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I have the opposite problem, I am sleeping 12 hours every day and feel like im wasting life

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same desu

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>I can almost guarantee while theyre keeping you on read theyre replying to a dozen other people they actually enjoy talking to. Happens all the time.
This is way too real...

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pomus gone... now what?

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I miss the zoophilia aloupeep...

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This thread has antis for everyone retard. You don't see the amount of schizo shit that happens to everyone else because you don't care or even partake in it thinking its funny. All the splits but /haha/ have shitposters come by once in awhile. /HAHA/ is peaceful because Selen has the least amount of anti's on this board. Dragoons have a persecution complex and think all IP's in this thread are blood thirsty antis but in reality its the same shitposter hating on everyone

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Pomu.... the call.....

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I don't feel joy from these streams anymore, I just want to watch Pomu and only Pomu. I don't care about the others or how close she is to them. I'm tired of Luca and Selen. I'm tired of the rest of the branch, I just want Pomu...

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help me.... im addicted to Ding Dongs and Hostess Cupcakes...
I can't stop eating the cream filling...

this isnt good for my weight...

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I feel your pain, anon
my streamer friend and I still talked fairly often when they were leisurely fleshtubing, but I encouraged them in their desire to jump into vtubing last year and now we basically only have passing exchanges in their community discord or small talk when I show up to mod their stream.
I still poke them in their dms fairly often in vain hope.

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They were told to pump up their numbers for Anykara quarterly report as they will be firing the weakest members...

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Just wanted to cheer my oshi as she tried her best desu

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first an impossibly cute tiger hag and now an impossibly cool panther hag
wtf ex-ID, why do you always deliver!? I wish I had more time to watch them all.

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> unironic /soc/ posting
how is this thread any better than /NijiEN/?

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>like a neverending piss

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>upcoming 3d live cancelled due to nuclear fallout

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Nijisanji livers also played FGO before but they never got the same love or celebrated like this before, double standard much?

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>lied to me
jesus... your just like my mom, telling me everything is okay when I know it won't be.

your a terrible person anon, playing with my feelings like that, how could you. even if I got it right you still would have lied...

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>says she wont play MGSV
>does anyways
you cant trust pomu, shes ALWAYS lying to us... being a pomie is suffering

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Kiara... she said she can collab with whomever she wants

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>fully supports all of our talents activities
>with whomever I want

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We lack the mental illness and motivation to do it, we can't match how delusional and wicked holobros are unfortunately. 1 month of shitposting is all we can muster

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>Pomu hates Ike
Quilldren will you just let her tbag your oshi?

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Why is there still no publicly available hd rigged Pomu model?
I just want to buy a vr headset and an onahole and fuck Pomu in vr.
I know you can use koikatsu but it's shit.

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