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>all these replies I sent were too Suisei's manager.
I thought it was weird she fucked up the thumbnails twice...

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>She practiced Saitama 2000 yesterday.
This is why I love her so much, You think people just love you for your music but your streamer side is just as enjoyable.

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>People surprised the two faces of Holo's music activities are working together.
Stop being cry babies.
Suisei likes Calli so get over it or just don't watch it when she appears without posting about it so we don't have to see grown men cry about it.

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That anon from a few threads back was right. Everyone is too high tension here

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>Like 50-60$ dollars for Holo nendroids.
>probably more because of how popular Suisei is.
fucking hell.

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This thread has a really bad problem of responding to shitposters instead of ignoring them.

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>We missed a slither.io stream

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Well these things are just unlucky.

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New stamps when

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Anemachi stream when.
Azusa Tadokoro stream when.

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>counting your chickens already.

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She said she doesn't care about winning this time but also said she's practicing 5 hours a day so uh, Take it how you see it.

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It's dead like Crazy Crazy.

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I'd wager 99% of us are from the /jp/ thread hence the lack of use of "rrat".

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If you have a fan who drops you at the first sight of some new eye candy then it would be better not to have them as your fan at all.

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I'm not shilling it but there's one cool guy who TL's her streams and members streams (need to provide proof) in the Hoshiyomi discord most of the time.

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Oh that's a shame I really like watching selly Towa and Bora..

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She said her throat was hurting towards the end.
Well she's clearly busy and the Ensta shit is probably annoying to deal with as well.
It can't be helped.

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It's hilarious that people think dislikes mean or do anything.
Go outside.

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Are all people here seriously that new. Where did all old Hoshiyomi go.

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Where did these tribalfaggots came from?

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ITT: the same people who thought that Suisei bantering with Kanata about Mario Kart as real beef and that Kanata couldn't take any banter

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