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>50%+ of library is racing games
>not one of them has anything on RRT4, GT2 or Sega Rally

what was the point?...

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You can play games with friends

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I have to give props to Nintendo. They managed to make ONE OF THE FIRST nogaems systems OF ALL TIME. It STARTED IT ALL and SET THE STANDARD of how you do a nogaems machine. It CHANGED THE FACE OF GAMING and PAVED THE WAY for future nogaems machines like the gamecube.

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the n64 is a good console and has many great games
but the lack of tekken 3 and final fantasy tactics kills it for me

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>the n64 is a good console and has many great games

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Why does the N64 trigger 2020 4channel so much?

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americans are very defensive about protecting their childhood memories, and the rest of the world enjoys teasing them from time to time

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>40 or so games
this image is very generous

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world driver championship IS AMAZING

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N64 has been spammed to fucking death for the past decade or so, especially bad since this board came into being. It has been hailed be the greatest console of all time (despite having so few games and covering so few genres) and it's top selling games called the greatest games of all time in spite of the mountains of evidense to the contrary. And anyone who disagrees is ganged up on.
People are sick of this stupidity and want to turn the tables.

Personally I feel like gen 5 went like this;
>hardcore arcade fanatics had Saturn
>your average person or people who liked variety had PS1
>hardcore gamers had PC (also casual gamers, but they were playing different games)
>Nintendo fanboys and kids who's parents were clueless had N64.

Back then I knew 2 people with N64s: my rich friend who's parents got him one in addition to his PS1 and gaming PC "just because" (and he never touched it) and a kid who only played racing and sports games who wasn't into games all that much. That's it.

The N64's legacy is trash, and only literal decades of being oversold on the internet to people too young to know any better has swayed anyone's opinion about it. And all that is being undone almost overnight, because people are sick of the faggotry attached to it. It's so fucking hilarious.

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Nintendo can just use Jaz Cart or GD-ROM.

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This whole "muh entire library" thing is entirely new, and entirely gay.

NOBODY owned the entire fucking library for any console, ever, until emulationzoomers began this rose-tinted retrospectively reviewing "entire libraries" as if consoles were a box set TV series.

Stop spamming this shit

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missing the point there m8

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If we were to judge the PS1 (or PS2) by its "entire library", there would be boatloads of the worst shovelware shit imaginable.

Look. I will do so now.

>pic related
>95% of entire library is absolute shovelware shit
>Puts Atari 2600 landfill shit to shame
>Actually has orders of magnitude more "kiddy" games than Nintendo, despite the adolescent posturing
>Less than 5% of ENTIRE LIBRARY is even worth considering, and will vary on your tastes anyway
Why do people love these consoles so much again?

See, anybody can do this

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>Why do people love these consoles so much again?
Because they grew up with them in their Favela. Poorstation is remembered fondly because of nostalgia only.

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How do they do it though? How arethey capitalizing on nogaems?!

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>F Zero X
>Mario Kart 64
>Mickeys Speedway USA
>Ridge Racer 64

It had the best racing games, desu. Especially for multiplayer. Gran Turismo is good, but it is very serious and best in 1-player mode. I would sooner play FZX or MK64 than early Gran Turismos, which feel very dated now.

N64 is better than you

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Does anybody actually still play PS1? Serious question.
Yet people still play N64 all the time - really makes ya think.

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You sure seem salty that you grew up with a shovelware station, seethe more sega tranny.

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Everyone knows videogames were saved when Sony, a TV and hi-fi manufacturer, released glorified CD and DVD players which also played kiddy normie chad-tier shovelware shit they passed off as "games".

Without Sony, games would have died a long time ago, with gay real videogame companies like Sega and Nintendo, doing boring stuff like actually making good games. Everyone knows Sony has produced more in-house classic games IPs and characters than Segone and Nintenbore combined.

Fuck videogames.

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I think we should just replace videogames consoles with CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/streaming devices.

Videogames are for kids. Real men have CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/streaming devices, with no games on them.

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You missed out Beatle Adventure Racing.

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I still play my mod chipped PS1 to play a backup of LSD Dream Emulator.

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Nothing he said had anything to do with trannies.

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That’s right, real men like their entertainment to involve passively sitting around drinking light beer to sportsball games. Real men wouldn’y want to be bothered with thumbsticks or using their mind to solve simple puzzles. Real men watch big angry niggers dog pile each other for a piece of leather and fantasize about whatbeasts those athletes are.

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Seethe more sega tranny

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Why are Playstation and Saturn racers always so slow compared to N64 racers?

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Does anybody actually play a vanilla, real, out-the-box-no-frills-no-spills PS1, and real, vanilla, as-was, no mods PS1 games?

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Even the PS1 mini was a letdown.

Meanwhile NES and SNES Mini- say what you like about the emulation - were well-received and sold well.
We ALL KNOW an N64 Mini would also go down well, and have a good selection of game - especially if they can sort some kind of agreement out with Rareware/Microsoft (which is increasingly likely - Rare did release games on GBA and DS, and Banjo is in the new SSB game.)

PiSs fags are simply the most butthurt people imaginable.

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1/3 of library driving games
1/3 of library sports games (including 50 baseball games)
1/3 of library 3D platformers

It really was a mess.

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Better than the Playstation's 3/4 library being shovelware.

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That's actually worse because that leaves the ps1 with like 600 good games. That's 400 more than the n64 got period.

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>muh hundreds of games
Every time with Playstation fans, yet they only ever list the same games. That's like 90% of the library or more being nothing but pure shovelware. Might as well mention the Wii's number of games like it's impressive.

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Amusingly most of the N64's library is shovelware despite nogames

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Wave Race, Diddy Kong and F-Zero shit all over any racers that gen.

Unless you specifically talking about realistic "sims". Who cares.

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I'd say 30% of the N64's library is shovelware. Meanwhile 95% of the PSX's is shovelware, not only that, but no true 10/10 titles in its shit library.

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goldeneye 007 is the only game anyone needs ever, and in fact, you cannot live a full life without it

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>I'd say 30% of the N64's library is shovelware.
It's more like 90% 2bh

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>yfw that 5% superseeds in quantity and quality the entiry library of the N64
nintentoddler BTFO

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Racing games are very easy, thoughtless 3D conversions.

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>dat Sonycuck delusion

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File: 281 KB, 3219x1045, 5 percent of the ps1 library.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw this is just 5% of the PS1's library

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>Muh 90%
>Muh 30%
>Muh 6million
Holy fuck shut the fuck up and mention a game for once to prove your points

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>and this is 5% of the N64's library

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pretty much the whole world after the snes or megadrive moved on to the psx, with the notable exception of (parts of) the usa, if you talk about 5th gen retrogaming, the psx is what comes to mind
t. yuro

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europe has never been important.

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also i might add, i'm actually a fan of the n64, it has many games i greatly enjoy like harvest moon and smash bros 64 (the only good game in its series), but the psx library is overall, better, both by average and by absolute numbers

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Anyway 5th gen was very weak, couldn't compare to 4th gen.

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if the psx had been succesful only in europe i would have begrudgingly agreed with you
luckily that is not the case

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>it's a 16-bitster

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Don't you have any movie to watch instead of shitposting 24/7 on 4channel?

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>if you like the psx you are automatically a psfag
i emulate my retro games on the switch, thank you very much

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>6th gen gets allowed
>naturally, more younger (not really "Young", but younger than the /vr/ average) guys from /v/ hip onto /vr/
>console wars escalate ridiculously
wow, who would have thought?

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Why didn't mods listen?
Why didn't they just make v2k?

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It's not the fact that you like the ps-x what makes you a moviefag, it's the fag that you're here all the time instigating console wars and not accepting the fact that some people might like the games on saturn and n64 more than the ps-x's shovelware.

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stop deluding yourselves, vr pre v2k was a console war infested board just like today

>> No.6875131

Didn't you see the screenshots from the IRC? the mod literally said he considers /vr/ a shitposting dump. They.Don't.Care.

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Sonyggers were doing this shit long before 6th gen was included.

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Bad false flag.

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F-Zero X is better than any game on Cuckstation.

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Stop deluding yourself. Console wars was always an issue here, but now it's ridiculous.
It's what everyone predicted anyway.
It's like "oh hey, we have 50% of the board be shit, how about we make it 99%? yeah sounds like a good idea!"

>> No.6875140

console wars can't be done alone, the shitposting and shitflinging has always been on both sides, psx vs n64 on vr and sony vs xbox on v

>> No.6875146

>it's also a ps-xer
nobody called it that, poser.

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This. Games are kiddy shit, and I'm furious any straight white man would even think about anything that is not a multimedia device.

