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I will NEVER give Elolf MusKKKler even as little as plus one to the number of registered users. #resist

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Can you name an example? Kronii's design shows enough sexiness while the components are still united

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I'm sick and tired of the vtubers with insanely sexy features but turns out to be massive dorks

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Look at my cute clock wife

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Yeah, they're pretty nice

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Look at my cute clock wife

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New thread, meatronies! >>41961289

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the baby? mine

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Hi guyss!!!

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If I made a compilation of Mori talking about boobs and she saw it. Would this make her talk more about boobs or less?

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>As you stroll down your neighbourhood you pass by Kronii's smoothie stand
>Sounds good to you
>Kronii greets you from behind the counter
>"Welcome to Hololive Smoothie, Anon! What can I get for you today?"
>It's divided into futa and non-futa flavors
>How the fuck can a smoothie be "futa"?
>To sate your curiosity, to decide to order a banana and strawberry futa smoothie
>"Great choice! That's one of my favorites!"
>She moves to other counter to prepare your smoothie, and that's when you see that she's bottomless, and has a massive futa cock
>Okay, you see where this is going
>Except that you're taken completely by surprise when she peels a banana and shoves it down her dickhole
>What the fuck
>She moans as the long bulge sinks into her cock, and begins peeling a second banana
>The second banana goes in as her balls begin to swell from the arrival of the first
>Holy shit, they're going all the way in
>Her balls groan as they churn up the bananas, and she begins pushing the strawberries down her urethra, one at a time
>She's panting and moaning, practically on the verge of orgasm as the final berry sinks into her sack
>She grips the counter and breathes deeply as her massively swollen nuts throb and bounce between her thighs
>For over a minute she fights back an orgasm as your smoothie is prepared inside of her
>When she can't hold it anymore, she frantically grabs a cup and holds it in front of her dick as she screams in ecstasy
>Your smoothie is fired into the cup in thick, potent ropes, completely filling it and spilling over the top a bit
>She rubs out the last few dregs before regaining her composure and handing the cup to you
>"H-here you are sir! Enjoy!"
>You hesitantly take a sip
>The primary flavor is cum
>It's potent, and drowns out the banana and strawberry flavors somewhat, but it has a surprisingly pleasant, fruity aftertaste
>You thank her and resume your walk, strong-smelling smoothie in hand
>You take another small sip
>Maybe it's an acquired taste…

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>pretends to be cool and aloof
>is actually just a run-of-the-mill autist

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We have her model, and her New Years outfit.

Once we get her first alt costume, we'll have enough evidence to conclude one way or another.

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These tits will unleash a new asian ground war

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this but unironically

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Takeus' journey resumes
Have fun and a bit of a surprise for small corpo fans

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Based Kronii, the only watchable and entertaining HoloEN member.

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Kronii should be raped by every single member of Hololive

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