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I saw some debate on this in the last thread and wanted to chime in.
Smooth, hairless faces are definitely the most popular among women, but I do think there is a market for a little facial hair. Emphasis on a little. If you must have it, keep it down to stubble and mainly on the chin. See characters like Maruki from P5, Teru Tendo and Jiro Yamashita from SideM, Jin Sagami from Enstars, Professor Sycamore from Pokemon XY etc.These are what I would call entry-level "daddy" characters that are liked for being a little more masculine/mature than the average anime boy, but not to the point of entering the true daddy/ikeoji/bara niche.
In conclusion, if you feel a little round-faced enstars twink doesn't suit you but still want to draw in a female audience, try going for the in-between.

-Anon Who Loves Pathetic Disheveled Stubbly Anime Men

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