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This was the sort of relationship you had. If you just had some more alone time, you wouldn't give a shit in the slightest. But the issue is that it's been months since you and Okayu have had the chance to have sex, and that certainly isn't from lack of interest or trying. It's just that every time you try, Korone is there. No matter WHERE you try it, Korone is there! It's gotten so bad you once had the idea to try and fuck in an alley somewhere away from home only for Korone to come zooping around the corner, 'conveniently' catching you right as you were finally about to get into the pussy's pussy! It's driving you up the wall! Your dick yells at you - not actually, of course, that'd be weird - to just get on with it and fuck one of them already. You look over at the pair of them as Okayu affectionately rub's Korone's head. You try to ignore the fact that the dog has her ass up, facing it towards you. You would never cheat on Okayu. You love that girl to death, and she feels the same way about you. You're confident in that. But every time Korone jumps on you, or starts squeezing and groping on you...something in you wakes up. And you hate that. You blame it on sexual frustration and file it away, sinking back into your seat.

"I have something to show the two of you," Korone cheerfully proclaims, switching her attention from Okayu to you. The dog grasps your arm, tugging it close to her. You try to ignore the feeling of her supple breasts pushing against you. "At my home. Would you like to come over later?"
"Hoh? That's rare, to invite us over," Okayu muses, watching the two of you with amusement. "I don't have a problem with it. Do you, Anon?"
"Nope," You reply. Getting harder to ignore it now. "I'm fine with it. What is it?"
"A surprise!" Korone replies with the same amount of zeal. She quickly leans into your face, planting a long, lingering lick up your cheek. When she pulls away, you can hear her panting next to your ear. Mmmmfuckstopit! "Something you'll both like a lot..."

Korone doesn't let up her obliviously sexual assault on the pair of you as the day winds on, leaving both you and Okayu covered in saliva and red in the face. She says her goodbyes, stating that she has to go prepare the surprise she has for both of you, as you stay on the couch. Okayu brings her face up from the arm of it, twitching a bit.

"I-I'm sorry about her," Okayu mutters, panting on the couch. "I keep telling her to tone it down, but..."
"H-Hey, no, it's fine...at least I'm not alone with feeling like this," You chuckle awkwardly. Okayu reciprocates, fidgeting with her legs uncomfortably. "Do you think she even knows what she's doing? All that tongue action and...y'know..."
"If she does, then she's a demon. Complete demon..."
"How...did you deal with that for so long?"
"A lot of masturbation," She says bluntly. She has the same flat look on her face as before. "Don't get me wrong, Korone's sweet and all, but we never crossed that line...y-you were my first for that, so, congratulations," She coughs. "But she never pushed it or even insinuated anything. I swear she would just...turn me on uncontrollably and leave. If it's intentional...then I double down on what I said. Demon."
"Y'know, if I weren't incredibly turned on, I'd be a bit jealous hearing you say that."
"You're the one pitching a tent from having a dog slobber all over you..."

As you cover your groin in mock shame, the two of you share a laugh. A bonus to being so close with Okayu and Korone both is that at least the two of you can talk about how incredibly handsy Korone is. The shame of that vanished a long time ago. Neither of you has interest in trying to take advantage of her for sexual purposes, though. The shame of THAT thought still exists. If Korone and Okayu both gave you the go ahead, you'd rut that stupid bitch into next week.

"Thinking something dirty?" Okayu teases, pointing at your twitching bulge. "Am I dating a pervert? Oi. Get that thing under control."
"Y-Yeah, yeah...sorry. She was extra aggressive today."
"Mm. True. I'll give you a pass for cheating on me in your head just this once," Okayu smiles, closing her eyes as she nods. "If you pet behind my ears. You know how I like it."

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