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>Grade schooler
>Only 70cms
Weak grade schoolers

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I only remember her having D cups at age 11.

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Noel and I mean it, actually had zero friends before joining Hololive and was straight up a friendless loser. She legit joined Hololive in hope to make friends and probably bullied so much about her massive tits when she was in school that she likes her friends praising her tits

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Reminder Noel is a M cup now.

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Noel was canonically an oppai loli when young so naturally Noel.

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Thank you Noel for tell me that 10 years old with D cups are a real thing that happens and doesn't just happen in anime.

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Noel has bigger boobs then a lot of woman at age 11

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She ahs never been cunny ever

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The closest we got is Mori who is admittedly packing some massive knockers. She just can't compete with Noel and Lamy. Those two are unfair.

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>Arent those three all pretty comparable in size
Are they? I thought Noel was by far the uncontested titty monster Holo?

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Two is enough.

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Years of bullying and having no friends.

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>Be pretty good looking
>Giant massive titties
>Literally bullied your whole life by both guys and girls
>Literally zero friends at al until joining a company to be friends with other losersl
Japan is a interesting place.

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Noel literally only got bullied and had zero friends before joining Hololive for having boobs too big. This also applies to Lamy who every goes on how pretty she was, but also bullied for having big and a weird voice.

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>Noel boobs

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Japanese boys are gay as fuck, Lamy got bullied for having huge boobs.

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It's funny how the full way to the opposite is true. Look at Lamy and Noel, they're actual friendless loser before joining Hololive.

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>Can't accept lolis of all shapes
Truly a failure of a lolicon

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Tits are disliked as well if they're too big

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Reminder Noel literally had no friends at all before joining Hololive and thought no one would ever like her since she was bullied every day she was in school.

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Reminder Noel was bullied everyday of her life in school and was a no friend loser before joining Hololive. Lamy was also bullied for her voice all of time and was also a no friend losr before joining Hololive.
Both of them are very fucking hot. Life is strange

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