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Has anyone played this title or know anything about it? Most sites that have covered it know very little and there's no gameplay videos either. It's called Looney Tunes: By A Hare, and was an arcade title unveiled by Sega in 1993. Probably cancelled or given an extremely limited release.

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I can post more screenshots, and the image quality for almost all of them will be terrible as there aren't better scans out there.

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Last one, unless more screenshots can be found.

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Looks nice, never saw before. Thanks for sharing.

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You're welcome. It would be great if more details are contributed by other users. It was unveiled at the 1993 Amusement Machine Show in Japan (JAMMA Arcade Show, AM Show, etc.). Here's one video I can find of the event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jb9Vdc3DcDk. However, this isn't one of the titles covered in it.

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Everyone,instead of listening to OPs rambling here is a short and sweet rundown.

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Also Michael Jackson and Sega together again.

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It isn't more screenshots, but it was also at the AOU Show 1993. This is from Joypad Magazine Issue #19. Something along the lines of "racing to win a magic lamp". More likely than not, other retro magazines covered the same event too.

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