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In order to get to know them, here are Mikeneko's and Kson's new coworkers. I hope you'll enjoy watching them collab with these people in the future.

I don't think I need to explain why nyanners is a terrible person since her reputation exceeds her, but something that many here probably don't know is that she cheated on her last boyfriend of several years with her new one, the one she lives with now, and her latest content is just her gushing over him and roosterteeth tier double-date collabs. Before this, she hid the fact she had a boyfriend by claiming to be a lesbian to milk paypigs, but now those fans that supported her.. err, I mean toxic incels should just deal with it

Froot cheated on her husband in the military and scammed her fans by not refunding their badge orders.

Ironmouse had a child when she was 16. She used to post about her and talked about her daughter and her ex husband in a interview that keeps getting taken down whenever someone uploads it. She tries to hide this now in order to maximize simp bucks while cucking her fans by basically being in a LDR with Conner from Trash Taste who has repeatedly shit on hololive members for being "lazy and talentless". Also did charity streams for Ukraine, problem being this "charity" has direct ties to the DNC and Clinton foundation, it's basically a laundering front for campaign financing.

Veibae is your typical unempathetic slut that makes fun of lonely people and likes seeing men hurt. She's the textbook example of a twitch thot slapping on an anime avatar because it was trendy. She gets off on cucking her fans and says that every female streamer actually has a boyfriend like her and she's the only one who's honest about it. She heavily referenced this towards other twitch streamers but especially other female vtubers, including Hololive and Rushia. She has open, sneering contempt for idol culture and all women involved in it, notably 3 of Kson's former genmates who are heavily invested in releasing music/performing on stage as idols, who bawled their eyes out at coco leaving hololive. I'm sure they're peachy keen with her throwing her lot in with people that openly mock and hate them.

Melody is a literal prostitute who used to do actual porn but now streams on chaturbate masturbating and using dildos for donations using her vtuber model and tweeting NPC political hot takes

Hime Hajime AKA Sydsnap is the wife of Gigguk from trash taste and while she doesn't stream that often, she has a large amount of control over the company and was directly involved with scams in the past.https://rottenwebsites.miraheze.org/wiki/Flying_Colors_Foundation (tl;dr it was a crypto rugpull/data mining scam that got shutdown once exposed but she totally didn't know anything about it despite being on the board)

Zentraya is a man that uses text to speech in order to conceal this fact. He deleted most of his old videos to hide this as well. He has broken down several tines because people generally don't want to collab with him. Also political sperging about abortions he'll never have

I'm not aware of anything that bad about Silvervale.

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Tribalism is for insecure faggots.

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>Giving a damn about whatever happens in this asylum

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After reading half the thread, the level of copium and schizophrenia from BOTH fanbases is unreal

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The entire board, no exceptions

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