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Shishiwatamelamy> all

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i'm at my limit

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I used to go to this local zhang massage parlor every month, the hags don't look bad tbf but I find it difficult to stay hard during the whole ordeal. Then I started imagining them as holos. First, Marine then Okayu, Mio and Botan. The whole cast. I came hard every time. It closed down during the pandemic unfortunately which is sad. Hag blowjobs are the best.

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You ogey buddy?

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these are very conflicting responses. or are they?

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Hello /vt/, Holofag here, I am formally resigning from my post today, and am looking to join the esteemed halls of the nijichads. After consulting with my therapist after having a breakdown in the middle of my wagie shift in which I ogey'd and rrat'd until all of the customers fled it seems to be the best option. The hollow minutiae of being a holofag truly got to me, Always schizoposting this, zhang that, ogey this, rrat that and you can't forget the ritual posting. I can't count how many times I've posted Ina with hearts or Ina with hearts and no bangs or Ina with no hearts and a really angry face.

I've endured much hardship, hardships that I can endure no longer, my spirit is broken, my will is crushed and I now resign myself to fate. If the nijifags won't take me then I am more than willing to join with the vshojo bros instead. I uh, don't know anything about either company and I'm not really willing to learn, but as long as I don't have to be a holofag anymore anything is fine.

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>cover posts in chink
>japanese are already on fire over this
>one more month of cool-off content will introduce even more people to the problem and coco can't talk about it contractually
Good. Accelerate. The JSDF will get more conscripts.

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I have not even watched the stream nor plan to and I don't have strong opinions about about Calli, but the deadbraps are truly pathetic defending their queen
>Everyone who doesn't like it is an idolfag/virgin/incel
>If you don't like anitubers, you are childish
>Leaving criticism? You are like the zhangs
Kek, they even made a "block list" on YT and they are circlejerking among themselves, they really believe they're better than /vt/ schizos, they're the true idolfags believing their oshi can do no wrong. Again, I don't hate Calli and I can't give my opinion about the situation, but people really be warring on YouTube lol

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I would've forgiven her if she only apologized but she just had to double down. I would do everything in my power to prevent any future collabs from happening.

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People are criticizing this but maybe they have a good reason for it. The popular ones can help pay for the less popular ones which means they are able to produce some for everyone.

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sugoi! all that inflation got absorbed into one coin and vanished overnight!

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Depends if I'm in the mood

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are you frustrated?

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What if I was to cause a little "accident" in the upcoming outfit reveals, hmm?

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It's quite simple really. I just gather a group of memelords to appeal to reddit and normalfags then spurge ALL the money on marketing. I'll employ an army of shills to break all hell loose on the otaku Web sphere. You will hear about NijiEN 24/7. You won't be able to escape the shills. I'll specifically make sure to make 2 of them YAB machines to keep seanig discourse high and schizos raving as to create a self-perpetuating spotlight on the group for attention. I'll have a list of the most popular FOTM games at the ready for them to hop onto and milk the shit out if. You cannot stop me

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Oh no, not me, I never lost control~

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In no universe does lesbian sex count as losing your virginity. Sleeping with the same sex is cheating and doest count

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I smell a graduation soon. Things are too quiet

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