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>the only gen0 with no appeal or talent
>no one cares/talks about her
>genmates are vtubing legends whilst she's just a nobody after all these years

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Onolumi qrd? She looks cool and it seems like she has great taste in games. I literally know nothing about her.

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It's not even the horny stuff. I just think they're cool and interesting people. It's almost impossible to find women like them where I live but it's opened up SEA women for me.
Based fellow Roboco lover.

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>dumber than your oshi

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80% of her codebase is written in rust, so she's pretty retarded. Still a good fuck but make sure she's fully charged first; her entrance valve auto-rejects foreign objects when in power-saving mode.

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Astonishingly based. I miss the retarded toaster so bad.

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