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Most of my friends list is from the /pcg/ jong rooms so that might explain it. I dont think I've played in any of the /jong/ friendlies.

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I actually had this one set up last week when she put the WR for tonight up.

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I can somewhat understand being annoyed at people eating shit you bought without at the very least asking. Just one of the wonderful joys of living with family.

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If thats the same mannequin that used to mod for pippa/mods for airi currently hes a bit of a attention whore yes. I havnt seen billywitchdoctor in Pippa's chat in a hot minute. bit of a mood.

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monetization always gets nuked for all her streams its probably just her shitposting with the thumbnail.

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I dont belive in SCing. YT and corpo cut means you have to donate like 200 for the chuuba in question to get anything that isnt soda money so I just do purchases on throne and buy their merch instead. I know merch split isnt great alot of the time but I like having something physical for my cash. If they have some good emotes I'll usally member too.

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I stopped celebrating my birthday like 20 years ago an~on~!

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Robin from arknights.

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The only time I recommend concerning about hoots from the owl is if its followed by a notification of a certain twitch channel going live. The rest of the time just assume its the silly vtuber fan girl wanting to post pngs of her cute model. and farm (yous) from her favorite communities

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no dying you filthy jongers.

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She rt'ed some fan art 40 minutes ago

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....oh fuck you for noticing that. Now its going to sit in the back of my head.

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It'll be interesting to see the turn out. As someone that lives on the east coast of America I'm honestly more interested to flying to the UK for a con then going anywhere near the west coast of America.

Curious to see how many of the frequen con goers for Phase will fly over.

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I'm sure anon expects likers and bitos to pay with their bodies.

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I just like looking at cute things when I'm sick or laying in bed depressed. They also look nice when you place them between model kits but that just might be my tisim.


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The popular rrat for Grimmi is she was going to join Niji and yeaaaah.

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Pippa is living proof that it doesnt work.

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Yeah, either that or her weird "prank" stream.
It has been a decent week overall, though. With the Filian collab and the rejection stream being very good, despite all the dooming going on.

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She got pipics out of it it was a fair trade. Even if she did accuse my beautiful sister wife of having freakish proportions.

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I love Pippa and it ruins my night when she doesnt read at least one of my comments a stream

I also ate a whole large pizza by myself tonight.

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Lia would get fired within 20 minutes of working at Mc Donalds and thats provided she didn't kill herself the moment she got fired.

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It was sorta amusing when he deleted the go live tweet for the stream after Pippa RT'ed it then realized afterwards and tried to shill his vod in the thread later that day.

This is the ultimate power, once you learn this technique anon you'll never have to tolerate a women's bullshit again. GANBATTE~!

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I noticed its been one year since the chillia karaoke stream. Pippa decided to not stream tonight because she's going to kill herself and doesn't want chat to try and stop her again.

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I don't mind them enforcing the "Don't bring up other streamers" rule but its a bit homosexual how they pick and choose when to apply it.

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