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maybe it would be fun to fuck a pentomo

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didnt you hear her latest song?

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Privacy on the internet is dead and has been for decades. The only way to stay truly 100% private is to abstain from the internet and all internet-connectable devices (which includes more and more common tools that did not originally have internet connectivity every time some Silicon Valley jackass manages to convince a billionaire to fund his Smart Pepper Grinder or whatever) forever, and even then data aggregates still probably have a profile on you to sell to advertisers anyway. This is just the world we live in now. You will never be private. There is no individualist solution to this systemic issue. The 90's are over.

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She's getting pretty good at identifying the slavs

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bogos binted ohwoehowioh ah damn do you live like this i have no furniture hazukashi shi shi guys look at me im so cute r-r-r-r-rosemi sama desu wa kawaii oh ho ho ho ho ho one two three go wubadubadub is that true rorirorirorirorirorirorio rosemi sama rosemi sama wubadubadubadub is that true aw wanna laugh at me butame rosemi beam wubadubadub is that true rorirorirorirorirorirorio rosemi sama rosemi sama wubadubadub is that true i am the great rosemi im a genius rosemi sama butame and im gonna whoop your butt oh yeah very good

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Can anons tell me what I need to do to get accepted into Hogwarts?

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There is literally no possible discussion that is not actively worsened by the presence of numberfaggotry. As a numberfaggot you are either knowingly here to stir shit and bait (You)s, or you are in denial and naive to the effects of your own actions.

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Hate to say it but the chart is wrong it's missing a subcategory under humans, called SEX, and Patanee, Rin, Ran nee, Sukoya, Mashiro, Hada, HSKW, Furen, Ange, and Yorumi need to be under it.

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anons i haven't watched breaking bad should i start it

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You are more likely to read spoilered text than non-spoilered text because it makes you subconsciously curious.

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>Pomu is sexy
I require proof for this claim.

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Sefyna is muted while the episode is playing, but when I'm just watching streams I can have four going at once on nijimado and I adjust audio depending on which stream I'm paying the most attention to at a given moment. Unmedicated ADHD helps.

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If you need to lie to women to make them like you, maybe you're just not a very likable person and should work on that instead of brute forcing your way into hollow relationships founded on falsehoods.

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Work, interpersonal drama, ongoings in each others lives, etc., unless the group is majority men in which case the topic will invariably be dominated by pop culture media and/or current events in the news.

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Get a laptop and bring the thread into bed with you!

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it's [YouTube] 【CONTENT WARNING】T*rture Tierlist ft @Luca Kaneshiro【NIJISANJI EN】 【NIJISANJI EN | Maria Marionette】 (embed)

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Press the "T" key and choose how many hours you wish to wait. Assuming you are not trespassing and there are no enemies nearby, time should begin to pass until your chosen amount of hours has elapsed.

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i think nijiniggers are GAY

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What's a song that reminds you of your oshi?

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then how am i posting

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Yaminions, serious question, why is your oshi like this?
Help me understand.

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umm actually,

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this is Rosemi

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my guy is wearing balenciagas
$1k sockshoes

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