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>dead board with shiposting
>lively board with shitposting
at least now someone actually answers some threads. this board used to be so slow that threads with zero answers could remain in the catalog for more than a day, it was ridiculous

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Dude, literally this is a console war thread about 5th gen, why are you blaming 6th gen?
I've yet to see 6th gen console wars so autistic and pedantic as what I'm seeing here right now on /vr/.

>> No.6875159

>threads with zero answers could remain in the catalog for more than a day
Anyway nothing wrong with slow boards. /vr/ was mid-paced. Now it's a bit faster but still not /v/ levels at least.
Anyway, the problem isn't the pacing, it's the amount of shitposters and people in their late 20s fighting for their own shitty childhoods.
Fuck people who had their childhoods in the soulless post-9/11 era. No wonder they grew up bitter and sad.

>> No.6875164

>Fuck people who had their childhoods in the soulless post-9/11 era.
Only americans care about this.

>> No.6875165

You have a point, anon.
5th gen always brings the most passion out of console wars, and I don't know why, because as a whole that gen was kinda shitty.
What I mean isn't that 6th gen only brings 6th gen console wars, it just brings more people from /v/ who are willing to participate on console wars, that includes 5th gen console wars.

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Americans are really defensive about the N64 huh. Makes sense, 70% of that trash was sold there.

>> No.6875171

you sound the most bitter of them all to be quite honest

>> No.6875175

It affected the whole world, don't you remember all the post-9/11 terrorist acts in Europe?
Also the whole media and pop culture (which is global) changed after 9/11. Culture as a whole was very different, we went from colorful and lively 80s and 90s, to sterile and dead 2000s.

>> No.6875176

How are there this many autists that care about ancient consolewars on here?

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>I'd say 30% of the N64's library is shovelware.
1/3 of the library is literally sports games, retard

>> No.6875182

5th gen sucks, ps1 was faulty hardware and 99% shovelware. Saturn was killed too soon.
It could have been a great gen, but it wasn't.
People in their late 20s/early 30s will fool themselves by thinking their childhood was worth it, though.
>omg FMVs!

>> No.6875186

yuro here, we were glued to the tv for two days watching the news and then quickly moved on
no lasting psychological or cultural damage

>> No.6875189

It was a great gen. Dare I say a better gen than the 4th gen? Oh wait, I do dare say it because the 4th gen doesn't even compare to how godly the 5th gen is.

>> No.6875194

Don't fool yourself, 9/11 was just the beginning.
I live in an even more distant country, in Scandinavia, and even I could notice how culture changed going from the 80s/90s to the 00s/10s.
Literally a No Fun Allowed era.

>> No.6875195

i really don't get this shovelware complaint
if a console has 100 good games and 2000 or two millions or two billions shitty games, and another console has 10 good games and 400 shitty ones, then you effectively have a console with 100 good games and another with 10 good ones
the existence of stuff like bubsy 3D does not make tekken 3 any worse

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the n64 is fine if you are a certain type of gamer. problem is, the SNES was amazing. it had every kind of game, and they were all good. NES too. the nintendo brand WAS gaming. Until the n64. n64 killed nintendo. They threw it all away, here you go sony, you get to be video games now.

>> No.6875201

Yes, that's the shovelware. The rest of the games for the N64 however are great.

>> No.6875202

It's ok anon, I didn't mean to disrespect your own childhood, but yeah 5th gen is full of shit. It will never be considered as great as 4th gen was.

>> No.6875205

well i'm not scandinavian and here in italy we literally did not give a fuck after a week or so
we have a tg special when the anniversary comes and that's it

>> No.6875206

>are a certain type of gamer.
a fucking casual?

>> No.6875207

Completely wrong. Just accept you don't even know more than 50 5th gen games.

>> No.6875209

Honestly having Saturn and N64 combo beats having the shovelstation.
shovel was good because of how easy it was to get pirated games for cheap, but most of the times it was unplayable garbage.

>> No.6875214

>Literally a No Fun Allowed era.
I thought liberals were to blame for this.

>> No.6875215

I was thinking more, someone who likes few genres but likes those genres a lot. n64 did not represent genre variety well, but if you only liked the kind of games n64 had, you would be fine.

if you liked lots of kinds of games, the ps1 was your console. in this way, the ps1 was the real successor to nintendo, while the n64 led them down the meme path of wii and switch, never to return to prominence in actual gaming

>> No.6875216

Your childhood was shit, anon.

>> No.6875219

My childhood was the genesis and snes with a bit of dos gaming, how could you say this about the 4th gen?

>> No.6875221

Well, 9/11 was a vital instrument in kickstarting the social change regarding politics. It started the whole "politics is serious business" and PC-culture that we have today. In the 90s, politicians were made fun of, remember Clinton and Monica Lewinski and all that. That's what people thought of politicians in the 90s, nobody liked them, they were all taken as a necessary evil, but nobody liked them.
Now you have people who are fanatical about politicians and will get personally offended if you make fun of some politician they like.

>> No.6875225

i like the n64 and i have never played the saturn, but this post sounds a lot like someone who has never touched a psx in his life

>> No.6875226

I really wish people wouldn't talk about the era when they were children as though they were adults.

>> No.6875229

Oh, in that case you had a based childhood.
You sure you're not lying, anon? You seem like you grew up with mostly 6th gen sandbox/FPS and maybe some 5th gen sprinkled in.

>> No.6875237

ps was my first 5th gen console (well, 3do actually). I got n64 and saturn later.
ps is grossly overrated, it doesn't have as many great games as ps fanboys claim it has.
Every time they talk about "hidden gems" is stuff that's unplayable. I'm tired of sony shills.

>> No.6875242

When did anyone mention 6th gen consoles? I had them but at that point I was working and at home often on a PC. Sounds like you've got some elaborate fantasies at play here. The 5th generation is where my teenage years went and it easily had the best and highest quantity of great games.

>> No.6875247

I like my n64 and its small library. I feel like growing up with the n64 and ps1 I was lucky. But more often than not I either didn’t like the ps1 games I was given, or I didn’t understand how to finish them because I was a dumb ass kid.

>> No.6875249

So yeah, N64 being appealing for mentally challenged toddler sounds about right.

>> No.6875250

desu I feel exactly the same about crap like Goldeneye and Castlevania 64. I wouldn't need one hand to count all the 3d gen5 action games I would revisit. shit was a tech demo and nothing else

>> No.6875253

Then we get to the next third of low budget mediocre racing games

>> No.6875257

Sega and Nintendo are better than Sony.
Deal with it.

>> No.6875261

better at getting blown the fuck out during the 5th gen that's for sure

>> No.6875262

I was just asking if you weren't lying, because the way you express yourself sounds like you grew up with 5th and 6th gen mostly.
Anyway no way to know since we're anonymous here. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt I guess.

>> No.6875268

what kills the n64 for me is the controller
even stuff like medal of honor, which is an average psx gane by all standards, blows out of the fucking planet great n64 classics like goldeneye and perfect dark

>> No.6875269

Well, at the very least they are video game companies, unlike Ziony.

>> No.6875272

Sony has no classics.

>> No.6875273

nintendo only became better than sony with the switch, i love emulating psx games on it

>> No.6875274

I dunno, I never liked FPSs, but I had no problem at all aiming on Starfox or Sin and Punishment using the N64 stick. On the contrary, I tried to play these games on a Wii using a GC controller, and the stick wasn't as precise as the N64's.
As for the PS's controller... it's fine, but I hate the segmented d-pad.

>> No.6875278

Setting your ass on fire for 25 consecutive years was a classic move on their part

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File: 1.13 MB, 1000x1238, mania3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and nintendo
fuck off, stop clinging to my superiority.

>> No.6875282

only the ps1 was decent.

>> No.6875283

RR64 is great
boring pokemon car simulator
>Sega Rally
based, but no game on the ps1 came close either.

>> No.6875284

I got that impression from old american TV but was never sure. In the bottomless hells of southamerica people were always mindless fanatics just as today and would kill each other over ideologies, there was a goddamn putsch in the 70s that lasted until 1985 here in Uruguay where the right-wing gave the power the military to take over the goverment because there was no other way to stop the left-wing guerrillas terrorism, then the military abused their power and persecuted all left-wing sympathizers even if they were good people, I fucking hate the third world.
So 9/11 didn't make that much of a difference here, we are used to this shit.

>> No.6875293

wow, japanese console war is rare, especially sega vs nintendo. Japanese Sega fans actually hate Sony, not Nintendo. I guess the guy who did that pic was influenced by western console wars.

>> No.6875295

harro are you nihonjin san?

