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I can't believe there are women out there like Finana who are still living with their parents and still single
How is this even possible? How do I acquire them when they never go out?
Do I really have to play Final Fantasy 14 ffs?

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He'll come crawling back to his true slut oshi sooner or later the moment the new toy syndrome wears off.

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Sites back up?

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If Enna actually lurks /here/ I will legitimately hate her

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Have you educated yourself?

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>"Thank you for the superchat Gator, thank you thank you!"

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I'm gonna say it again. Watch streams nigger.

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I really can't stand watching VTubers play Fortnite. Not because I have any problem with Fortnite, but rather because I play Fortnite quite frequently and I hate seeing these supposedly seasoned gamers who play FPS all the time make some absolute rookie mistakes with this "kids game" because they're not yet familiar with what the items do. I suppose I should be more forgiving because I'm sure I did some really stupid stuff while I was new and I know they'd get the hang of it after a few streams but nobody seems to actually want to commit to it because it's Fortnite and they'd rather commit that time to learning Apex if they're gonna master a battle royale. But I ask you, can Ellen Ripley fight Thanos with a lightsaber in Apex? Didn't think so. So yeah, that's why I can't bring myself to watch the streams for very long, because you actually have to keep up with what the items do and what gets vaulted and unvaulted or you're gonna be really confused if you only play Fortnite every once in a while. And that's what they do, they do a once in a while stream. I will say, at least they're finally streaming it again at all. There was a long time where nobody ever played any Fortnite and it was only Apex, so this is at least an improvement. It's not that I have anything about Apex, I can enjoy the streams and understand it relatively well even though I've never played it, because I "get" battle royale games. But Fortnite is the one I've committed to and I'm sticking with it. And I just enjoy it more aesthetically anyway, the bright colors appeal to me more and I enjoy all the random collabs they do. I just wish there was an actual Fortnite expert VTuber who really shared my fondness for the game. Maybe I'm going to have to be that VTuber. You'll recognize me because I'll be the only VTuber who actually plays Fortnite.

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Didn't Pomu unprivate videos from her PL? It doesn't mean anything I think

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>recycling the thread that excludes Nina from the OP

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If you guys missed the Twitter post, I'M SO ANGRY. I'm so angry right now. So, a couple days ago, I told my mom to bake a chocolate cake for me. And it was my idea, by the way. MY IDEA. And I said, "for me!" I don't care if my family takes a slice or two... but not the whole friggin' thing, okay!? I... wanted at least half the cake for myself. But instead, I was being a good girl and said, "okay, I'm gonna save this for later, after stream." I come back, after stream, and the whole entire thing is gone! And I only got to eat ONE SLICE. Out of this entire TWO DAY PERIOD. TWO DAY PERIOD. It was gone in two days. I didn't even get to last with it for a week! And everybody ate it all! And I'm so pissed, and... oh my gosh. I was about to throw a fit. I was about to throw a fit at my sister's room. I was gonna open up her door and scream at her. But instead, I acted better. And so, I'm SO MAD. And I hope, that ever- if she ever makes a cake again, I'm gonna eat it all! I'm gonna eat it all, and she will suffer the consequences of eating my chocolate cake. And I'm pretty sure all of it was my sister. I'm not gonna blame it on my other family because they don't eat chocolate cake that much, but! I'm going to eat it. I'm going to eat all of her stuff! As revenge... And this is a declaration of war! A declaration of war! You hear me? You hear me!? I'm so pissed. Sorry, I needed to vent. I needed to vent my anger because I'm still pissed about this chocolate cake because I only got ONE slice... Not even two, I would have been happy if I had two slices at least, but no, I HAD one slice and everything was gone! And these were tiny slices too! I'm so mad! I haven't confronted her yet, but I will. I will. But, I'm still pissed. But my mom, she laughed and she was like, "It's fine, we can make another cake even though I think that was the only cake mixture, uhh packet that I saw in the kitchen." But yeah, I hope I get to eat the cake again, but this time for myself!

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Still better than abandoning your kid

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Why does nobody say anything to her? Or they all scared of her dumb hag ass?
Stupid cunt is lucky I'm not in NijiEN, I'd off-collab with her just so I could throttle the life out of that leeching cunt.

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I'm ok with collabs
I'm ok with impromptu collabs
I'm ok with the guys too, most of them are pretty funny.
I just don't like Nina, simple as.

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i should be the one to impregnate enna, finana, pomu, millie, selen, ewiwa and wosemi.
all other semen is inferior.

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the only good thing about that nijien collab is it meant nina was out of the way and not poking her cringy hag ass into the girls streams.
i wish she fucked off with the guys forever.

honestly that entire stream was so fucking dull that i couldn't bare to watch it even when it was the only stream on at the time.

besties collab mogged that shit we got so hard.
>niji eu collab
>talk about normie shit all stream
>talk about nothing but what theyre eating and their setup
>have no remarkable meeting, but try to hype them meeting each other for the first time as some spectacular event
how did rosemi alone have a more interesting meetup story with 3 other girls who all knew each other than 4 strangers meeting each other for the first time?

honestly, the stark difference between both collabs was night and day. 1 i couldn't stop watching and was mesmerized from start to finish. the other was predictable, poorly planned out, and boring as shit.
NOBODY thought rosemi was going to be at the besties collab. fucking everyone knew for a fact vox was going to be there because the man has no subtlety what so ever and ike even got sussed out because of a few non subtle tweets too.

just goes to show, women and whoever the fuck watche's nina (braindead retards no doubt) have dogshit taste.
vtubing should have stayed an exclusively female only profession. i can't stand female fans. i'd probably not even hate the guys as much if it weren't for these putrid females showering them in gold and views making it more likely that we'll get more shitty male streamers than female ones in the future.

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this but unironically

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i will not subject myself to watching shit tier streamers like nina just to artificially boost niji numbers.
fuck nina. i don't know how that stupid cunt pulls the numbers she does.
same for the annoying laugh track that is selen.
they no doubt have absorbed the lions share of the reddit audience.

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I should've said still waters run deep.
Nothing is ever what it seems.

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I want to see Finana go vs Rosemi.

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I killed him

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