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I love Ayame!

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Watching Fauna doing exactly what her stream title said she was doing as she's been doing Minecraft speedruns all this time. She's had some rough runs...extremely rough ones during this stream but this current run has been going a lot smoother and she's gotten a lot of Ender Pearls and Obsidian through Piglin trading and now she's tempting fate and luck by getting scammed by a bunch of Fire Elementals after endlessly spawning and freaking her out. It's been an extremely nerve wracking run. Please pray for Mother Nature
While in less than 15 minutes, Polka's EXCITED and in her excitement she's going to log onto Minecraft for some EXCITING building and chatting around with her fans. Come join in for this cute fennec fox playing her favorite game.
While Kiara had an intense as hell Warioware stream where she got used to the controls and instructions and blasted through a multitude of minigames in swift succession. Now she's relaxing and going off on tangents in the supachat reading portion of the actual short stream this time.
Ollie and Astel graced us with this super cool duet cover of Childish War. Whenever these two are together whether it be on stream or on a project, you can be damn sure you're in for a good time. Lil' Sis Ollie and Big Bro Astel just had a blast singing this song together and if you haven't given it a stream yet, you should do so as soon as possible. It'll put a smile on your face for sure.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Sora taking on some other folks during her Clubhouse 51 Darts stream and realizing that there are some incredibly strong folks out there who have mastered the art of darts. She's having a really fun time though talking with chat and getting destroyed and that's really all that matters at the end of it all.
While Roboco is blessing our hearts and ears as she holds another one of her wonderful karaoke sessions. Roboco's singing is honestly so pleasing to hear and when she sings her model looks so adorable as she sways back and forth to whatever song she's singing at the moment.
While Watonberry resumes her Final Fantasy IX playthrough after taking a small break due to her concert. She's travelling around a town of stone with a cute dog and it's nice to have the return of this comfy playthrough.
While the strongest and cutest princess in the entire world named Luna is picking up her hammer once again because she's got monsters to pound the shit out of in Monster Hunter XX.
While Iofi and Oga are busy trying to kick each other in the face as the actual competent duo are taking on the time challenges of Super Bunny Man. Or at least semi competent...tabun.
While Mori keeps rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' in this rebroadcast of her hilarious Angst Only karaoke session she had. If you missed out on it last time, now is the perfect time for you to experience what it's like to relive those days where you sat down in a bench, towel over your head, listening to stuff like Disturbed and Linkin Park before a big game or meet up so you can get yourself hyped up to get a win.
While you've got three different supachat reading sessions to enjoy if you want to hear cute girls thanking supporters and going off into laugh inducing tangents as Nene's finished running into every attack in Smash and Flare and Aqua are finished with their lovely karaoke session.
While our local Onigiryaa are in a very dangerous state right now as their libido has gone berserk due to their oshi Okayu empowering them with her Member's only ASMR.
While Miyabi's here being radical as always having a nice calm zatsudan with all the viewers watching him right now.
While Aruran's finally defeated the nightmare form of Six and beat the shit out of her little music box thing, now he gets to enjoy the finale of Little Nightmares 2 and find out how much of a dick ass Six really is.
Fubuki and Oga or FOXDEMON gave us an amazing duo cover today. They sang the incredibly fitting song called Childish War. Fubuki's genki vocals and Oga's deep, piercing, sarcastic vocals are so absolutely perfect for this song. If you haven't gotten your day brightened by these two goofballs going at it in the lyrics then you need to get some joy in your life and give it a stream immediately.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Ollie literally strap her genmates Reine and Anya to a chair as she shows them her amazing Apex skills. Apparently Anya is an incredibly luck charm as Ollie's been getting Champions with okay damage dealt and Epic drops. Too bad Anya has absolutely ZERO clue what any of this means but she's being precious and that's all that matters. Hell even the great rpr-san has decided to partner up with Ollie and teach her to become even stronger in Apex!
While Lunya's giving the Lunaitos and other viewers an incredible display of affection as she talks about her upcoming stream schedule, her birthday goods and how goddamn cute her giggles are.
While Oga has brought out the Home 3D once again so we can stare at the gorgeous face of his while he calms our burning spirits with his super suave talking voice in his fantastic zatsudan stream.
Today was Ollie's birthday! She had a five hour long totsu filled with videos and call-ins from all the friends she's made this past year. She also uploaded her very first ID song cover and she did really good with singing it! If you didn't listen to it yet, please do so, you could end up liking it greatly.