>> No.6875298

argie here, in the 90s every here made fun of Menem. He was basically a clown president, similar to Clinton in USA.
It wasn't until recently (post 2000s) that political fanatism became a thing, with Kirchnerism and all that.

>> No.6875303

>Japanese Sega fans actually hate Sony
No, they're generally indifferent or like the games because there's good options on both.
>not Nintendo
god no, they're fully aware of Nintendo's manipulative market practices and the fact they had a strangle hold on developers and publishers domestically and abroad, literally monopolizing the market. The Japanese reacted appropriately to the first big competitors Nintendo got, NEC was adored, Sega was trifled by Nintendo's monopolistic practices, and Sony did so well one of the most overrated games in the West, Mario 64 was received in Japan with a mumble. Imagine that. The moment there came alternatives to Nintendo, Japan told Nintendo to fuck off. Where did you even get that fan fiction idea in your head? Japan hated Nintendo, from consumers to developers the mantra was fuck Nintendo.

>> No.6875306

The n64 is the most soulful console of the 5th generation. Sega Saturn is right behind it though. Basedstation sucked ass.

>> No.6875309

it's not 1993 anymore gramps

>> No.6875310

remember to vote trump, ameribro

>> No.6875318

>No, they're generally indifferent or like the games because there's good options on both.
Not really, there's a phrase that japanese Sega fans say: "Death of gaming: PlayStation. Death of gaming: Bandai. Death of gaming: Square". Those are the 3 big enemies of the japanese Sega fan.
>nintendo literally monopolizing the market.
Oh yes? Then if as you say, they "literally" monopolized the market, how come consoles like PC Engine (which you mentioned) or Mark III came to exist? I thought Nintendo prevented others from commercializing video games? Stop being a journo-style gossiper, anon. There was no monopoly. I bet what you mean to say is the exclusivity deals, which exist to this day, and on all consoles.
>Mario 64 was received in Japan with a mumble
Source? Other than your ass of course.
It's funny to see some random westie Sony fanboy try to make up bullshit like this on a cantonese painting forum, though, I'll admit.

>> No.6875323

Viva Perón

>> No.6875324

Sony was great in 1993 though, unlike now.

>> No.6875325

That's a lot of disinfo to pull outta your ass anon. This is why nobody likes Nintendo and Nintendo fans.

>> No.6875335

Awesome arguments anon, you convinced me.
Also I'm more of a Sega fan and anti-Sony. I'm neutral on Nintendo.

>> No.6875345

No Sega fan likes Nintendo, knowing what Nintendo did to them in the 80s.

>> No.6875349

sega did everything to itself. and the nail in the coffin was the ps2 anyway

>> No.6875350

We aren’t all smooth brained tribalists like you

>> No.6875352
File: 13 KB, 280x240, yuSuzukiMiyamoto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sega fans in Japan like Nintendo. The whole Sega vs nintendo console wars was more of a westie thing.
As I said, the enemy of the japanese Sega fan is Sony.

>> No.6875353

Sega didn't contractually oblige third party developers to make games exclusively for Nintendo. Nintendo did that.

>the tribe has arrived
>console wars for me but not for thee!


>> No.6875359

ITT: Sony fans show, once again, that they are the worst shitposters.
Nothing else to see here.

>> No.6875362

check discord, we got another one.

>> No.6875369

awesome and convincing argument!
also I like your redditspacing.
>Sega didn't contractually oblige third party developers to make games exclusively for Nintendo
Why would Sega obligue third party devs to make games exclusively for Nintendo?
Anyway, exclusivity deals isn't something Nintendo invented, anon.

>> No.6875372

>Why would Sega obligue third party devs to make games exclusively for Nintendo?
Right? Makes no sense to say they did that to themselves. Everyone knows Nintendo leveraged their position to become a monopoly.

>> No.6875374

they were always consistently considered the worst fanbase, this isn't anything new.
I like some ps games, but yeah sony fanboys are the bottom scum of the console war barrel. There's a reason why they call them sonyggers.

>> No.6875381

did you know Hiroshi Yamauchi wasn't actually a human being? He was a vessel that enclosed 7 yakuza oni spirits from 7 different regions in Japan. These oni monopolized the gambling in Japan with the hanafuda Nintendo cards and put a spell so that no other company could produce cards, truly evil.

Yamauchi, often referred to as "大魔王 ティラノ天堂" (Great Evil King Tyranotendo), tyranized the video games market with his monopolic practises, it is said that the Master System or the PC Engine didn't actually ever exist, and that they were invented time after so hide the fact that the Famicom was actually the one and only console existing in Japan.

>> No.6875391

just because you're a jrpgfag who can't into racers doesn't mean they're shovelware/shit, lad

>> No.6875392

this is when nintendo started tricking people with marketing hype
>no games, low tech, stupid controller
>no games, low tech, stupid controller
>no games, low tech, fuck it no controller at all
wii u
>no games, low tech, tablet meme
>no games, low tech, joycon anal insertion controller + tablet meme

they are just a couple steps removed from getting out of hardware altogether and developing exclusively for mobile platforms. it'll happen

>> No.6875394

If we're going to talk about monopolistic practices, how about Sony owning the CD factories and Sega having to pay royalties to Sony for each Sega Saturn game sold?

>> No.6875401

N64 and Gamecube weren't low tech, anon. If you're gonna console war, do it right at least.
>they are just a couple steps removed from getting out of hardware altogether and developing exclusively for mobile platforms. it'll happen
Nice, a nintendo is doomed poster. Haven't seen one in a while since I don't browse /v/ anymore.

>> No.6875402

got a source on that? Philips and Fujitsu also had CD factories in Japan at the time.

>> No.6875404

This is correct and only retarded faggots disagree

>> No.6875406

>N64 and Gamecube weren't low tech, anon
compared to their competition they objectively were

>> No.6875413

Can you delete this post? Thanks.
Regards, Sony Fanbase Corp.

>> No.6875415

>no games
PS3 fags projection

>> No.6875416

>car behind goes faster than car ahead
Basically every arcade racing game. They were pretty shitty too even among arcade racers, I'd rather play NFS tbqh.
Lets not even get started in racing sims...

>> No.6875425

>this generation's version of zelda, mario, pokemon, and metroid
>rinse repeat
nice games. too bad nintendo has been behind on tech for 20 years so that's all you get is first party games rehashing the same properties

>> No.6875426

No, Wii and WiiU were low tech, N64 and GC was when Nintendo invested in actual tech power.
Maybe you mean because of the media format (carts and mini-dvds), but we're not talking format, we're talking hardware here. The N64 is more powerful than the PS1 or Saturn (as it should, it came out almost 2 years later), and Gamecube is 2nd only to the Xbox on 6th gen, but more advanced than the PS2 (which was also a total clusterfuck to develop for, Sony got cocky with the PS2 and did the complete opposite of the easy-to-develop-for PS1)

>> No.6875429

N64 only flaw was cartridge size, in everything else it was superior to PS and Saturn.
GameCube was only weaker than Xbox, it ran circles around PS2.
You don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

>> No.6875430

It's so weird that the Playstation is actually more powerful than the N'ggsty4.

>> No.6875435

gamecube has tiny pancake discs. playstation played dvds and cds. one is low tech one is not

>> No.6875437

Explain how Sony is a good company.

>> No.6875439

when your small brain finishes loading the information, you will realize you're wrong, Sonygger.

>> No.6875440

good games

>> No.6875443

good movies

>> No.6875445


>> No.6875450

Explain how your mom sucks my cock for 26 hours a day.

>> No.6875452

>console war thread
>it's mostly sony fans shitting on both sega and nintendo
getting so tired of it all.

>> No.6875453

>you're wrong
wow, what a convincing argument. Why is it then that PS1 had more 60fps games than the N64 had games at all? Because the N64 is an underpowered piece of shit.

>> No.6875458

trick question, the average human day only contains 24 hours

>> No.6875461

We should make fun of them like /v/.

>> No.6875462

>n64 is stronger than ps1 guys
>"but ps1 games look and play better than n64 games"

>> No.6875468

Ah yes, can't wait to get my teeth stuck into Beetle Adventure Racing. Then it's time to marvel at the hidden gem Top Gear Racing 2. And if that's not enough, there's always Cruis'n World USA to top it all off!

>> No.6875479

>ii-i-i-its only sonygggers that do it
>i-i-i-its ok when Nintendo does it! woaho! ding ding!
>i-i-i-its ok when SEGA does it! blast processing!
Just stop, shit flings in all directions here.

>> No.6875484 [SPOILER] 
File: 58 KB, 228x200, 1600110270892.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Both are good. Imagine being unable to admit there's good games you would want to play between all consoles. Imagine believing your favorite console needs to be an "all-in-one" system.
But if I was held at gunpoint to choose, I'd go with the N64.

