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I'm trying to do my reps ok???

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oh, and thanks for fixing this. good grief.

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Someone explain the index to an idiot in this field.

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Time-stamp for the tree burning:

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Cute, she's seething.
She did get screwed over today.

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Aaah Okayu, I love you but I really watch to watch La Lion too...

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I miss Rin... I miss FinanCivial...

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shit, I am retarded. I was only responding to the last part of your post.
>or am i confusing Leos

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I see you're having trouble with your hoshiyomis too...

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Stay strong tako, I know the feeling, it'll be okay...

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y so smol?

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is like how the beatles stopped giving a fuck in middle of a concert in a stadium in america

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>can't go to sleep because of manual autotrader
Uh, oh, how do I write a script that will turn zhonkbot off and on every 5 minutes?

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>Ina got flattened

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There's too much people always buying Ina. Please stop, you make me spend more money than I should.

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Someone beg ina to ask Kuroboshi papa to release his forehead drawstream on youtube.

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People who browse 4chan are more used to having insults hurled at them and seeing cancel words like nigger and faggot on the regular that it doesn't affect them as much, you kinda build a tolerance to it.
Compare that to twitter or leddit fags where any sort of controversial or non-sheep opinion gets you banned or downvoted making people scared to voice the "wrong opinion" and it's clear to see why the ex chan users are much more open minded with darker/edgy humor and just humor in general.

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So 2h 15m is the updates 1 Ina.

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You know, now I actually understand why people were actually discussing MonHun in here during the stream. (same thing with LoboCorp and the other games played by Holos)
Because holy fuck, that thread is pure brain-damage.
I don't browse /v/ at all, so I never knew how bad it is over there.

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Ina is not ogey.

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Jannies, please.

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this shit is really annoying and thats why I'd rather watch JP male vtubers

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Oh god, I just realized, what if the problems last until the Iname collab? SUSAN YOU BETTER NOT RUIN IT, I'VE WAITED MONTHS FOR THIS, MONTHS

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