Watame gave us this amazing cover of Fansa after her amazing solo concert at Zepp Tokyo yesterday which you need to immediately go watch if you haven't seen it yet because it was such an outstanding experience. Once you watch the concert, come on back over and give this cover tons and tons of streams. Watame deserves it and more.
KanaTowa held hands together and Squeenix asked if they wanted to use their fantastic singing to sing the theme song of their newest RPG, Deep Insanity ASYLUM. Naturally the two happily said yes and provided us with this absolute bop of a song that you should 100% go stream right away if you haven't giving it a listen over.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Bae's stream turn from one brat of a rrat into a grand time as she's accompanied by Mother Nature and Daughteru Owl and now this gaggle of folks will be working hard at destroying a forest and make a grand park for every one to enjoy. Also never forget that Bae is now a mother as she successfully made baebies. She also found one of her escaped friends! He didn't die!
While look at Ina go! D4DJ is currently undergoing a Hololive collab, with Suisei's costume for a character being an event prize as well as multiple Holosongs being available to jam out to like NCP! Ina is incredibly happy to be paid to play this game she already plays a lot during her down times.
While HIRyS it's IRyS and she's descended upon Minecraft to join in on this grand gaggle of folks. And guess who joined as soon as hope descended, It's AME! Now we've got five amazing people playing Minecraft at the same time, so commence the kino!
While Ollie is beating the shit out of everything and by everything I mean she's missing every shot while blowing out your eardrums playing some Apex Legends. Basically it's just another Ollie Apex and that's A-Ok because she's having lots of fun.
While Lamy is done with the snaking and fattening and relying on Lamy to protect Lamy and has now moved onto thanking all the Lamys of the world for the supachats.
While in less than 40 minutes, Umamusume has gotten a new horse to their roster and you know what that means...It's time for another gacha battle between Polka and Flare! Last time Polka for once in her life managed to outluck the Luckchad Elf herself. Will she be able to have lightning strike twice? Tune in a find out!
TOWA! She released a new cover today! As usual it sounds so goddamn amazing because she's such a powerful singer. This song called Hearts is perfect for letting her really show off her skills and you should give it a stream or two if you haven't you. You'll get emotional listening to it...tabun.
So friends, where we at?

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WAHtching this completely Insana collaboration of Super Bunny Man as Sana finally came back with the milk and Ina has forgiven her for leaving her in the void for years. Now we've got the BIG WAHs and Ina wants REVENGE but then ends up killing herself...it's kino.
While Luna is the biggest choker this side of the Clubhouse 51 games as she's had it with this smelly game for today and has moved onto a salty supachat reading.
AZKi released a new MV today for her super funky and jazzy song StrongestxWeakest Girl. The artstyle is reminiscent of the P&SG days and really amplifies this song exponentially. You should give it a stream or two if you haven't yet.
Watame released her final original song before her solo concert at Zepp Tokyo and boy was it an amazing experience. Watame's beautiful singing voice, a fantastic 3DMV and lyrics by Deco*27, this creates the perfect video to sit down and clap your hands to as it warms you cold, darkened heart.
Aqua's original song, the one that goes Aishiete Motto~! got an English version completely out of no where for no reason other than to have another version of Aqua-Iro Palette...and that's perfectly fine because it's such an amazing song. Go listen to it if you haven't yet.
So friends, where we at?

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With Subaru dropping the hint that we could be in for another Ark Arc due to the fact that the managers have been working hard on trying to get the old server back online stewing in your brain, I hope you've been doing your reps. In less than 5 minutes, we'll be completely saved from dead hours because the most adorable rrat is about to sign onto Minecraft and have one hell of a time building and maybe we'll even get surprise visits from other Holomembers. Only time will tell and Kronii isn't streaming so you're out of luck on that front.
You wanna know what reps you COULD be doing right now instead of shitposting? Your Mental Chainsaw reps. Flare dropped this cover onto us to grace our ears with her super high and chaotic vocals and it would be a damn shame if you've been skipping out on listening to her amazing performance. You should consider being smarter than that and giving it a stream or two.
Roboco also blessed our souls with this brand new original song. She put a lot of heart and soul into singing this song which is basically a thank you love letter to all the Robosas out there who've stuck beside her for all these years. The MV is sweet and Roboco's beautiful vocals can melt even the coldest of hearts in /hlgg/. Instead of arguing and baiting why don't you guys just mellow out to this song? I'm sure you'll feel much better after listening to it.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Noel finally making some progress into this long winded water filled puzzle as she sounds absolutely exhausted playing Skyward Sword. Using brains instead of brawn is not her forte but she's making it work even if she's confused as all hell. Go Noel Go!