>> No.6875487

They don't look better. The PS1 only supports software rendering so you get sharp edges and extra speed because of that.
The N64 might have no fucking games but it supports rudimentary 3D acceleration, AA and better transparency effects. Some games run worse but look pretty great, similar to early 3D accelerated PC games with OGL and Direct3D.
Now fuck off.

>> No.6875508

>N64 might have no fucking games but it supports rudimentary 3D acceleration
so does ps1
>better transparency effects
that's the PS1's domain as well, n64 struggled with transparencies.

>> No.6875515

>so does ps1
I dont think so buddy.

>> No.6875541

google ps1 gte

>> No.6876087

Stoopid zoomie. I know tons of people who owned all 9999 games for thier brick game.

>> No.6876108

Joker can't handle the truth, I see.

>> No.6876114

One vore loving furry spams the same thread again and again.

>> No.6876123


>> No.6876168

Gamecube actually had a better CPU, GPU, and more ADPCM channels for stereo sound. Gamecube's flaw was the choice for media discs due to their paranoia of piracy negating a lot of the hardware strengths.

>> No.6876175

nah, lamecube's processor was shit compared to the ps2's

>> No.6876181

the piss too is the weakest 6th gen system, even the DC is better.
You're lucky your Siony overlords invested a lot in marketing, otherwise nobody would remember this shovelware system.

>> No.6876212
File: 23 KB, 530x298, smug_kutaragi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>even the DC is better.
Love how Sony's success causes people to think so irrationally because they're blinded by butthurt.

>> No.6876216

nah PS3 is based, I only hate the PS2.

>> No.6876294

You know this is objectively wrong. The question is whether gc was better than xbox or not, there are arguments either way. The gc pushed more polygons, it was arguably more powerful.

>> No.6876320

>hating the second best console of all time

>> No.6876340

... But going by your Sony logic of more=good and less=bad, PlayStation objectively has more bad games than N64, and so is therefore worse.

>but muh it has more good ones too
This is outweighed by the "more bad ones", since more=better and less=worse.

This may seem gay, but it is only your own logic being used against you.

>> No.6876347

Quality > Quantity.

N64 has some of the best games ever made, and in its less number of games they are more replayable.

PS1 is good too, to be honest they both end up with a roughly similar number of great games.

>> No.6876356

There are at least six 10/10 games in there with years of replayability.

What was your point again?

>> No.6876387

Sports games were objectively best on N64. FIFA and NHL games were great on N64. Better graphics and movement than their PS counterparts.
I dont necessarily consider sports games shovelware. The fact they are annually released makes them stack up, but I have always seen a sports game as a must-have.

>> No.6876392

The only 10/10 In that collection is Mario 64. The rest are like 6/10 at best

>> No.6876395

speed running doesn't count

>> No.6876397

You can aim in Perfect Dark and Goldeneye

Maybe you're just shit

>> No.6876401

sony fanboys, everyone.

>> No.6876420

The bottomless pit of Nintendo evil knows no bounds.

Now I'm off to fap, the homosexual bathhouse bit in FF7 Remake is coming up... can't wait to see Cloud get buttfucked by those ripped mixed race guys, in glorious 4K HD.

>> No.6876425

Only because they made the best consoles. Nothing to be ashamed of.

>> No.6876452

Best looking games of 6th gen:
>Rogue Squadron 2 & 3
>Metroid Prime
>F Zero GX
>[Water effects in] Mario Sunshine & Wave Race

Just compare multiplat games like Nightfire or Resident Evil 4 from PS2 to Gamecube and see how much better ninty cube is for your self.

>> No.6876463

Lylat Wars, Perfect Dark, Rogue Squadron, Pokemon Stadium, F Zero X, Banjo Kazooie. All 10/10 games.

I am not the biggest MK64 fan but in multiplayer it has replay value.

>> No.6876492 [DELETED] 

Gamecube fans. Its the only only console that they conter signal as worse and have a a shot a being successful.

>> No.6876524

Gamecube fans. Its the only console they have a chance at conter signaling as worse.

>> No.6876537

contrarianism is at an all time high in current year

>> No.6876540

At odds with conformism, which is at an all time high on 4channel

>> No.6876549
File: 219 KB, 1000x1000, 3FF9A763-AEC6-4CB4-B44C-30DCB7720A7C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

None of those three titles are anywhere near as good as the best racing game on this console.

>> No.6876553

meh, gx is better than f-zero x which is pretty average

>> No.6876583

Except the PS1 is just as normalfag as the N64.

>> No.6876616
File: 170 KB, 800x2000, 8DZWImikFEXvfAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6876621

It is, but this is a Nintendo site

>> No.6876661

Nintendo has a history of halfbaked consoles that fail and are later perfected. The n64 and its 4 player action was perfected on gamecube. The wii u was a solid idea that was perfected with the switch.

>> No.6877306

5% of the playstation's library is still bigger than the N64's entire library, that's why there's more good games
>As of 30 June 2007, 7,918 software titles had been released worldwide for the PlayStation
>; 7918*0.05
> 395.9
>A total of 388 games were released for the [N64] console

>> No.6877403

debatable, but the gamecube was far easier to work with. ps2 was a nightmare for most developers, but also a hacker's dream

>> No.6877423

>cheap faulty electronics
>PS2's dog nose weird button-sticks literally rot over time
>weak 1st party
They're passable consoles only because of the good 3rd party games they have, which isn't nearly as numerous as sony fans want everyone to believe. Quality-wise, PS systems were always the worst with the exception of the Xbox 360 and its RRoD (but PS3 also had YLoD, though not as prominent as RRoD)

>> No.6877465

that doesn't look very fun, anon

>> No.6877472

It is fun though.

>> No.6877483

>40 games

That’s REALLY generous

>> No.6877485

>>cheap faulty electronics
>PS2's dog nose weird button-sticks literally rot over time
literally the most reliable thumb stick rubber.
>weak 1st party
just admit you don't know any of the games
>the rest of that shit

>> No.6877492

>cheap faulty electronics

>> No.6877496

As an American, I find it very insulting to be called a nintoddler by default as well

>> No.6877510

the first one only happens in exceptional cases, like running it on carpet on on top of a hot tv, and they still resolved it in later revisions
not familiar with the ps2 thing though

>> No.6877532

that's nice, gamecube discs and dead lasers, dreamcast dead lasers and xbox clock capacitors and the rrod are far worse problems than any of that lmao

>> No.6877535

Yes: Sony is way more backwards compatible than cringetendo.

It’s funny that Nintoddlers keep trying to act like Sony is “killing” gaming when Nintendo just sells mediocre first party shit that’s milking the reputation of franchises that peaked three-five console generations ago- all on underpowered gimmicky consoles.

>moving the goal posts

Literally who gives a fuck about mini consoles? Who was even talking about mini consoles?

It’s sad that Nintoddlers have to count their victories on gimmicky shit like that- imagine paying to emulate.

>> No.6877536

>the first one only happens in exceptional cases
It's common across all Playstation models.
>not familiar with the ps2 thing though
How underage are you?
Only RRoD is as bad. Notice how the rest didn't have class action lawsuits against them. Sony consoles are just cheap pieces of shit.

>> No.6877575

>It's common across all Playstation models.
it's not, the replaced the problematic parts of the cd mech with metal in later revisions
the lasers still wear out eventually, of course, but they don't fail like those very early ones did

>> No.6877579

That's only because nobody cared. No one is going to sue nintendo because all their gamecube discs are dying. People cared about their ps2s however. Hey nintendo is bringing the class action embarrassments back with joycon drift at least.

>> No.6877583

>How underage are you?
i'm 30, and i did own a ps2
it worked perfectly fine up until i put a hdd in it and started playing games from there

>> No.6877664

You are an outlier, PS2 disc drives are extremely prone to failure.

>> No.6877675

>No one is going to sue nintendo because all their gamecube discs are dying
It took decades for those chocolate chip cookie discs to go bad, it took what a year or two for the PS2 disc drives to fail? Not exactly the same thing.

>> No.6877696

guess i'm lucky then
the disc drive still works in mine last i checked, though it's not too fair since i haven't really needed to use it much since about 2009

>> No.6877782
File: 73 KB, 662x593, 1472436001673.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>99 percent of all movies and books and anime and games aren't worth playing/watching/read/etc
>whats le points?

>> No.6877895

Like I said, nobody cared that every gamecube game will die very soon. It's a dead end console. PS2's not working? A cause for alarm.

>> No.6877920

Yeah, DVDs were a terrible choice. No one used then.

