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UOOOOOOOOOOOOH Getting obsessed with Polka!!
UOOOOOOOOOOOOH Believing Polka also loves you!!!
UOOOOOOOOOOOOH Doxxing and Stalking Polka!!!
UOOOOOOOOOOOOH Following polka to her apartment the day her roomate is not in!!!!!
UOOOOOOOOOOOOH Breaking in and hiding in the attic she streams in!!!
UOOOOOOOOOOOOH Watching her stream from behind!!!
UOOOOOOOOOOOOH Groping Polka after her stream ends!!!!
UOOOOOOOOOOOOH Having over 80 kilos of Polka meat all for yourself!!!!
UOOOOOOOOOOOOH Ignore her cries for help as you undress and thrust!!!!
UOOOOOOOOOOOOH Finish in her!!!!
UOOOOOOOOOOOOH She develops stockholm syndrome!!!!
UOOOOOOOOOOOOH You are now her boyfriend!!!!
UOOOOOOOOOOOOH Work out with Polka!!!!
UOOOOOOOOOOOOH Manage your calorie intake with Polka!!!
UOOOOOOOOOOOOH Manage your gacha addiction with Polka!!!!
UOOOOOOOOOOOOH Make Polka happy and pregnant!!!!

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Not the only thing thats big right now

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I think that Ina has done really good controlling her anger this months. She has improved. Let's see her snapping at kiara today

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oh fuck i am diamonds

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I'll fuck every last one of you into submission if I ever see you IRL

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Oh hell yeah, time for the real shit

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>the story's MacGuffin is a Golden YAGOO

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Dubs confirm that Troopas a neo-nazis for Vtubers

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When Haachama finally reveals her eigo fluency at 2 million subs this board will collectively have a mental breakdown. Sasuga 1000000 IQ chama

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I will end her menopause

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damn I wish I lived in the alternate timeline where polka became a futa VN voice actress, she has natural talent for it.

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