While in less than 15 minutes, we'll be jamming out with IRyS who's holding a for sure to be exciting unarchived karaoke.
While in less than 15 minutes, it's time for some more Subaru using her PSY powers and slaying odd foes to the beat of the outstanding OST of Earthbound.
While in less than 15 minutes, we're going to witness what happens when you put a Sexy Peacock and a Sexy (Not) Succubus Nurse in the same room as Reine's here to teach Choco some Bahasa phrases.
Today marks the end of UMISEA's adventure and I know for sure you're all going to miss Ina's fantastic VA work but they did leave us with this original song to consume. It's pretty unique and could possibly be right up your alley so why don't you go and give it a stream or two if you have the time. You might find it fun to listen to.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching our little choir owl daughteru Meimei still reading through all the questions she scrounged up during her marshmallow opening. She's gonna be getting that Switch soon and we'll maybe get some BotW comfiness from her as well as Mario Kart! Very fantastic streams to look forward to. Also Animal is jealous and has been very disruptive to Meimei's limited thought processing powers. It's cute.
While look at Ame go! She's a tongue boarding master, collecting all those pieces of...coral(?) and grabbing the socks with the greatest of ease. She's pretty damn good at this baby game you know.
Polka uploaded a cover song today, singing Kaikai Kitan, the OP of Jujutsu Kaisen. You should hop on over and give this a stream if you haven't yet, because you're missing out big time if you've skipped over listening to it.
So friends, where we at?

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The anniversary festivities! It's here! The Ame Gremlins have taken over the stream and presses the button the rend the bodies of ALL of Holomyth and thrown them into the Smol Timeline lobby! Look at these goddamn dorks hopping around with their scuffed 3D, this is already peak kino.
While Lamy's continuing to solve the Hot Hot Lands puzzles as she curses Alphys or her DUMBASS traps she's placed around the areas and her carelessness in making some traps even worse than they already were.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Flare continue on with her extended supachat reading after her untimely demise in her Hardcore Minecraft stream. She's right now reading through her DDLC supachats, gushing over best girl Natsuki and also talking about Monika's yandere tendencies. DDLC's end really hit her hard if you didn't realize from the tweet she made after she beat it so it's safe to say she really got into the story of it all.
If you haven't done your JP reps then you've got some time to catch up on any VODs or other types of reps for about two and half hours or so. That's when Meimei and her cuteness will be reading supachats and showing off new emotes!
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Kiara show off all the prototype Kiaras that huke's insane mindspace cooked up including actual chicken legging Kiara. Clearly he had a blast being a little...wild with his designs and it's fun to see what he was thinking of before settling with our beautiful, powerful, flaming hot tenchou that we know and love. Members even got two new incredibly adorable emotes, congrats to KFP! And now we get to hear MAMATORI as she's the second guest of Kiara's stream. LISTEN TO THAT ACCENT OH MY GOODNESS.
While Shion is falling in love with the cuteness that is Kat and Ana as she's smoothly getting through the story mode of Warioware, progressing at about the same pace as her wife Gura.
While Fubuki, Botan, and Polka are basically rubbing Watame's cute little head to protect her from getting jump scared by extremely rude ghosts and ghouls who want to do nothing but munch of her terrified soul in Phasmophobia.
While Flare's done surverying her doomed land and has finally laid it to rest as it phases out of existence. After saying goodbye to her dead body, Flare has now moved onto supachat reading to thank all the fans for the support.
While Miyabi has ruined his wife's life by telling her EVERYTHING due to the time loops and now he's finally going to get this cop to not sock him in the face and restart the timeloop and putting an end to this incredibly stupid story of 12 minutes.
So friends, where we at?

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WAHtching Ina make convesation with everyone as she needs to take periodic breaks from wahtching her debut stream lest she cringe herself into another reality. Past Ina used to be a soft and terrified priestess who loves to draw and now look at what she's become. A soft, sometimes incredibly smug, but mostly terrified priestess who loves to draw. She also exposed Past Ina as a liar! A liar and suspicious person who calls her flaps ears! She's also fawning over her extremely cute Past Ina illustration with the tentacle heart and it's extremely cute. BOING BOING KITAAA!