>> No.6879223

>comparing FLOPS between completely different architectures
ugh, don't do that

>> No.6879246

Rush 2 was the BEST FUCKING RACING GAME IN HISTORY until...another game came along that will go unnamed.

>> No.6879248

100% actually

>> No.6879281

NFS and GT blow out all the racing games on the 64

>> No.6879283

But if more = better, PS1 had *more crap games*, by a wide margin, so therefore it was worse.

>> No.6879292

Nobody has the time to play and complete 40 games, you dipshit.

Quantity > quality. I would legitimately rather own 20 games I play regularly than 100 games I dont. Per capita N64 had a lot of 10/10 all time classics with high replay value.

>> No.6879294

You are retarded. Why would I care about the bad games? I only buy good games.

If one console has more good games, it is better. I don't care about the bad ones, I won't buy them or play them.

You are trying to be smart but you are just an idiot.

>N64 has some of the best games ever made
A reasonable post, wow. I didn't really count them, I would bet the PS1 has a few more, but I won't confirm it 100% since I know I might be a little biased by not liking more childish atmospheres, that doesn't make the games bad though.

>> No.6879308

No. PS1 had *more bad games*, by any stretch. Therefore, since having more games = better, having more bad games = worse.

It's only your own retarded logic, I don't see why you suddenly want to shift the goalposts.

I think the N64 has:
More replayability
Better multiplayer (Multiplayer is inherently more replayable, since single player campaigns tend to *end*)
Better graphics that hold up better today
No loading times
Less hardware issues (cart saves tend to remain; memory cards are starting to go), PS1 lids are starting to break, PS1 discs were less durable than N64 carts.

To me it's just hands down N64 is better. PS1 is good and certainly has its fair share of great games. But it's not a patch on the 64 for me.
I am not a fan of Saturn, but to be fair I don't really know much about it and haven't played one.

>> No.6879319

> I only buy good games.
1) This is a slightly subjective
2) You are the one who is lumping the entire N64 library together and making sweeping generalizations about it. PS1 and PS2 clearly have got more bad games (possibly than any other console except perhaps Android which isn't really proper videogames).
So, if lumping libraries together is your thing, be prepared to fall on your sword.

>If one console has more good games, it is better.
N64 is clearly better, then.

>> No.6879320

It's funny how Nintendo fags still can't deal with the fact they lost gen 5 and 6

>> No.6879336

What if a console doesn't have that many good games and its best games ever made are kinda overrated and you already played them

>> No.6879340

In what way? PS1 was a loss leader in its first couple of years, and Pokemon was massive in Gen 5.

In 6th gen, Nintendo made a big profit from GB Advance, Pokemon and Gamecube software sales. Xbox marginally outsold Cube, but cube sold a lot more games. Xbox was a lost leader its entire life. Nintendo also regularly makes profits from merchandising, and Xbox was ( and still is) a flop in Japan.

So I dont really see what you mean, desu.

>> No.6879346

>It's only your own retarded logic
No buddy that is your logic, which assumes I would buy the bad games as well, I'm sorry if you are this retarded, by any chance are you a scumbag collector?
Are you the original retard or is the other dude? For the sake of argument lets say we only consider the good games as considered by the general consensus. The only thing that matters is which one has more good games, the bad games are irrelevant, I don't understand your obsession with them.

>> No.6879351

So the N64?

>> No.6879353

yeah, why fuss over it at all?

>> No.6879356

Ps2 and 1 sold 250 million consles combined, Nintendo sold around 50

>> No.6879361

I don't, the people who deny what you stated make the fuss.

>> No.6879362

You are admitting (it would be impossible not to) that the PlayStation has more bad games.

Therefore it is worse.

I dont assume you would buy them. I would assume PS massive army of casual and kiddy fans would buy them. I am not a collector. I dont assume you would buy shovelware PS1 stuff, the same way you should assume I wouldnt buy the "entire N64 library". As if that is even a thing that anybody even does.

Most people own ~20 games for their console. As a kid in the 90s with various friends with N64s and PS1s, nobody owned more than 20 games. It just wasnt a thing and nobody talked about it, it only became a thing in the age of emulation when people look at files full of entire lists of game titles. This was not a thing in the past and is still irrelevant -- hardly anybody owns or plays more than 20 games.

>> No.6879365

It isnt about raw console sales numbers, if you want to talk about making a loss. Software sales, and handhelds, and merch all feature


The N64 is better.

>> No.6879373

Why dont you emulate the *entire PS1 library*, including all those mountains of shovelware shit (which may as well not even be counted as worthwhile)

I bet if you discount all the shovelware, you end up with a similar number of must-play games on N64 and PS1, and I bet you the N64 ones have better replayability, graphics and multiplayer and hold up better today

>> No.6879378

>must-play games on N64

>> No.6879387

There are at least 20 must play games on n64 and at least 10 of those are right up there with the best games of all time

and one of them in particular is regularly voted as The best game of all time, by various outlets, across various eras

>> No.6879390

>The best game of all time, by various outlets,
by americans maybe

>> No.6879391

>You are admitting (it would be impossible not to) that the PlayStation has more bad games.
>Therefore it is worse.
No, only good games matter.
>I would assume PS massive army of casual and kiddy fans would buy them.
>Implying N64 kids would not purchase some 5 shitty shovelware racing game or shitty ports for every actually worthwhile game.
You are delusional.

And I can't make it any more clear.

>I bet if you discount all the shovelware, you end up with a similar number of must-play games on N64 and PS1
I very much doubt it. But lets say it is the case for the sake of argument, that you have 20 must play on each, as in great classics.
Then what? The rest of the N64 is unplayable. And the rest of the PS1 is 80% shovelware garbage and another 20% playable decent shit even if not great.
That replayabilty thing is in your head, and it goes both ways in any case. What game would you replay? Fucking Zelda? Or some shitty arcade/PC port?

>> No.6879395

This thread isn't even about the n64, I'd rather play Excitebike on the nes than any ps1 game.

>San Francisco rush series.
>Extreme G
>F-Zero X
>Top Gear Rally
>Top Gear Overdrive
>Diddy Kong Racing
>Star Wars Racer
>Road Rash 64
>Penny Racers

I can't recall any memorable racing games on the PS1 other than that shallow ridge racer game, ESPN xtreme and Jet moto. Very bad library.

>> No.6879397

Various international outlets in various eras.

Zelda Ocarina has been seen as the best game of all time by so many disparate outlets its almost becoming a de facto gold standard

>> No.6879406

>Various international outlets in various eras.
>Zelda Ocarina has been seen as the best game of all time by so many disparate outlets its almost becoming a de facto gold standard

citations needed

>> No.6879408


You know it's ok, the PS1 was a decent machine in its own right. But comparing it to the N64 is just asking for anal penetration.

>> No.6879409 [DELETED] 

Gran Turismo > all Ng4 racing games

>> No.6879413

Gran Turismo > all n64 racing games

>> No.6879414

Yeah, some PS1 games were also considered some of the greatest classics of all time, like Metal Gear Solid.
Not to mention other "more little things" that sum up, as having the better 2D versions of franchises such as Castlevania and Megaman instead of shitty forced 3D games just because "muh 3D" for everything.

>> No.6879415

Just shut the fuck up
Noone has time to play 600 games retard

>> No.6879416

he's talking about top 10 blogs he's read

>> No.6879419

I would replay Perfect Dark, F Zero X, Pokemon Stadium, various good multiplayer games (Conker, Mario Party, SSB, Mario Tennis)

>PS1 has more bad games
>Only good games matter
I thought we were judging by "entire libraries"?
In this case N64 is clearly better because it has more good games than PS1 does.
>Implying N64 kids would not purchase some 5 shitty shovelware racing game or shitty ports
Did you only know mega-rich kids? Most other kids I knew did not have stacks and stacks of games. It was one for Christmas and one for birthday and that was it. You had to choose wisely. My circle of friends all ended up having roughly similar games by the end of 5th gen (and 6th, for that matter). I would assume most console owners have broadly similar collections - some games sell better than others, after all.

Even the PS1 kids all basically had the same games. So much for "muh variety".

No, N64 games were expensive and (at least in my experience) N64 owners did not tend to splurge out on piles of games. Nor did PS owners, for that matter, in my experience. People had limited collections of high quality titles.

You need to stop retrospectively adding 2020-era emulation culture of entire console libraries to 1999, as if that was a thing back then - it wasnt.

>> No.6879426

There was this Formula 1 game that I also enjoyed, it had fully voiced narrator voice work that starred Michael Schumacher and the game made the races look like if you were watching them from TV live. good presentation loved that game.

>> No.6879428

You can go and look it up right now.
Various high-profile websites and magazines and reviewers and public perception, in the West and Japan, regularly cite Ocarina as one of, if not the, best game of all time.

