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this shit has to be illegal

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sister what did you do?

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>almost 200 ips

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Finana was not pandering to her groomers during the education yab. She was pandering to Aia. The timing perfectly matches. This might mean that Aia is actively trying to enforce SJW shit from within.

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It's around the time they flood back into the thread
It will get much worse the closer we are to Pomu's stream

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>Maria plays Valo
>didn't respond to Finana's tweet asking the new wave about
>never responded to any of Finana's replies to her
How come?

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I think for streamers that are young and low intelligence, like Finaners, management should play a stronger role in making decisions for her.

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Are you telling me there are people that don't want their oshi to be happy and succesful?

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>talking for five hours straight for many days in a row week after week isn't normal.
Surely you cannot be serious.

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Of course not. But turning mentally retarded after one event or two can definitely happen so...

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I prayed for you Holofans, that your oshis will stream. You're so bored you're making up people to talk to and making threads on Twitter news when vtubers aren't involved. You need to be saved.

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hey, can you people stop bringing up stats and exposing us ryuguards for watching everyone else but Finana?

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I can't believe wucawuca ryugal is a whore just like THE ryugal. Are there no clean ryugals in this world?

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Bros, I think this game made Finana too realistic

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>Vox mocking Finana
holy based

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I know you're an illiterate nigger but people still talk about and post JP girls in here, Amamiya has been the new hotness, and it's no one fault meidos are fags and get spooked by loli. On what earth does this thread hate JP livers? Fucking Ngo has more posters in here than the actual Japanese thread

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>Tiktok puritans
From the bottom of my heart, please please please kill yourself

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Kind of weird that the only apple product filenames in this thread right now are this lucub, and the lucub doxsite posting. Very weird, one might say. Maybe even sus

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I want to hatefuck this gay ape for having so much fun with my oshi.

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a WHAT stream

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