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I'm done being a gosling. I'm done with the cope.

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>Go to sleep, glad that people seemed to have calmed down about the Lia thing
>Wake up
>Read the rest of last thread and this one
I give up.

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So I wanted to know, how much would it cost to get everything ready to debut, hard money numbers? I'm talking about PC, artist, l2d rigging, mic and iPhone for face tracking. For the artist I'm expecting at least 300 bucks for png design, not sure about the rest.

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Sorry to hear that, My oshi was(is) Coco, and Lulu was the one i watched since her Dark Souls playthrough, i'm done with vtubers...

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Update 3: Finished my reps.
I'm sorry anons.
I'm so fucking sorry.

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we don't know excacly what she is plannig afterwards(her vague explanation are nonspecific for obvious reasons, only clear one is, "i love vtuber culture and have no intention to stop streaming")
we can only speculate,
if she want fame she should stream on youtube or move to twitch, if not she will just stream on mildom for 400-800people. Also we don't know if she gonna instantly resume her activities on youtube, etc. if she don't, she might loose momentum.
I bet on youtube, you don't open memberships to stream on other platform, also subs and mamberships increased madly after the announcement.
Time will tell, and im still feeling like shit.

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Me a few days after the announcement and today's news. I don't know if I can make it to July 1st without having a mental breakdown.

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Never forget. Here's my tribute.

You'll always be in my heart Kaichou. I'll stand with you, but not with Cover or China, Fuck them.

This is my last contribution to the community, Hololive is over for me.

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>unironically JWU
So, she's the first one to properly graduate huh. Honestly not super surprising in hindsight, between her dislike of restrictions and the chinks. She might also have felt a little bit "othered" by the idol nature of Hololive in a "Am I really the only one who wants to do anything even a LITTLE bit out there?!" sort of way.

I personally have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I genuinely liked her as a content creator, and I liked the vicarious feeling of psuedo-jingoism in the 'battle' with the chinks. She genuinely put in effort and was by far the most proactive in making Hololive interact in a macro level (Asacoc, Meme Review, etc).

Having said that, in my personal opinion, I'm not super sad to see her go, chief reason being her mental health. I know her type; if she's at the point where she's literally crying on stream, with THAT kind of personality, then shit has gotten waaaaaay too far. Humans are generally not programmed to accept constant criticism, public figure or not, and constant hate even less so. It wears on the mind.

Also, less pertinently, her content philosophy and direction constantly and visibly clashed with Hololive's. Not saying it's worse or better, but different and in many ways mutually exclusive. Hololive's collaborative nature being their selling point, this sort of culture divide probably contributed to her struggles.

People are saying she should open her own studio and pick up talents and I honestly hope she does this and poaches talents like Mori, Ollie, Risu and the others who are more in-line with her approach to vtubing. I'd certainly watch it.

I guess this also explains a lot come to think of it. Lifting the collab bans, the sheer AMOUNT of collabs.

Coco, it's been real, and you were a real one.

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I didn't want to believe it, but the more I think about the circumstances around and following her termination the more it makes sense.


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>literally the exact same exchange
I honestly thought it would take longer for me to think this, but I want the old /vt/ back...

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This proves that these anti-threads have some sort of value. I always come out of them with one more new reason...

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>mama pochi will never nurture you and give you love and affection

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I skimmed through her last DQ stream where she first time'd Durstan's Trial Greed and Decadence and Calasmos. Meanwhile I had to grind hard to be able to finally beat Greed and Decadence and had to use the metal slime variant of leveling just to beat Calasmos and apparently I didn't know you could use the Sword of Light as an item to debuff Calasmos hard so I played the final boss on Hard mode. I counted her hours put into the game and guessimated it at 75~ hours while I put in 110, and she beat the game at level 64 while I was level 90. I'm not bad at video games but the fact that Pekora first time'd the two bosses that gave me loads of trouble leaves me feeling gutted and hollowed.

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