I dont see what is controversial about pointing this out. Everybody knows its true.

>> No.6879429

>high-profile websites
don't care about blogs

>> No.6879432

Join the Fab Four as they drive around swinging-60s Liverpool in Mini Coopers on LSD.

>> No.6879446
File: 151 KB, 960x540, ff7-gay-bathhouse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

muh 6 million games.

Did you know Hiroshi Yamauchi had a secret plan - The Final Solution to the Sony Question - to gas 6 million innocent PS1 games?
This horrific crime was covered up by Yamauchi's Yakuza Freemason Satanic cultists, who captured SquareSoft and all the top PS1 dev companies, tortured their programmers and executives (including prolonged electrocution to the testicles) for daring to break Nintendo's evil monopoly.

Yamauchi is literally the devil.

Now excuse me while I go fap to the homosexual bathhouse scene in Final Fagtasy 7.

>> No.6879451
File: 49 KB, 849x549, ff7-gay-remake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This this this this this.

Or iOS/Androids "impressive" list of games.







>> No.6879452

citations needed

>> No.6879461
File: 216 KB, 1680x803, b2 bomber.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the rest of the world better shut their fucking mouths if they know what's good for them.

arsenal of democracy, bitch.

>> No.6879484
File: 69 KB, 419x696, oracrinabest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could just look it up yourself, but citations given: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Legend_of_Zelda:_Ocarina_of_Time

>> No.6879492

I don't care about your opinion

>> No.6879494

not many non-american entries in there eh

>> No.6879504

Internet is mostly US sites, though some of those sites are basically so big now they are global, as long as you understand English, which many people do.

I am not American and Ocarina is highly regarded here and always was, and it has a high reputation in Japan too

>> No.6879512

That's nice, at least I don't need hack bloggers to tell me mine

>> No.6879538

We are judging for which has more good games, for the 7th time, nobody cares about bad games except autists, you yourself say it nobody had entire libraries back then and chose wisely.

So your post resumes to your subjective view of "I liked more N64 games", since there is no argument or foundation for saying it has more good games than the PS1, OK I guess if that helps you sleep.

You are also not accounting how common was piracy in PS1, about the same or even more than with japanese famiclons. I could get unlegitimate PS1 games for $1, so for the price of a N64 cartdridge I could get to experience the whole good portion of the PS1 library and even afford to risk myself with unknown games many of which were shit, and others were hidden gems, good luck finding hidden gems in N64 without a recommendation back then.

Same thing with the famiclon, I had over 100 games, BACK THEN, with an original NES I would have played 10 if lucky.

I'm so sorry if it wasn't like this in America.

>> No.6879550

>caring what a bunch of critics say
Those people take money to give glowing reviews lol

>> No.6879552

it's true though that only the fat smelly kid with no friends had a saturn.

>> No.6879557


>> No.6879568

>We are judging for which has more good games
Yes, the N64 does.
>So your post resumes to your subjective view of "I liked more N64 games"
Your argument amounts to "I liked more PS1 games". OK, up to you.
>piracy in PS1
That is true, but most kids I knew (I was a kid in late 90s) only got chipped copies of well known games. I assume you were older in gen 5? My circle wasnt really interested in import hidden gems and so on. They just got chipped copies of FF6 and FF7 and Crash etc.
It is a good and a lucky thing this piracy did not crash the games market, btw.

I am not in America, I should say

>> No.6879573

You are talking about a widespread opinion across disparate range of outlets (many of them public or voted by ordinary people) across many regions across various eras

Zelda Ocarina is consistently one of and quite regularly the number one best game ever.
Nothing controversial about this statement.

>> No.6879575

if you had friends you probably had a n64, if you didn't have friends you probably had a ps1

>> No.6879580


You can tell PS1 is big on 4chan because of the cross-section of society that posts here - loser weebs with no social skills

>> No.6879583
File: 283 KB, 773x931, r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if you had friends you probably had a n64
more likely you were one these 20 million american kids with autistic tendencies whose parents cheaped out on them

>> No.6879593

>highly qualified writers declared it!
>actually they're just voted by the same people who love marvels movies
Imagine being this desperate to not have an actual opinion of your own

>> No.6879618

its a widespread opinion held by many people. And has consistently been since its release at the end of 1998

>> No.6879636

>its a widespread opinion held by many people
biased sample

>> No.6879646

It is [widely considered] one of, if not the, best game of all time.

>> No.6879649

among the confines of a small biased sample

>> No.6879684

This, the N64 was for cool kids who played football. And succeeded in life so much that they're on a forum 30 years later with the people who had PS1s arguing about which is better.

>> No.6879691

You will notice it is PS niggers who start these threads.
You will also notice PS niggers are the worst fanboys out there. (Considering how gay Saturn fanboys are, it really is quite an achievement).

Do your own research and see, it isnt small its very large and it isnt biased its from various sources not just Nintendo ones.
You havent posted any citations for whatever it is youre saying.

>> No.6879698

>Your argument amounts to "I liked more PS1 games". OK, up to you.
Not necessarily, I just think it has a bigger quantity of quality titles. I still think SM64 is the best 3D platformer of the 5th gen to mention something.
>only got chipped copies of well known games
Weird, I mean sure to an extent that is true, but still the well known titles are at least over 50 and this helped experience them. In the case of the famiclon cartdridges I even experienced japanese tittles that werent sold outside of Japan legitimately without importing them by yourself.

Piracy never accounted for any market crash, firstly because it was more of a thing outside of Japan and America, where most legitimate sales were made (ie: I got a japanese bootleg copy of Banana Prince when I was 10, I loved that game).

I'm glad it existed, with third world salaries and prices of imported electronics inflated to the sky with taxes, only richfags could afford the real thing outside.

>> No.6879701

>You will notice it is PS niggers who start these threads.
All 3 console war, no point in getting embarrassed. Nintendo fans are easily the worst and also have the worst taste.

>> No.6879714

Europeans tried of Americans rewriting their history? Nintendo wasn't very popular there but for some reason YouTube/Reddit thinks it was the dominate system.

>> No.6879834

This has nothing to do with the vroomer meme. Shit thread.

>> No.6879848

I really dont get the point in the "MOAR games" thing anyway.

here is why.

1) PlayStation (1, and then 2) became the industry standard. Because it used discs, easy to program for, they were open to 3rd party developers, etc. "PlayStation" became a kind of byword for "videogames". Arguing the PlayStation has more games is missing the point. It would be like arguing game boy had more games than some more niche thing like neo geo.

2) Nintendo is a videogame maker. They make games for their machines, specificially. It has the most exclusives. Nintendo are an artisan company. It would be like comparing a local artisan independent shoe-maker on your street with Nike. "Nike has more varities than this local one-man outfit!"
Yuh, ya dont say. It is almost irrelevant, actually. Nike *also* release a LOT of crap, and ultimately, you can only wear one pair of shoes at any one time, and most people only own like 5 to 10 pairs of shoes that they actually use.

It really is apples and oranges. You seriously need to stop making this dumb zoomer comparison.

In my opinion, N64 has better graphics, replayability, multiplayer, better controller, no loading times, and better hardware longevity. I prefer it - period. That is my opinion. You can have yours obviously. But stop making completely dumb meme invalid comparisons. nintendo is not sony, it never was. They became very big in early 90s due to clever marketing (in America). They have eventually carved out a niche for themselves in todays market. To be honest, nintendo have done exceptionally well, considering. They may have gone bust at any time in any gen (unlike Sony and / or Microsoft who could afford to have a lost leader). Thankfully they havent and thankfully they still exist and still produce quality, unique game experiences unavailable anywhere else.

I for one just dont care for greyscale violent SJW fps clones. I just dont want to play them, and never have and never will.

>> No.6879860


I do not want a big black box to play gory death-porn on in my living room. I want a unique experience. Nintendo is not Sony; it is not Microsoft; stop making this invalid comparison.

Nintendo may have at any point "gone the way of Sega" and done well at that, lol, imagine Sony making games independently and no consoles. It would be incredibly shit

>> No.6879867

If I had more good games to play I'd have more reason to play it. It's really not hard to understand. The less good games, the less there is to enjoy on a platform. Not gonna bother reading the rest of the mental gymnatics to justify the no gaems, I don't care.

>> No.6879910

>The less good games, the less there is to enjoy on a platform
Which is why N64 is better than Playstation.

>> No.6879923

Weird, we already established playstation has more good games.

>> No.6879931

>we already established playstation has more shovelware and inferior ports
I hate to fix other people's typos but there you go.

>> No.6879936

Still better games than the N64's library. Mario is shit, Zelda's for queers.

