you trying to imply that Hololive is a black company? They take good care of all their vtubers, both domestic and forei- all their domestic vtubers.

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>buys more viewbots than (You)

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