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You've just summarized this numbness i've been feeling since the announcement.

Hololive has been an escape from facing reality. life has been tough and the pandemic even worst so we all long for this perfect world where everything is gonna be fine.

So watching a person get sacked for breaching NDA is a huge reality check. She's not my oshi but the entire situation is just a trainwreck.

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>the rumble could've been the start of Tatsunoko's redemption arc
>he fucking jobs not long after the kino cam

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Thank you for putting my feelings into words I never could've expressed, anon. She's cute today too as well.

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I find myself able to let go of things easier now ever since Coco and Lulu left so if OP really does just fuck off forever then I don't think I'll lose any sleep over it.

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If your oshi asked you to manage their HFZ career, would you accept? Or would you go one step further and become a Paul Bearer/Paul Heyman type character for them?

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>Everyone is graduating
Bros.. I don't know how much more I can take

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