>> No.6879946

>Still better games than the N64's library
When people praise movie game crap like MGS or FF7 as the best the console has to offer, I'm gonna have to say you're incorrect.

>> No.6879949

Better than faggot and kiddie shit like mario and zelda lol

>> No.6879953

>MGS and FF7
>not faggot and kiddie shit
Both have actual explicitly homosexual moments.

>> No.6879954

Sorry I know they're not games for pussies so you don't like em, stick to mario potty 1-3 you faggot child lol
>explicitly homosexual moments
lmao the only explicit homosexual here is you

>> No.6879963

>turn based JRPG you'd have to actually try to die in
>""stealth"" movie you'd have to actually try to die in
Sounds like games for pussies to me.

>> No.6879969

>this queer hates stealth games
I get it, out and proud? lmao faggot

>> No.6879971

No I just like actual stealth games and not cinematic Pacman.

>> No.6879973

I get it, actual stealth games as in games you can't find cuz the n64 has none lmao

>> No.6879978

I really hope you two are teenagers, but if you're grown ass men you just gotta know this shit is embarrassing

>> No.6879981

chill out bitch, just having fun making fun of a nincel

>> No.6879982

Why would teenagers be arguing about decades old video games on the internet?

>> No.6879993

PlayStation is a byword for "games" so it just gets lots of shovelware.

Nintendo is its own artisan thing, its pointless to compare them.

>Not gonna bother reading
You are a lazy dipshit.

MGS and FF7 are both literally gay. Literally.

>> No.6880000
File: 748 KB, 608x444, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>artisan nintendo ludography

>> No.6880007
File: 366 KB, 480x360, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They said Metal Gear Solid and Tenchu are the best stealth games on consoles.
>That can't be true, the N64 has the best Stealth games.
>Right? I can't find any games either!

>> No.6880013

5th gen was a mistake

>> No.6880231

N64 is always sold as the greatest console ever and its games the best ones ever made, when in reality, it was a shitty hardware, with an outdated format and a mediocre scarce library of games.

>> No.6880243

At this point I'm starting to think the N64 fags are projecting their console on others than anything else, really. lmao

>> No.6880252

Or poorstation consoles have record levels of shovelware.

>> No.6880261

>proving me right

>> No.6880271

Why does Nintendo and Sega live in your head rent free?.

>> No.6880281

But the N64 was cheaper than the Playstation?

>> No.6880283

The games weren't. Playstation had plenty of low quality shovelware while N64 had the best games of each year. Quality over quantity if you will.

>> No.6880302

Lol nothing on N64 comes even close to Metal Gear or anything by Square.

>> No.6880304

>When people praise movie game crap like MGS and FFVII
So they have cutscenes just like Zelda and Goldeneye? This isn't an issue if the game has strong gameplay, was very common for 5th gen in general.
MGS was praised as one of the most advanced tactical stealth action games of the time, it was unprecedented, at least is more interesting than just plainly shooting CIA niggers in Goldeneye mindlessly as if Bond was some super hero, shitting on MGS because you hate Sony makes no fucking sense, if it was in N64 you would be praising it as if it was the second coming of christ just like you do with Zelda.
N64 fanboys are the worst, you just keep repeating old memes of games you didn't even try.

>> No.6880305

>Quality over quantity if you will.
So, something the N64 never had? And if you're going to quote some journalists, you can fuck off.

>> No.6880310

psx costed the same as n64 when the n64 first came out, zoomlet

>> No.6880313

MGS is a movie game with mediocre at best gameplay and Square have never made a good game for any platform.
>MGS was praised as one of the most advanced tactical stealth action games of the time, it was unprecedented
Journalists and console plebs are retarded, Thief was better in every way and MGS was barely an upgrade from the MSX games in terms of gameplay.

>> No.6880328

Thought we were talking about consoles. MGS was amazing for its time in consoles, name anything else like it if you can.
And of course Thief was superior, it was on PC and made by godlike-tier developer LookingGlass, next you'll compare it with System Shock too? Lets keep this ontopic (console games).

>> No.6880329

>psx costed the same as n64 when the n64 first came out, zoomlet
>"poorstation" on previous post

>> No.6880332
File: 50 KB, 700x694, einhander_boxart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Square have never made a good game for any platform.
Exception to that rule being pic related, of course.

>> No.6880341

>name anything else like it if you can.
Goldeneye has stealth mechanics and is much more impressive and fun to play. If you mean literally in terms of gameplay in MGS then I mean everything had Pacman right?

>> No.6880357

>it was on PC
Alright pal, go suck off your pc elitist friends on reddit, nobody falls for that shit here.

>> No.6880358

Goldeneye's only merit was multiplayer and some innovations in physics that were pretty but implemented very poorly, in singleplayer I prefer to play MGS any day.
At the end of the day Goldeneye is another generic first person shooter shooter.
Truth is FPS always sucked in consoles, at least Perfect Dark is a bit better.

>> No.6880365

Cope LGS is better than any jap dev.

>> No.6880369

>in singleplayer I prefer to play MGS any day.
That's because you have no taste.
>Truth is FPS always sucked in consoles
Sony fan coping with the fact his console was too shitty to play decent FPS games, sad.

>> No.6880378

>That's because you have no taste.
Not an argument.
>Sony fan coping with the fact his console was too shitty to play decent FPS games, sad.
I didn't have either of those consoles and played FPS only on PC or emulators, joke's on you, I'm objective, you are the fanboy.

>> No.6880381

For every 1 good N64 game there are 5 good psx games.

>> No.6880383

>Not an argument.
Your post wasn't either.
>I'm objective
Objectively speaking Goldeneye was impressive for 1997, console or not.

>> No.6880391

>Not an argument.
Not him but you're the one arguing that MGS is better than Goldeneye because you "prefer to play it any day", that's your own argument. He's just rebutting it by saying your taste is shit. The fact that it's a stupid argument is on you.

>> No.6880408

>Objectively speaking Goldeneye was impressive for 1997
It was technically impressive. But the game itself was just another shooter, amazing for MP (in consoles), but that's it.
>console or not
Gameplay wise even DOOM is superior and it came 4 years earlier. FPS is PC domain sorry.

>> No.6880418

>But the game itself was just another shooter
It had limb specific damage, huge open levels, individual objectives and a sniper rifle. No other FPS at the time had those things.
>Gameplay wise even DOOM is superior
Doom is basically the best FPS game ever, no shit it's better than anything you can compare it to.

>> No.6880427

>It was technically impressive. But the game itself was just another shooter, amazing for MP (in consoles), but that's it.
It literally wasn't. You have no idea what you're talking about.
>Gameplay wise even DOOM is superior and it came 4 years earlier. FPS is PC domain sorry.
oh fuck off, you can say Doom is better than any game ever "gameplay wise". Thinking is clearly not your strong suit.

>> No.6880451

>Doom is basically the best FPS game ever

>> No.6880459

Doom II more specifically but yes. Duke 3D is the only thing close but that has at least one terrible enemy and another that at best is just annoying as fuck.

>> No.6880468

>You have no idea what you're talking about.
Not an argument buddy.
>you can say Doom is better than any game ever "gameplay wise"
It was just about stating the obvious fact a console FPS can never be impressive gameplay wise since the best FPS were always on PC. I don't get a fucking console to play FPS.
What do you prefer instead of Doom? Quake? Duke Nukem? Blood? Dark Forces II? Quake II?
I can keep going. Goldeneye was technically impressive with innovations in physics which is no little thing, in PC it would be a tech demo at best, it's praised because it was on a console and they didnt know any better.

In less than a year Thief on PC ran circles around it in both technical and gameplay terms, practically made it obsolete... unless... you play FPS casually and just in consoles.

>> No.6880469

>only the weird kids owned Sega Saturn's

That was my experience. My gfs younger brother had a Saturn. His dad gave it to him instead of making any kind of effort to be a father. Kid was weird.

>> No.6880473
File: 112 KB, 666x275, thief_goldeneye.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>In less than a year Thief on PC ran circles around it in both technical and gameplay terms, practically made it obsolete
Thief isn't an FPS game and I know where it got its inspiration.

>> No.6880484

Its first person and you have weapons to shoot, because you don't have an ak47 doesnt change that.
But I can name Half Life or System Shock 2 in its place if you wanna get picky.
>They got inspired in Goldeneye
Well, that's the idea of a good tech demo game, to take good ideas from it and implement them properly in a real full fledged game.

>> No.6880489
File: 861 KB, 1413x1219, goldeneye half life.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Half Life
I know where that got its inspiration too.
>Its first person and you have weapons to shoot, because you don't have an ak47 doesnt change that.
The goal of the game is not to shoot things, it isn't an FPS.

