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>I'm half certain that many decisions were made solely to spite the western arms of Sega.

Well then, that casts doubt on this:

>32X likely got the cheapest components of the Saturn's design that would benefit it.

So it seems kind of like the 32x was made to pay homage to the saturn just because. What I've always been hearing is that SoA was for an SVP add on cart (though I've also heard they wanted a Neptune right off the bat)

But that does make sense, so that makes it clear that it's not even particularly relevant if programming or bus-architecturing SH-1s works just like SH-2s, or whether an SVP could have worked in a pair, either with another SVP or more wildly in a slave configuration with an SH-1.

But certain misconceptions about this would be pretty easy to clear up. It would just require someone with a badly broken saturn to expose the dies of the SH-2, SH-1 and YMF-292 chips, so show how big they are.

Though there is a consensus of sorts about what sega's problem was, that they just expected their customers to pay too much, ie. way too often.

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