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I have to say, Biboo has WAY WAY more JPniki in her chat than she used to. I've noticed this in her twitter replies too.

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>kneel to the vtuber who caused the dead hours in the first place
No thanks, I kneel only to advent.

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Gura's a 2, maybe 3/10 at best. Boring as fuck garbage content for retards like (You). Literally all 5 Advent members are way more entertaining than she's ever been. But this board is filled with delusional chumcope so what do you expect?

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Gura and her faggot fanbase are the biggest hololive antis on this board. True hololive chads know that Advent is the GOAT. Not that its difficult when your shitty shark is incredibly boring.

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>he's STILL screaming "TWO MORE WEEKS"
lmao you fucking lost bro, just give up.

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>4 members
>4 sets of advent prisoners to guard (fuwamoco were in the same cell)
Kino. So which one was the warden of which advent member? Place your bets.

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>Bijou the normie
Chumbuds really think they aren't normalfags watching the world's most normalfaggot vtuber,

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Remember back when TWO MORE WEEKS wasn't just a shiori meme and antivaxtards would claim even the most unrelated death to be caused by the vaxx?
>he got into a fistfight into a bear and lost? well this was clearly a vaxx induced brainfog that hampered his judgement
>he got bit by a wild animal and got rabies? well you see the vaxx lowered his immune system which made the rabies more deadly or something
>a car jumped the curve and ran him over? well you see the magnets that bill gates put in the vaxx attracted the vehicle into his direction causing the driver to lose control

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>Gura's back

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The merchandiser couldn't provide a shirt big enough.

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>check hololive schedule for tonight
>no advent members streaming
Welp, absolutely nothing at all worth watching tonight. Mori is coming back so that's cool I guess, but I'll just check out what the announcement is when it archives later.

Yep, absolutely no streams worth watching tonight.

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So true nijisis
Oh wait sorry you're a chumbud, hard to tell the difference.

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>day where gura is streaming
>catalog gets flooded with chumbud garbage
>so many holoanti posts they make nijisisters look like innocent angels
Just more proof that chumbuds are the most cancerous fanbase and the biggest holoantis on /vt/

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Well now the JPs are gonna clip it and post 5 billion comments about being amazed that foreigners are naturally willing to say bad things about products, just like they did with Mumei when she said that McDonalds BBQ sauce was gross.

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>see all the anti posts about kaela on the catalog and /jp/
>check out youtube and twitter
>tons and tons of comments from jp niki on kaela clips from the event showing support and talking about how grateful they were to have her around
>same thing happening on twitter with a very large amount of jp niki replying to kaela's posts
Antis lost again. You love to see it.

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Nerissa will duo with Marine and sing treasure box. Screencap this because I said it first MEMEME and no one else.

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>"this is a problem for everyone!"
>server is only live for a week
Antis expose themselves as not watching streams, as usual.

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>anon who sits on his ass in his room watching an anime girl on a tv screen streaming from another continent
>thinks he's better than someone who does the same thing but gets out and travels internationally

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>these threads are starting to be filled with more and more people who are clearly tourists that don't care about vtubing and only came here to fight their epic culture war against the trannies
Welp it was fun while it lasted but the gatekeeping didn't work, guess this place will be the next /v/ soon.

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Its fine, its pretty much impossible for /po/ to invade vtubing, because they fucking hate anime and women, and on top of that, 99% of them are completely convinced that every single female vtuber that exists is actually a tranny duping her audience into thinking otherwise. The fact that /pol/tards so easily fell for this blatantly stupid myth so readily and prevalently just speaks to their intelligence.

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I play on PC and I own a Switch Pro controller, a PS4 controller, and an Xbone controller. I use whatever control method the devs clearly designed the game for.

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Despite one of the members being a 2D cardboard cutout, Kanata is still the flattest member in this image.

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