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hopiumbros, how are you feeling?

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mogged by suisei mini concert

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I’m sure nothing bad is going to happen to Suisei in Subaru’s game.

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Wrong, faggot EOP. Here's the true top 5 list.

1. Suisei
2. AZKi
3. Towa
4. Mio
5. Matsuri

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>Same tired questions
>Still waste time doing live TL instead of recording it and adding CCs
>Almost out of A-list guests, Marine, friend, Coco; only Pekora remains.
>Can't even break 19k CCV
Kiara needs help.

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>"your boy has a way with words"
>literally just goes full Karen and pesters management until she gets what she wants

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I'm a chumbud and I can admit Suisei (vocally and range-wise) is better than Gura. But it's to be expected, Suisei and Azki are actual singers, Gura is just an amateur who likes to sing. No need to downplay Suisei just to compliment Gura, they're both good, Suisei is just on a whole other league of talent.

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suzy stealing your image slot

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Jesas fuck, they make CHUMBUDS look rich

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>He thinks the other ENs will do meme reviews too
Don't set yourself up for disappointment

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Just got on, I've been watching Ina's stream and it's so cute so far! I hope you guys are having fun celebrating her birthday, too!
That was so adorable, God. I'm so happy for her. This is the kind of cuteness I needed to feel better after yesterday.

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Just imagine Gura sobbing. Crying loudly and genuinely, not faking it. I don't think any other sound in the world can make my dick harder than that.

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1. Japan treats vtubing and anime girls more seriously than the West. Japan fans will always be more loyal and support their oshi more, Gura's sub count is just a meme.

2. Gura doesn't live in Japan where vtubers are actual celebrities, she's also too lazy or not allowed to have stream collabs with her JP senpai

3. There are literal male vtubers with better stream viewership and more subs than her, her popularity is overly exaggerated just because Hololive is the hottest agency around right now. Pekora and other Holos regularly beat her stream views and regularly earn more superchats.

4. Kizuna AI is a special case because she literally invented modern day vtubing, that was the first worldwide boom of the medium, there's been talking avatars in the past but Kizuna is the one that really made bank with the concept. No one is ever going to be that hot at a phase where modern vtubing was a relatively new thing worldwide instead of just a niche in one country.

Gura is popular more as a meme than an actual vtuber, most of her fans don't even watch other tubers, most of her fans outright stopped watching her. She has more than 2 million subs but her livestream watchers don't reflect that at all.

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Just got done with two finals that took a collective six hours, anything interesting happen in the last twelve? Did Mel's anniversary go well?

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Interesting note:
were all deleted in the same second. What you can conclude from that is:
>someone who wants to shit up social media about the whole rigging thing also wants for drama to negatively affect Hololive members, as long as it attracts numbers and drama
>refers to "burgerland" as a separate place from their own residence
>has poor grammar
I wonder what kind of person those characteristics tends to describe, and if people who are saying things like "you will not stop me from shitting up social media" should consider thee fact that they're only helping said people in their efforts, and not their oshi, after the initial email to Cover expressing their concerns.

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Don't get feisty with me, anon, or I'll prove it by pissing in Watame's ass, too

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Try embracing the unity and happiness more, anon.
You're always welcome to try it, and it's really rather nice. Sure as hell beats the old days, in my own estimation.

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jokes on you I cleaned my room yesterday

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Suisei's voice is pure sex and retarded clipniggers mistook her inherent sexual prowess to actually be because she said "hi honey."
The truth of the matter was that Comet was exceptionally sexy while saying anything, but they wouldn't know that

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Ah, those Stinger spam sounds remind me of the good old days of DMC1...

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It's only mind poison to people who don't have a strong sense of self.
People who have weak egos get sucked into the allure of "anon" and lose themselves in an ideology that takes over their weak mind, to the point where they don't see themselves as having a reason to exist outside of this. Those are the people who become metafags, and inevitably, /qa/fags.
If you have a strong sense of self and self-worth, it's piss-easy to be here. Look at the /fit/fags; they have a relatively healthy mindset to this place revolving around reps and self-worth, and they consistently have some of the happier posters o the site. Keep up the reps mindset and it's easy.

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