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Since Double Dragon IV is now an actual thing and not just a nickname for Super Double Dragon, I think it's high time for a Double Dragon thread on /vr/. Advance and Neonfags are welcomed too.

>First game in the series you've ever played
>Favorite game and version
>Favorite character
>Favorite move
>Favorite weapon
>Which hair color/outfit combinations do you prefer for the Lee brothers?

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thank god its with 2 sprites. any info on controls? will there be legacy controls that have you punch and kick in the corresponding directions? will the soundtrack be as epic?


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will the boobs be as epic?

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will arnold come back?

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What's this guy's story? How come he disintegrates and comes back?

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favourite game dd2 nes
favourite level mission 2 pic related
favourite move knee bash
favourite song mission 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pboY1sevdac

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Double Dragon (arcade)
Double Dragon II (nes), Double Dragon Neon and Battletoads & DD (snes)
Roundhouse kick (II nes)
Nunchucks (III nes)

I've been waiting for them to do this for way too long. There better be a damn physical edition eventually.

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are you me?

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lets see. someone should have dd3 and put in billy and jimmys sprites and controls from dd2.

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meant hack instead of have

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Now that's a rape face if I ever saw one

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I still can't believe I ever beat DD2 on NES. Still one of the harder games I've ever finished.

My fav will always be DD1 on NES even though I never owned it. The music and sprites are too classic. Never played the arcade versions. Thought about getting the PC ports but I heard they're not really good. Neon was fun af too. Never really messed with the rest. Pretty hype about IV though, can't wait and can't believe it's only a month away.

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First game - DD1 NES
Favorite game - DD Advance; DD2 NES for retro
Favorite enemy - DD2 NES ninjas
Favorite character - DD3 NES Chin
Favorite move - DD3 NES 2 player cyclone kick
Favorite weapon - DD2 NES pipe, DDA kali sticks

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First game - DD1AC
Favorite game - DD Advance, DD2AC, DD2PCE
Favorite enemy - Jick (Mr. T-lookalike from DD1AC), Abore (DD2AC design), Machine Gun, Lavis Love (DDios)
Favorite character - Jimmy in RoDD
Favorite move - Jimmy's basic punches and kicks in RoDD
Favorite weapon - Baseball bat
Favorite Lee bros design - Super and Advance versions, with the manual art for DD1FC/NES coming in second.

Well this is supposed to be set in the NES canon, where Marian still lives.

His name is Burnov and his mask design is pretty much a ripoff of Neptuneman's.

DD2NES is pretty easy if you know how to spam your special attacks.

The arcade versions are also on PS4 Arcade Archives. The versions on Steam are not well emulated since they were ported by dotEmu. And there's also MAME of course

Seems weird that made Double Dragon IV into an NES-style rather than being based on the arcade.

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DD2 is my fav for nes, hows the advance compare to it?

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Double Dragon Advance is a remake of the original arcade game with additional stages and enemy characters, as well as an all new move set for your character. Most of the new content is roughly based on the later Double Dragon games, such as ability to perform the flying knee and crouching uppercut from DD2NES or a fight atop a speeding truck like in Super DD. It pretty much feels like a lost sequel to the first two arcade Double Dragon games. It's such a waste they didn't make the actual Double Dragon IV in the same style

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I'm surprised they get a hold of Kazunaka Yamane to compose the OST for DD4. I've always assumed he was dead all these years since he wasn't around for any of the post-Super Double Dragon projects.

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>tfw Masao Shiroto is likely dead

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I always like knocking his ass off the side of the building.

All "Get the FUCK out, motherfucker, and take your helmet with you."

Double Dragon games were fun.

I'm looking forward to the new one, even though I don't have a PS4.

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>I'm looking forward to the new one, even though I don't have a PS4.
It'll be on Steam too. I'm hoping it has local co-op, because the official press release says co-op is for online only.

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Great, another retro franchise desecrated by indie pixelshit faggots.

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>indie pixelshit faggots.
The original Double Dragon director, character designer and composer for the Arcade and NES games are all working on IV. They were also behind the recent Kunio games on 3DS.

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Considering it's 2D sprites any toaster should be able to run this I'd imagine.

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God, I hope not. I hate that aspect of games nowadays, couch co-op has been especially hard to come by this gen.