>> No.6880501
File: 20 KB, 683x490, 1600194406154.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm surprised that this image hasn't been posted yet. Say that 90% of an entire system's library is nothing but shovelware. With the PS1, you're left with over 250 good games. With the N64? Just about 40. Quality over quantity all you want, but the numbers inevitably add up in the end.

>> No.6880519

Is this how Snoyfags cope?

>> No.6880560

i love racing games and the 64 really can't compete with the psx or even the saturn
i can't think of a single tuner racer on the 64, the only memorable racing games on it are kart games, f zero and wave race, didn't have any nfs, didn't have toca, didn't have gt, wipeout and ridge racer were gimped, it sucked
it did have my personal favorite version of road rash though

>> No.6880642

Man, I don't know whether you're some larping zoomer or a literal 11 year old boy, or you could be older but with real mental problems. I'm trying to have patience in case it's the latter otherwise you should fuck the hell off.

>It was just about stating the obvious fact a console FPS can never be impressive gameplay wise since the best FPS were always on PC.
Do you have any idea how fucking stupid of a statement that is? We're talking about what is a good fps game. Just stating "consoles can't have good fps games because the best fps games are always on pc" is like the reasoning of a literal five year old. You repeatedly say "not an argument" to things other people are adding as their opinion, then you come up with this horseshit of reasoning.

Who told you that? I mean was it a teacher? Did a teacher tell you that fps games are always better on PC so we go by that rule? I mean holy shit.

>What do you prefer instead of Doom? Quake? Duke Nukem? Blood? Dark Forces II? Quake II?
I prefer Goldeneye man, Goldeneye to any of them.

> in PC it would be a tech demo at best,
No it wouldn't, it would have been brought out far before it ever got the polish and finish to it, just like Doom and Quake were. Carmack even admitted this for these games you tosspot.

>it's praised because it was on a console and they didnt know any better.
What an almost unbelievably retarded thing to say. They did know better and for the first - probably only time in history - console fps games were number #1. They were better than what $1,000 PCs could deliver. It's because of the strange hardware of the N64 that was based off a supercomputer, maybe Nintendo got lucky, whatever the case Goldeneye was number 1. It just literally was.

god this is like trying to pull teeth with some of these braindead zoomer faggots.

>> No.6880659

I enjoyed my N64 when I had one as a kid.
Which is all I think really matters.

>> No.6880813

this is one of the most mentally unstable posts i've ever skipped through

>> No.6880841

Sega and Nintendo bros against the eternal Snoy?

>> No.6880853

Then stop larping and making up stuff and maybe people won't get pissed off at you.

>> No.6881112

Imagine being this blind to your own ignorance

>> No.6881287
File: 28 KB, 801x534, 1418944847517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"PlayStation" became a kind of byword for "videogames".
Seriously boomer parents were calling the PS1 and Genesis "Nintendo Games" despite clearly not being made by Nintendo at all. I have never heard of anyone calling an N64 a "Playstation".

>> No.6881338

Lets say PS1 does have more 9/10, 10/10 games than N64 does.

1) this is subjective - you could theoretically not be interested in any of the [good] PS1 games but like every [good] N64 game.

2) You are still talking about 40 + games. That is at least double what most normal people have in their house.

3) 250 good games - yeah, I think that is a bit high.

4) EVEN IF ps1 has more games/more good games, why does this even really matter?
Ultimately you still have:
>Loading times
>worse visuals
>no 4 player / no good multiplayer
>a worse controller
>less durability

You still have these issues.

5) More per capita all-time-classic games are on 64

>> No.6881356

Nintendo was a byword for games in the 80s and 90s but by late 90s/00s it had become playstation.

Its also an attitude as much as anything else; from developers, from advertisers, in movies, in popular culture, and so on.

>tech demo at best
>FPS is a PC domain sorry.
You are a real spastic.

Have to ask : have you actually played Goldeneye?
Really? It has a LOT more replayability than MGS.

>> No.6881392

Nah man, my mom was even calling my Xbox and PS2 "Nintendo".

>> No.6881617

Not him but I second what he's saying. Playstation started to become synonymous with gaming, hell it still is in some circles, older people talk about kids "playing their playstations". Captain obvious here but the word playstation is clever because they know both parts of the word already so it makes clear sense to them (some zoomers probably don't even know station is an old word for channel).

>> No.6881631
File: 811 KB, 778x1078, f6b0654045ecd4781266e80f8c1711a8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck it, Marina time.

>> No.6881634

Worst Ridge Racer on PS1, boring and slow. It's clear that you have shit taste. RR1, RRR, and Rage are the good ones
>GT2 or Sega Rally
Both are great, but F-Zero X, Wave Race, and 1080 are just as good

>> No.6881712 [DELETED] 
File: 90 KB, 1366x768, 416f633340f9e04f5828aa28058e3336eba2f6c8da7de5c913b784d248c6aeed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are basednyggers really resorting to historical revisionism to cope for their shitty console that can't even render 3d correctly?

>> No.6881724
File: 90 KB, 1366x768, 416f633340f9e04f5828aa28058e3336eba2f6c8da7de5c913b784d248c6aeed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are sonyfags really resorting to historical revisionism to cope for their shitty console that can't even render 3d properly?

>> No.6881732

>Lets say PS1 does have more 9/10, 10/10 games than N64 does.
It's only not subjective when Nintendo does it.

>> No.6881739

>It has a LOT more replayability than MGS
Replayability depends mostly on how good a game is, not on arbitrary goals similar to modern achievements thrown in for retard completionists to obsess over, and MGS is much better than GoldenEye (a game that has zero replayability because it wasn't good enough to fully play through even once)

>> No.6881762

the fact that all of these have ages arbitrarily shoehorned into them illustrates what a stupid normie meme this is

>> No.6881769

I live in Europe and in Europe Nintendo never did too well. PAL was a deadzone region and we got games up to 2 years after Japan/USA. Also, translating into the 5 main languages didnt help.

In Europe, you often hear people use "PlayStation" as a byword for videogames. Playstation seems to make more sense to them, being as it is two very common English words (one of them, station, which transliterates into basically every Euro language).

So, yeah.

>> No.6881773

Metal gear solid is pretty short.
>arbitrary goals similar to modern achievements thrown in for retard completionists to obsess over,
Metal gear solid has exactly this. Different costumes and different endings, for completionists to obsess over.

You are literally taking what mgs does and using it against a different game.... This is some next-level projection.

goldeneye has various paths thru the levels. Agent to 00 Agent is almost like 3 different games. Multiplayer adds replayability, as do the cheats.

metal gear solid is also a great game, but you are just plain dead wrong about goldeneye.

>> No.6881828

>Racing Lagoon
How can you play it? Do you know Japanese?

>> No.6881841


>> No.6881851
File: 2 KB, 203x212, 1320915272320.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's funny because Sega Lord X ranked the Nintendo 64 as his favorite non-SEGA console. I wonder what games he plays

>> No.6881891

Nintendo 64? ps1? lmao!
br-brap BRAP prrrrttttttttt

sir, permission to brap on the noobs?

permission granted soldier, with extreme prejudice

>> No.6881896

every time I get recommended this guys videos he always seems like a retard.

>> No.6881931

Not surprised, Sega fans should like N64. EAD's output is comparable to AM2 stuff. It also has the Treasure games, and F-Zero X. On top of many other racing arcade games.

>> No.6882281

His videos are recycled fast-food but he's entertaining and not a fanboy nor an elitist. He makes the kind of accessible videos you'd give to someone who wants a quick rundown on this or that SEGA thingie.

>> No.6882336
File: 149 KB, 1024x612, 1597498513676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6882340

The fuck is with this "it's not the best game ever in its genre so it's shit" mentality
You have more racing games to play, go get on that shit.

>> No.6882346

The autism on the internet multiplies exponentially every year. It will only get worse.

>> No.6882436
File: 31 KB, 1318x112, Sonyfag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are so pathetic, lol.

>> No.6882440
File: 163 KB, 1375x856, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dang this nigga is still trying to shill his meme. Probably the OP too. At least he got (you)s this time.

>> No.6882443

He is based though, a based retard if you will.

>> No.6882595

Only ever found one sega guy who isn't a total retard because his videos require him to be informed. That being pandamonium.

>> No.6884545

And then just compare NFS games and Burnout 3 on GC versus Xbox. Xbox was the most powerful console, it's known as fact.

>> No.6884657

Not OP and also didn't make that meme. Check filenames.

>> No.6885175

I'm just gonna say this, I don't give a shit which has more games, or which was more powerful, etc. I like the N64 and PS1. Both had great games, both had bad games. This thread is trash.

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