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I mean I hate to break it to you but /here/ was never good. You either enjoy the combatiative free for all nature of these boards or you filter shit out in order to talk about things you actually care about. Most people even are a mix of both. If you think this is bad it just means that you're filtered unironically.

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It's 3AM where the fuck is the aquarium member's post?

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Fucking schizo

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1. 2. 3

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>Anya thread is deleted
>Still has to use the Towa thread
You win some you lose some

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Ame sounds so damn tired kek. It's cute

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>shitposting should be punished as a criminal offense

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>flirted with both Magni and Axel
At least just pick one Ame...

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>my bag
>scrunched up pieces of paper from 5 years ago
>notebooks for work
>empty cigarette packets
>empty bottle of dr pepper
>the smell of damp

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>new stream!
>... with mumei
sorry Ame, skipping this one

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No Ame. Don't blame yourself for Mogu's death. It's not healthy

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>too short notice
yeah haha

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I just wish I stopped hyping myself for Kiara's karaokes. I'm not even mad at her, I'm mad at myself for always expecting something different.

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The dumbest part of this is that some retard will make a Wikipedia war edit like the E3 shit and it will be used a year later to start more shitflinging.

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pls Ame no rust onegai

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>I got her pregnant again

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It's gonna be one of those nights huh?

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What are you guys gonna try to get into bubbabot? I'm still trying for this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNMGMV1gHso Really hoping I can make it today.

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I want to take a nap but i fear that Ame will start streaming while i sleep

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>Gura completely ghosts and ignores everything Stars related
>Triples down in RP and GFE content for members during the week
i never thought i'd be jealous of chumpedos...

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5'10" is not manlet status

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The saddest part is that she really tries to be a good person a lot of the time, but then she always, inevitably, says something incredibly self-centered, entitled, arrogant, malicious, borderline sociopathic, or a combination of all 5 that just makes you go "Oh."

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Ame is going to read BL fanfics about this game later isn't she?

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