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4 Homoturds still can't compete with one fucking SC reading. You lost homotroons. And no amount of astroturfing catalog bait threads will change that. You fucking LOST. Your homocucks will always be bottom of the barrel sacks of shit. And you will always be mentally ill troons watching the Vtubing equivalent of furry inflation porn. Get fuuuucked.

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Why did Pekora change her laugh into an archetypical DBZ villain laugh?

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Good thing Mr. Shakedown gets stronger each time he loses. I'd hate to see Bae get too cocky over that win.

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I tell normalfags that vtubers are all men/trannies with voices changers
Works every single time

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>Mysterio literally saying without filters that NijiEN's sister fanbase is dogshit and one of the main reasons why he graduated
Sisters are dogshit and absolutely crave drama. Luxiem might have brough some money during their glory days but now they are the reason the entire branch is imploding with nonstop daily yabs and graduations.
Holochads on the other hand pushed back against the Tempiss sisters and now the branch is slowly healing after a disastrous year.

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The Promised Pekoland

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There is objectively nothing wrong with Hololive having a niche as an all female entertainment company. And there is nothing wrong with fans giving feedback.
It's been proven times and times again that the people who say otherwise and try to turn Hololive into something else are in fact a small vocal minority. And said vocal minority instead of accepting that Hololive doesn't appeal to them and instead of watching the competition that does chose instead to claim that said content is inherently evil while attacking the fans with ad hominem arguments. Because said content not appealing to them is a personal attack to their fragile ego.
Case closed.

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you could always move to jp and watch the straightest woman in hololive

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I want to see ambition from the new holo girls

I don't want to see "hehe 100k subs! oops we already there! 3D model! Concert!" in their debut goals Bitch you're in Holo you're guaranteed all that

I wanna see them lifting up the Holo name and spreading it far wider than in 2020
I want global Holo domination

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The sisters are absolutely shitting themselves kek. They went from
>it's just a Mori thing!
>mixed gen!
>n-no hype!
>they won't even hit 1M subs!

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Let this lil nigga go anon. Let him rest in peace.

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Only post holomems that finish games.

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Pekora will have the most songs in this.

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Jokes on you, Elon. That Hololive app is what's going to take over Twitter's market share.

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Sister Claire has really good doujins.

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He's a 40 yrs old autistic incel working as an anime gay boy on the internet. This is literally his only fucking shot at some ripe Korean pussy. Of course he's going to jump straight in.
And I love how much this guy was spammed as the biggest brotuber in Tempiss and now it turns out he might be the worst member of a dogshit branch no one ever wanted.

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Behold, the antagonist of hololive

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