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Oh my god shut the fuck up you're probably right

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I'm going to get called a moralfag for asking this, but why are you so vindicative towards this girl exactly?
You've been teasing for months that you had dirt on her, and now that she's finally been revealed to be a member of NijiEN you drop it all. Why? You made it clear that you only knew her as a girlfriend of an acquaintance. She hasn't done anything to harm you and yet you clearly have it out for her. None of the stuff you know she's done is even remotely cancel-worthy (she cheated in vidya, oh no!) and yet you frame this all as if she's a total bitch.
I'm beginning to worry that this girl really will be Aloe with all of this personal sexual shit leaked about her for no good reason.

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I've just accepted that most of the people watching are little kids. They get really hyped about this kinda shit and they just want to feel like a part of the community by being involved. There's not a lot you can do about it because there's all sorts of viewers all over the world.

Twitch/streaming culture is a very real thing, and you have to understand that kids don't really watch TV nowadays since everyone has internet and better sources of entertainment. Instead, they watch streams like this while spamming emotes.

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Are you two being serious right now? Did you really play the entire game without knowing this was a feature? Really?

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It's been years.

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