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You know it's said pretty often but Council bros really are built different.
Respectably different but different nonetheless.

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>the oxygen machine was faked
>so were the sporadic coughing fits that interrupt streams and make then harder to watch
>everybody is in on it and is so horrible of a person that they both promote it as well as
>the symptoms correlating to her so called illness are also fake
Literal fucking sheep person. you can hate vshojo, there's a shit ton to dislike about them, but right now you're just following what "le herd" decided to dislike and making up shit to justify it since you, yourself probably don't actually dislike them much at all. You never ask questions from the perspective of mouse like, "Why would she pick a condition that disallowed her from traveling, you'd think she'd choose something that would let her get around a bit more" you lack critical thinking skills and cannot muster even a shred of convincing evidence despite the retardation of every member meaning that you should have something, even a crumb to show but your LACK OF CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS means that you can't even consider that.
If you're gonna hate someone, do it properly you fucking idiots. I couldn't imagine lowering myself to the standards of mediocre subpar hate that swine like you allow.

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Get out of my board you samefagging spamming giganigger

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My deepest apologies anon, I "inferred" that everyone in this thread had at minimum a cerebral cortex and a speck of grey matter, of which you clearly lack one or both of the previously stated organs. Congratulations on somehow solving the CAPTCHA, it must've been really hard.
Anybody with said organs could immediately understand without an ounce of effort, what >>23407635 is trying to convey through text. Your lack of understanding is enough for me to "infer" that you lack previously said organs.
It is unlikely that people that understand things that you don't have telepathic abilities so, going forward, you might want to try to "infer" what they're trying to say.
Though compared to your displayed mental capacity, they might as well be telepathic. Not a bad guess I suppose.

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