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Bro she's taking a one-two month break for her voice.
I believe in the rabbit in the long run, and she'll certainly have an insane return period. But it will be a hard time ahead.

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it's over

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>can't watch MC live because sleep
>oh well I'll watch tomorrow
>no VOD because YT fuckery
pain peko

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God damn, it's not even a whole day and I'm desperate. How am I supposed to resist 60 freaking days without my oshi?

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This is the one time that you win. They're 100% fucking

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Where the fuck is the second Malenia Mori stream? She said she was going to do another stream and finish the interview quickly. Did she lie??

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.....Is Mumei...Annoying?

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Honestly. I miss Pekora. She's such a brat and a real weirdo. She's like you guys if you were women, endearing, or tolerable.

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Uhhhh...rigging issues?

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its okay, i also tought it was a quanchi post, but unlike you ill never forgive that bastard, now im paranoid of every single spoiler i see on this board

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Can a non-retarded teamate tell me what AMT+0 means

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I want them to play yugioh.

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after doing a lot of thinking i've come to believe that people who view streamers as entertainers may be the more mentally unwell part of the fanbase. By calling them a streamer you are dehumanizing them and turning them into nothing more than entertainment. Others, on the other hand, view their oshi as a real human being and can connect with them on a deeper level than those who claim to view them as actors playing a role. Are all the facts they share about their lives nothing more than lies? Are you calling your oshi a liar? Are you saying that your love for your oshi only goes as deep as the value of entertainment provide. You are the real schizo. If you are not in love with your oshi nor hopelessly smitten by them then you are too far gone. If you genuinely believe that they are nothing more than entertainers or actors playing a role then you are beyond saving.

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>cant watch tomorrow's karaoke the stream that i've been waiting for live because i got shit to do
goddamit atleast it's gonna be archived not unarchived karaoke

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>Number of Steamers

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Why is Pekora the only one sad in that image?

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