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that's cool and all but where is IRyS 3D?

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I'm glad you guys are having nice and slow comfy threads and I hope you continue to have them as the day goes on. Enjoy streams and enjoy your oshis, it's a good thing.

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Rio has been in Bronze for over 7 hours now. You cannot lose points when you're in Bronze, you can only go neutral or positive. To go Neutral, you would have to finish below 15th and gain no kills. The fact that he's played this game for 7 hours and is still only Bronze II really goes to show just how fucking awful he is at this game.

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i was doing the jigsaw what the fuck is happening

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ID3 debut threw off everything it's not my fault.

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>tfw black
>every time someone draws porn with a guy the same color as me it's always exclusively because they have a blacked fetish
Free me from this hell

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Why are you guys so angry?

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I'll do it for my oshi and because she loves playing FPS games with Towa but I still despise Valorant as a whole.

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Well...I take back what I said about Fubuki having trouble with the Drifbloom. For a brief moment I forgot about the Affection Checks and how it applies to every move, even moves that don't do damage.

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Because she's lost control of her life.

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>8 streams starting at the same time in 25 min

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I'm going to fall more in love with Oga, great.

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jwu, how was irys gta and fauna collab?

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What you retards and newfags don't understand is that the people who watch Kiki make up an infinitesimal small population of people when compared to the rest of anons who watch vtubers. Same with the amount of people in this world who are KHV, NEETS robots and /wiz/ards are an incredibly small minority.
What I'm trying to get at is that the people who watch Kiki are turbovirgins of the highest caliber, none of them ever had a gf or sex and none of them ever will so let us enjoy our oshi in peace

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next good stream when?

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too late...

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>Fubuki comes online
>Internet starts doing a flip with a noose around its neck

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>If anybody doesn't know what a platypus is

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My internet...is dying....again....

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>2019 was 2 years ago
what the fuck

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>Once you actually have a job, you stop sperging out over every tiny hypocrisy you see because that would, in fact, be hypocritical of you.
Why would getting a job change your moral convictions? And why is it hypocritical to hate hypocrisy? I agree that you eventually learn to ignore hypocrisy because much of it is beyond your control, but that doesn't mean that you're okay with it.

Hypocrisy is about people acting illogically; therefore, only perfectly logical people would hate hypocrisy. It's a sign of intelligence, because it means you value facts, and don't just accept everything people tell you to do.

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>clip advertisers on /vt/

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