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ASMR... doko...?

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I truly am glad I am not one of them, I feel immense pity for their frightfully worthless lives.

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she can be very persuasive when she wants to be
in fact, every stream you tune into leaves you another moment closer to the eventual decision to watch maybe one piece or something so you have something to talk about later

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Rushia is just pretending to play the Yandere, she's concealing the fact that she really is a 100% mentally ill yandere

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That unsuspecting act of hers is so damned cute.

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When you open your heart to Rushia, even the worst of problems seem to go numb. Thanks doc.

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RIP Watame
Stopped at the yakitori shop, landed in hot water by accident. The seasonings, were also an accident. Sheep stew being listed as the day's special, of course, was another accident.

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>when the necromancer comes packing
Scariest part of the stream tbqh

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I love her and I want to support her.

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RE7 tonight, lads! Get ready for another round of Necromancer vs. the Ungrateful Dead.

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This is what happens:
She does one of her screams / shrieks -> It gets clipped -> People turn into it expecting it. -> They get entangled by her GFE -> Their wallets become wallet. -> Rushia gains another ATM Fandead.

Ever wondered why Fandead don't post much? They're all busy working their 2nd/3rd job to support Rushia.

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Resident Evil 3 confirmed for the next stream

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"It's perfect! instead of trying to bind your soul to your old body, I simply made a new one from fresh parts!"
You try to scream but out of your mouth comes only a hoarse whisper that is quickly silenced by the girl covering your lips with hers. The kiss is desperate and needy and does not end until you almost feel yourself running out of breath.
"Welcome back, dear" says Rushia and she lets out a mischievous giggle.
"Now don't worry, I'll go get some clothes for you and we can get you back home where you belong."
As Rushia walks away you are seized with terror at your situation, made into a patchwork monstrosity. How many people did she kill for all these body parts!? How many innocent people died because of this madness!?
You thrash violently trying to get off the table and succeed in knocking yourself to the ground once more. Your mind races trying to find a way out of this situation, when you notice a scalpel lying on the ground. A dark thought rises to the forefront of your mind... for a moment you consider doing the one thing the old you would never have even thought about. If you killed her right here and now that would put a stop to everything.
You stare at the medical implement for what seems like an eternity before ultimately dropping the scalpel.
Despite everything, you still love her. Tears fill your eyes as you wonder why everything got this bad. You were happy together once, every day with her seemed like a dream, but now all that is left is the nightmare you are presently stuck in... Unless...
You grab the scalpel once more, resolve fills your heart. Perhaps this will make her understand, maybe if you do this you can open her eyes.
You stab yourself in the chest, the first hit impacting a rib. Your numb body barely registers the pain and you keep stabbing yourself, over and over again. You don't know how many wounds you've inflicted on yourself by the time your vision begins to dim. The last thing on your mind before darkness takes you is her, a vision from happier times. Rushia smiling.

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