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Gaslighting, blackmail, and alcohol with Ayame.

The workday has finally ended. You and your colleagues were quickly wrapping up today’s work. After all, today is going to be a very special night to party with everyone. All of you decided that this week would be an opportune time to go barhopping throughout the city, challenging each other to see how many bars each of you can last. This offer was even extended to anyone in the office which made it no surprise that even some of the Hololive girls wanted to join in.

Back during the first days of your job, you used to be nervous to get anywhere near them, let alone talk to them, but overtime, you’ve grown to see them as close associates or even good friends, and as such, you were no longer afraid to socialize with them. You went up against Lamy for a drinking contest (and lost miserably), posed for a photo with Ayame, got into an argument with Pekora about footing the increasingly expensive bill. Unfortunately, the fun didn’t last very long for you as the alcohol quickly took control over you.

After the 2nd bar, you were already the first to drop out from the party. It was already too difficult to see, hear, or stay awake at this point, but you didn’t want to ruin everyone’s good time this early in the evening. You snuck out before anyone noticed you left or even paid your bill and tried to find your way home. However, the constantly twisting roads, blinding lights, and the occasional wall made navigating down a street difficult on its own. You fell down on a sidewalk somewhere in the middle of nowhere, unable to keep yourself awake until you heard a vaguely familiar and gentle voice.

“Oh, there you are. It’s not responsible of you to run without paying, you know.” It was the Ayame, oh thank god. You tried to ask her for help, but everything you said came out as an incomprehensible slur. You felt her finger poke you in the cheek a few times before lifting you on her shoulders. “Oh? Need some help? Don't worry, I can take you home? Nobody will notice that we're gone. Maybe tonight can finally be our lucky day together,” she giggles to herself as she watches you pass out.

The next day plagued you with unyielding headaches plagued but soon, the pain didn’t matter as much as the realization that this isn’t your bed, this isn’t your apartment, someone was on you, and your clothes were missing. How did you get here? She said she was going to take you home, but this isn’t your apartment. The wall, tables, and the desks all contained merchandise of the oni, making it apparent that she brought you to her place instead which would mean that you’re sitting in her bed which would also mean that the person on you would be… oh no. You pulled the blanket which confirmed your fears, the little oni was asleep with her arms wrapped around you, wearing your shirt.
What can you do to survive this? You tried to wiggle out of her grasp hoping to get away before she notices, but your rustling only woke her up in the process. She stirs and slowly opens her eyes to meet your gaze. While you looked into her eyes in fear, she gave you an uncomfortably warm and cheery smile. “Good morning, sweetie,” she told you, giggling at the nickname. You hesitantly replied, “G-good morning. Is this…What am I doing here?” You tried to inch your way off the bed, but she merely tightens your hold on you, stopping you in place. She continues making eye contact with you, burying her smile into your eyesight.

No use in trying to deny anything. You immediately tell her that you don’t remember what you did that night and that you were sorry for you did. Your pleas only made her laugh a bit, “You forgot everything? Even about how you confessed that you’ve always loved me? About how much you wanted to go out with me ever since we met and that this was the happiest day you’ve ever had?”

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