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>3 out of 3 guests so far have completely mogged mori

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I'm so fucking glad I knew she was a leech ever since her debut.

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>a well known man hater lesbo is a sjw

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irystocrats are looking dapper

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>I'm gonna get that Youtube Gold button twice
H-heh.. y-yeah.

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>using sad piano music because she's incapable of real empathy

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*essaypost shitting on your oshi*

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the current streams. I just wanted to make you doubt yourself in your ability to correctly relay information after putting in the effort to make that post

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>people can only be into idol culture if they're a certain race
>and if some institution forces it into their macro-culture

If I wanted to watch Western Culture, I'd watch some Hollywood garbage.

I watch Hololive, an Idol Vtuber company. Part of the enjoyment is the idol culture component.

Your emotions and needs for me to enjoy things the way you do are equally worthless and impotent.

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This is a great thread to show you the demographics of /vt/.

Most fans on japanese culture on the website 4chan.org (and it's newer, younger channel 4channel.org or as I like to call it 4chan +nel +.org) tend to enjoy idol culture.

What is an idol? Well, in Japan (and KR to a smaller extent), idols are
>sexually attractive

So specifically for idol vtubers, such as the group Hololive (or as I like to call them, AKB48/chuuba), I would want them to follow similar such things.

But of course, seeing as we live in a world with N O R M I E S, unfortunately 4channel.org and 4chan have been infested with Redditor Normans (cancer/aids or cancer on aids if you're a bsd fan).

These N O R M I E S are the kinds who will use "ESL" and "reps" and the like, watch clips only, and have no idea what a vtuber is and why pokimane can't be the bestest ever vtuber ever alongside OfflineTV.

They love watching their idols take dick, have only ever watched hentai for NTR purposes, cannot self insert into videogames or other entertainment, because they've only ever been side-characters at best, and NPCs at normal in any interesting thing they've been fortunate to come across. To be honest, they're barely even human.

So of course, as you'd expect, they don't realize the value of idols having NOBOYSALLOWED (except viewer) normie subhumans refer to this as "chat", and don't see the brand difference between Hololive and Vshitshow (vshitshow+itself, or, Vshitshow).

It's best if you're interested in idol chuubas, to watch them. If you're interested in seeing another man with a woman, cheating manga or another brand of vtuber, specifically interested in making such R18 "cuck" style content may be for you.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk, my name is Tanigox, you may call me, "YAGOO."

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>neoliberal (economy and hence culture) is a conservative thing, right?

Politely, I disagree. I've spent over a decade on here, and neoliberals are the prostitutes of socialpolitik. They do what's socially convenient, politically, because they've replaced the needs they fulfilled through religion with neoliberalism.

Conservatives on the other hand are just a bad larp at traditionalism/classical liberalism. I think you've fallen for the misnomer that the liberalism conservatives advocate for is neoliberalism instead of classical, but that's just me.

neoconservatives are another flavor of prostitute, enjoying the themes of warfare that they don't have to fight, kind of like neoliberals enjoy the themes of freedom they don't really have to experience.

conservatives can range between the two of these, but the left end of the gradient is the pipeline to becoming a neoliberal by quitting church and the right end is the /pol/ or nowadays nu/pol/ pipeline.

Again, that's just where I and a lot of people like me come from. It's cool if we disagree, but I guess sometimes you don't really get to see good faith arguments out of us since we don't really feel like engaging in that way. It feel really moot.

But again, I'm here for virtual youtubers, and this is about the limit of being on-topic to board so I'll drop it.

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You're not a human being worth giving a serious reply to. You're a caricature of a human being.

That's the most serious I can be with you, besides saying your first reply is just standard reddit "no ur wrong" while actually being wrong, just so your side can "win." Cause, you know, the whole "you don't have an identity because you're a caricature of a human being" thing.

It's not even salt, it's just condescension. I look at you as even less than what you see me as.
Now go feltch another load of my comeback out of another redditor's throat you fag.

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>he tries to flex about being a kekold
>says shit like "touch grass" and "schizo"
>all his cold reads are wrong and bad pasta

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>this much contempt for freedom land
>when it's small hat anger
wouldn't surprise me if small hat posted this

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sorry guys I posted a bad meme instead of the real queen of vtubing.

I mean, what was I thinking, posting such a bad vtuber? Here's the real queen

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just far back enough that you were logging into reddit instead of posting here. So like, 5 years, tops you fucking normie

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dude they mock kiara on /pol/
>I know because I do too, on /pol/

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>>be EOP

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poor confirmed
>verification not required

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>elira makes a post about something
>kiara barges in with her usual ME ME ME ME bullshit
>she's trying to be friendly and reassuring guys

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*essaypost shitting on your oshi*

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*essaypost shitting on your oshi*

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