While Pekora is nearing 20 hous of Jump King and she's finally made it to the Snowy Mountain area! Pekora says that if she's able to clear this area, she'll treat herself to a delicious breakfast so give Pekora whatever energy you've got stored within your body so she can go enjoy a delicious meal.
Rikka dropped another cover song onto us, this time singing the song called Phony. It's seriously impressive just how good Rikka is at singing and you should go and give this song a stream or two so you can nod your head in awe at his overwhelming talent.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Gura being an actual big sister, complete with both teasing and taking care of her little owl kouhai. This interaction is actually kino and this is the kind of stuff we've been waiting for during Minecraft streams.
While Meimei NEEDS to be protected because how does someone with such incredibly low brain power manage to function. Anyone who dies to something Gura makes should not be wandering around by herself. She's just way too precious...
While Lamy literally gets PTSD just from hearing the word poem and it's honestly hilarious that DDLC has taken this much toll on her mind. Either way she's gotten a whole boat load of quartz so now she can turn them into quartz blocks and get to working on her new house.
While it's Soloplex time with Towa! She's not even ranking this is all for fun and she's been doing a good ass job at killing. She's in peak form right now so everyone better watch out.
While Fauna's comfy as hell seaside supachat reading is still going on and if you want to just sit around a beach house table, listening to Fauna thank supachats as the waves crash against land then this is the perfect stream for you.
While Roberu's Bar Robel has been opened to the public and he's already used the restroom not even 15 minutes in well done. He's still winning though and for the time being escaped Animare's Rape Dungeon so now he gets to laugh with his chat and talk about his upcoming streams.
While Izuru is still going strong during his Ranked Apex matches. He's actually more than halfway there to Diamond III and he's had a string of good matches lately. Current Rank: Diamond IV
AZKi uploaded a new cover today. It was the full eigo track of Why or Why Not from Higurashi and AZKi did an amazing job with singing it. It's remarkable just how talented she is and you should definitely give this a stream if you haven't yet.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Bae munching down on snacks on Late Night Friday Night as she's just asking for multitudes of headpats with how absolutely adorable and loud she's been during this zatsudan of hers. She's also talking about her favorite japanese alcohol instead of Australian alcohol. Maybe she's japanese just like Anya...well she says she really likes talking to us and we really like listening so hopefully we'll get even more fun zatsudans!
While Mio's being precious in her karaoke stream, gushing about Ayame's kuso t-shirt and the comedy collab she had with Rushia, Mel and Miko earlier today.
While Lamy is still completely clueless on the true happenings of DDLC as she goes through all the scenes, laughing at Sayori's clumsiness and best character Natsuki's incredibly cute tsundere adventures.
While Roboco, Okayu, Luna and Polka are getting a good ole taste of that Mario Party salt as the four of them joke around with each especially with Luna who's purposelly doing things to get on the nerves of her partners.
While Watame is being precious beyond imagination building up her blocks so she can create another neat project in Minecraft.
While Pekora has also logged onto Minecraft after her rabbit brain fried due to the fact that everyone voted for TF2 instead of Minecraft but she didn't have ANYTHING TF2 related ready, probably because she wasn't expecting everyone to vote for the god game. It was supremely cute.
While Matsuri as well is blessing us with her comfy late night Minecraft streams she loves to do when she's feeling particularly lonely and wants to just talk with chat in a nice serene tone.
While Kiara's feeling damn good today and it's time to farm those materials today. She will not fall into lava while mining. She will not die. She will not lose her Elytra. This will be nothing but a normal and cute material gathering stream.
While you WILL watch Miko play Uma Musume and obtain all this Rice Shower paraphyllia. You WILL enjoy her pain and struggling with the gacha and you WILL listen to her sing Uma Pyoi during every karaoke. Horse girls are ETERNAL.
While Fubuking and her many friends are still enjoying their Marvel MCU What If...watchalong, Fubuki especially since she's been wanting to do this ever since the series hit. Hope Sukonbus are enjoying it with her!
While Botan's finished blessing us with the intense gigglese we love to hear from her and is now ferouciously patting Bodans heads and thanking them all for the supachats.
While Miyabi's still getting his radical heart pumped up to extreme levels as his Fatal Frame playthrough continues on through the night.
While Professor Aruran mining the dangerous areas of the Nether in this Hardcore Stream wwhile being followed by a multitude of other players who I don't know. Ganbare Pizza Papa.
While Izuru's having lots of fun laughing and chatting around with his viewers in this light zatsudan he's holding today for no reason other than to chat.
So friends, where we at?

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