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sorry deadbraps, I thought you were going to shit your pants when I accused you all of not loving Cover Corporation, but for some reason none of you care about brand loyalty. And nobody's replying to my bait thread accusing Mori of lying about her schedule, so I'm just throwing everything I can at the wall now to see what sticks.
Maybe I'll go post that line about American Drugs for the 29th time and see who bites?

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The run back against The Hook will be epic.

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I will kill you for the horrible babble that came from your mouth, Chad and you too Yuul

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So, when is Mr. Hook going to kill Watoto?

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>Yuulfags getting uppity again

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Takos have been way too cocky lately, time to put them in their place.

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I'll drop some:
Some random loser kindred who dubbed himself the Prince of this shit-tier town that only has corn but got pushed off by someone else, who might be in charge of those vamps Tiara faced. That can mean anything, but there's definitely a more powerful entourage setting up shop in Mythton. Somehow he knows about the Hunter Cell operating in the city, and sounding acquainted with Totally Not J-Chad (assuming she's the leader instead of a recruiter), I have a feeling he cut a deal to get rid of whoever put him in this jam.
>Chad, Greg and the Brohood
Just formed their own Cell and would totally get wiped the fuck out if Yuul chose to follow them, but now there's a chance they can show up later acting in the background, or straight up becoming a gang of redshirts obliterated on campus. Since Chad and Greg are the only named ones, there's a chance one or both of them can be recruited later on. I'd personally love if Chad dropped the bad news to Yuul that everyone including Greg got mauled, gotta have that need for vengeance running hot in their blood.
>Dr Oopsie
By telling Yuul to grab the sticks and stones, the doctor is either a Loyalist colluding with The Hook, or trying to figure out how those would help in (unknowingly?) creating a Promethean. The sorority may also be involved in this mess, by orders from a different Fae.

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You're outside of the University when this shadowy figure hooks your insomniac oshi. What do you do, Takos?

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So this is what Calliope is using, huh.

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