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Was this game release, I was reading an old edge magazine I found at
I looked up Dolphin games and couldn't find anything. For 1993 it looks incredible, as good as daggerfall maybe even too good if you know what I mean.

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too bad but it looks pre rendered while the article made it sound like you could walk around in real time

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Those are probably mock-up images, same for the videos from the trailer here >>5147673
Probably was meant to be real-time, but the developers never got around to making a solid engine before showing off their assets.

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Found this info in issue 164 of Compute! magazine:
"The news hasn't been good for what looked like a promising entry in the Ultima Underworld school of free-scrolling RPGs. Twin Dolphin Games' Forgotten Castles, which looked dazzling at its unveiling at last summer's CES, has run into the computer-game equivalent of the tuna net. The EA affiliate was to have delivered the game last November, but delays in finishing the 3-D engine and interface ultimately led to the withdrawal of the company's main investor in late October. Matters were further complicated by the departure of the game's chief engineer in early December, according to president Steve Ruszak. Twin Dolphin Games itself probably won't last beyond the summer, but there are other fish in the sea, and Ruszak reckons Forgotten Castles--which is 60 to 70 percent complete--may yet surface. Both it and the 3- D engine are for sale as a package, and he's optimistic the company will find a buyer."
They got too ambitious, couldn't finish in time, lost support and died. Wonder if anyone bought the engine and used it?

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> even the best made 3do games look like atari st stuff
kek. yeah, the 3do really was that terrible.

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The video looks pre-rendered, but the screenshots in the magazine definitely aren't. It's a shame it didn't come out, because it looks interesting.

On the other hand, Stonekeep did come out, and it's fucking great.

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