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>In the end no holo covered The Rumbling

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it's over bros...

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>Be burger
>Reine is your oshi and support her thru memberships and supas
>Indirectly support indog muslim extremist

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Fascinating, I did not want to know that.

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>''finally someone gets it! maids should be covered up!''
>its fucking quanchi
is this what it feels to have the rug pulled under your feet?

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Fun time traveler narrative ruined

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why do these girls decide they need to do some shitty voice-acting every time there's a male dialogue ? ffs just speak normally i hate it.

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>almost every spell reflected

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well at least they're done with the game

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There's nothing I am contractually obligated to love more than my /vt/ family y'all!

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I'm not having another wet dream about a fucking pink baby, I'll watch her when I wake up

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>irys traded a fucking blue for literal shit
bae is lucky they killed themselves on the hotels because otherwise ollie would have sweeped over the map, railroads are extremely profitable

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one day...
one day...
one day for sure...

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>be me
>bought elden ring because everyone and their grandma is playing it
>this is my first souls game
>i dont know what im doing
>i dont know where to go
>i dont know what im supposed to do
>i fucking suck at the game
i'm starting to have buyer's remorse

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lmao why were they upset, it was funny.

Did they never watch arrested development?

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all of these texts reminded me of how inaposter was hated for wanting offtopic gone and this time gc being hated for transferring the offtopic there
holy shit inaposter was right

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>mfw i've been sleeping like shit because i make an effort to stay at least halfway through a bae stream despite having to work 5 hours later

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man she's cute but I hate how she reads every cringe facebook line or memes

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keeping all the non frog/twitch emotes actually wouldn't be that bad of an idea

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You got me for a bit, but after a point I had the distinct feeling that there was no way AA was this freaky.

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>not even Ogey, our most famous creation that became so mainstream it's used outside the vtuber bubble
why does Moot hates us?

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Do not get it twisted. Do not Gacha. Do not start. Playing Gacha is entertainment and entertainment only. You won't break even. You won't win. You won't do any of that. You understand? You will only go into debt and ruin your fucking life. I do this cause I fucking love it. I do it all the time. It's entertainment for people who can afford it. And that's it. YOU. WILL. LOSE. I'm losing. Do you understand? I AM DOWN MILLIONS

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