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Paladins are good new characters too. Easy to make Spirit for them because you get 4 socket Paladin shields way earlier; get one with decent resistances in it and your resistances for Hell'll be fine.
You can power straight through Normal just with Holy Fire on, shit'll die just from the AoE fire.

Amulet's the hardest part to find supposedly.

This. Obedience runeword is a great act 2 Merc weapon, so's Smoke runeword until his resistances.

Insight merc, with maxxed lightning you should be one-shotting the whole screen by now.
In hell you might need to put a few points into a poison jav so you can take care of lightning immunes, or just run past them.

Harmony's runes are pretty easy to get.

Any tips for which class/build/gear to beat Uber Diablo? I beat it once years ago but I've reset/deleted my characters. I have decently geared Summonmancer 83, Meteorb sorc 85, Hammerdin and Javazon both 75.

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Thanks. Again, great advice and a good chunk of it is a lot of help.
Yea I've been having fun just slowly but surely getting my Summonmancer through Hell. Just spent today with the really annoying act 2 (maggot lair, arcane sanctuary etc).
I've been using my hammerdin for the odd few Countess runs because he kills them super fast. You're right on the Running too fast, not moving carefully etc. The second I get caught by an archer pack on most of my characters I'm fucked if I'm not lucky, part of the reason I always default back to the Necro.

I run singleplayer PlugY so map layouts isnt a problem. I've got a small collection of runewords going, Leaf, a few Ancient's Pledge, a few Stealths, a Smoke, a Duress, some Insights.
I'm also swimming in Nightmare runs but I just need some luck in Hell and get my first High rune or two.

I have a full basic MF gearset, sits me at 180~320 MF depending on how much I put on. At the moment I'm just running through Hell on the Necro with as much MF as I can just hoping I get lucky on my way through.

Thanks for the encouragement.
I was getting frustrated because you see videos/streams of people blazing through 10,000 Lower Kurast runs in an hour or two and meanwhile I do like 10 Meph runs and I'm fucking over it. I was starting to get annoyed feeling like I wasn't grinding enough, instead of just playing the game and having fun.

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This. Ever since experiencing PlugY I can't go back.
Not that I ever played Diablo 2 online anyway. Most people I know never played it online either because they pirated it, internet didn't exist or was too slow back in the day or because of hackers/dupers.
I've played LAN a few times with friends using Hamachi or another VPN. Ended up stopping cuz "That guy" in our friends group for some reason hated the idea of farming bosses with MF gear. As far as he was concerned, you're only allowed to kill each boss once, any more was "cheating" according to him.
Also had another guy who would just hang back and spend all his time picking up items/gold instead of helping us kill mobs.
So I just play singleplayer now.

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