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This is a certified Pippa moment.

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This thread has so much misinformation that its past the point of being funny, just sad
>Kirsche and her pal Rev says Desu were not announced at offkai at all
>nor did either of them give any kind of sign they were joining a panel prior to now
>Kirsche was invited by a friend to join their panel, which itself was still in the application process and also not announced by anyone yet
>Offkai is run by volunteers, and a few of them didnt want Kirsche at a panel, so they rejected the panel application
>No actual blacklist, she was still free to do anything else at the con, just couldnt join that panel
>Kirsche leaks all the DMs involving this, intentionally censoring the friend who invited her, but not censoring the mention of pippa and how their was a dispute over her joining last year.
>Whether Pippa and Sakana knew about that dispute and wanted it to be kept private or not is unknown
>She is now rallying everyone she knows to go against the con for their rejection descision, with people in her circle tweeting about it.
There's the truth, take it however you like

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No it's just that politics are entertaining and vtubing is an entertainment medium so politics belong.
Seethe about it all day by bumping this thread and proving me right (again)

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>Pippa's farewell hug to Tenma on the Japan trip

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>Click baiting with reactslop to attract reactards into entering the stream
>She gets noombers and we get good content

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That was fun.

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if we're talking inter generational wealth or status or whatever sure im all aboard. Original point that other anon made in >>74648018 of converting cash to equity was regarding buying a house and renting it out while living in japan (and renting there) as if that's magically profitable. They said a house is a liability, you said land is an asset.
I was mostly speaking to the point that houses require work, and investment of time as well as money to be "profitable". I think we're in agreement.
With proper maintenance and such sure, it can absolutely be a financial asset. But for Pippa? kek

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Good job Pippa.
Shut up retard.

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Thanks! gg.

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Can I ask you a genuine question? If I take 1 hour to cook a batch of cookies and the cookie monster has 15 ovens working 24 hours a day every day for 5 years, how long does it take the cookie monster to make 6000000 batches of cookies?

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Wow! Communication! Look how fucking simple that was Pippa!

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This is a masterpiece pipkun, thank you.

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you have no idea how much i miss this pink rabbit

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Thank you but I think I am gonna keep bitching about Harines and dumb retards.

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I don't know if this is weird to say but I think unironically that peepanon is a virgin. So seeing anons going online "whore" "whore anon" is like... Peepanon is unironically a virgin, but thanks, thanks! The fact other anons think she can get laid, I appreciate it.

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she is cute!

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>kelpsea ranchable for pal fluid
>dumud ranchable for hq pal oil
Now you don't have to go on a massacre spree whenever you're low on both!
There was that one place near the center of the map that spawn a bunch of nodes regular, was my go to ore farm.

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Is this the gay thread?

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I had no idea Jelly was so based. I figured she was kinda, you know.

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Thanks for reminding me it's easter

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keep yourself safe in minecraft
(TL's note: kill yourself in real life)

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