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Okayu tilts herself to the side, slowly falling as she lands onto your lap head first, looking up at you expectantly. You can't contain the smile blooming across your face as you reach down, scratching behind her left ear as she begins to purr. The pair of you stay like that for awhile until the appointed hour arrives. Korone lives a short distance away, living out of a bakery with a home attached to it. You find your way over together easily, having traversed the route many times on different occasions (such as when you had to carry the dead-asleep Korone the entire way home and tuck her into bed after she refused to wake up). Before you even have a chance to knock, the door is ripped open, and the two of you are dragged into an overly tight embrace. You swear Korone is grabbing your ass on purpose.

"Welcome, welcome! It's downstairs in the basement!" The dog barks happily, dragging the two of you with her. Neither of you have a chance to get in anything in edgewise as Korone continues to talk about how excited she is, how much you're going to love it, how good it'll feel...wait, what was that last bit? Approaching the stairs to the basement, she opens the door. She gives you both a wild grin as she stands before the entrance to the inky blackness below. "I can't wait! It'll be great!"

Mercifully, she clicks the light switch, and the great unknown below you is quickly illuminated. Heading down the sturdy stairs, Okayu grasps one of your hands, giving you a nervous smile. In the middle of the basement are two luxurious looking recliners, situated so that they face one another.

"Massage chairs!" Korone proclaims, giving a little 'ta-dah' style gesture as she points to them. "I won them in a contest and wanted to show them off!"
"Wow, that's...man, they look lush...what kind of contest was it?" You ask. Just staring at these things makes your muscles feel like jelly.
"Not important! Go on, go on, sit! One for each of you!"

You, personally, can't wait. Excitement bubbles up within you as you lead Okayu to the chairs, taking a seat in one as the sheepishly sits in the other. As soon as you get comfortable - which is almost immediately - you let out a groan of comfort. The leather on these is so inviting it's almost comical. And these are massage chairs? They haven't even been turned on yet!

"Hey, Korone, where's the controls on this thing?" You ask, fondling around at the arms with your finger tips, looking for buttons.
"Oh, don't worry about that! I'll take care of everything, so just relax."
"I...have to say, these are incredibly comfy," Okayu murmurs, melting into her seat. "But you didn't tell me anything about a conte-"

Okayu's cut off as heavy metal latches shoot out from the chairs arms, capturing her by her wrists and ankles as the same thing happens to you. Your heart leaps. You can't move!

"H-Hey, Korone?!" You yelp, tugging at the metal shackles keeping you pinned. Okayu is starting to panic. "Something's fucky with the chairs!"
"No, no," Korone coos, holding up a remote in her hand. Her grin seems...almost malevolent. "Things are going EXACTLY how they're supposed to go!"
"What kind of weird chair is this, seriously," Okayu mutters, still actively tugging at the restraints. "C-Can you take these off? They're scaring me..."

Korone merely laughs in response. It's not the usual laugh she has...it's something darker. More guttural, less mirthful. "Why would I do that? I finally have both of you exactly where I want you to be!"

Your blood starts to run cold. Korone casually strolls up to Okayu, kneeling down a bit before her. You can't see Korone's expression from this vantage, but Okayu's switches to one of fear. Without warning, Korone leans in, planting a deep kiss on your girlfriends lips. Okayu jolts, complaining into Korone's mouth as you start to see green.

"Hey! What the fuck are you doing!? Get off her!"
Korone breaks the kiss as Okayu pants, tearing up in her seat as she does so, digging her nails into the cushioning. The dog turns to face you, a malicious glint in her eye. "Don't be so noisy! Your turn is next, anyway...are you that impatient?"
Without waiting for response, Korone is already upon you. Your anger breaks for a moment, replaced by a flash of fear, before Korone quickly sets in upon with the same voracity as she did your girlfriend. Planting a hand on your cheek, she holds you steady as she slips her long tongue into your mouth, staring at you through half-lidded eyes while she takes advantage of you. Though you try and wrench yourself away from the kiss, Korone's hand moves from your cheek to your throat, holding you still. The embrace goes on for what feels like ages, Okayu shouting at the pair of you from behind Korone, who finally pulls away, seeming satisfied.

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