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Not only that, it's a fucking NES-style sequel to an old IP. It would seem like a disservice NOT to include couch co-op.

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Are the PS4 versions well emulated?

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I love this poster.

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File: 70 KB, 283x317, double_dragon_2_cover_by_crowbrandon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I can't speak for Double Dragon 1 & 2, but the PS4 Arcade Archives of Contra is actually better emulated than it is on MAME (at least the last time I've played). From my understanding, M2 actually handled some of the PS4 Arcade Archives conversions, but I'm not sure if they specifically worked on the Technos ones.

Posting cleaner uncensored version.

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That's not the same poster. I'm talking about the one coming with the NES version.

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Double Dragon Nes
Double Dragon II PC Engine CD
Yagyu Ranzou
Kiss (from Double Dragon SMS)
Blue with brown for Billy, red with blond for Jimmy.

Altough I like the series, I like Kunio-kun a bit more.

PC Engine version of II probally has the best music of the series:


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My point is that I prefer the original unmodified artwork from the AC flyer. The version is used for the NES poster is way too cluttered for my taste. They made Marian's skirt longer because of >think of the children and obscured the bottom portion of the artwork, leaving out most of Jimmy and the two bad guys around him.

>tfw no Double Dragon manga by Kakizaki Kazumi.

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>Oh boy! Here were go again. They're just going punch her in the stomach again and take her to the hideout like they did in the first g---
Be honest. You were shocked by the Double Dragon II intro the first time you've played it.

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>Double Dragon/Kunio-kun was almost a thing.
Wish this was a thing instead of Double Dragon IV.

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>His name is Burnov and his mask design is pretty much a ripoff of Neptuneman's.
Well that doesn't explain much. I thought he might be a copy of some anime character that had some legitimate reason to do that. It just seems totally random that one guy in a gang of street thugs has the power to regenerate by turning into dust, or something.

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Maybe the graphic designers just wanted to show off their improved animation skills. You have to admit it was a cool effect. It's annoying in the arcade version, since in later stages you fight him in pairs and the second Burnov always resurrects himself after being defeated, which takes away from your time.

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When the fuck did double dragon on famicom become a 200 dollar game? Shit, time to sell my copy. I paid $70 two years ago.

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I admit.

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I regret not getting a copy when they were still relatively inexpensive. I was only interested in Double Dragon II & III (plus Return) since the FC versions of those games had drastic regional differences. The only real change between Double Dragon I on FC and NES was the title screen (the NES version has the bottom flames removed to make room for the Tradewest logo).

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Double Dragon III isn't a game it's a fucking gang beating you load up when you really feel like getting the shit kicked out of you

I love it though

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As a kid, who grew up with the NES version and only ran into the AC version once, I was still expecting the Shadow Master (or whatever the hell his name was) to show up after kicking Willy's ass and beating your own clones. I had a feeling he might had been made up for the NES version (like Jimmy being a bad guy in the first game), but I really didn't think they would stick to their guns (so to speak) and keep Marian dead in the end.

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The famicom version is brocken, cause enemies seems to deal you a "magic hit" when both get hurt but he sneaks an attack without having an animation of an attack, it sucks.

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I'm pretty sure the FC and NES versions of DD1 is identical. They both had those issues. Git gud!

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i wish the arcade version of 2 wasn't so bad

hell, it doesn't have this:
it was so cool to see the game actually go into slow mo for the last hit on the final boss, i don't think any other game at the time did that

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>i wish the arcade version of 2 wasn't so bad
Why do people hate DD2AC that much? It was mostly just a refined version of the first game with new bosses and a bump in difficulty.

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Might as well ask this here instead of making a new thread. How easy is it to mod a Nintendo 3DS to disable region locking? I'm tempted to import that Kunio-kun Famicom compilation that came out a few months ago. http://www.kuniokun.jp/famicom/

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Why did make Marian ugly in the Genesis and Lynx ports of DD1? Everyone else in those two versions looked like they were ripped from the arcade.

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Why was DD4 unfinished?

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I'd bang any of them

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You mean Super Double Dragon? Nobody knows exactly what happened. Ebinuma, who was the lead planner of the game and later worked on Double Dragon Advance, says he was told to rush release and get the master version ready ahead of schedule before the team could implement any of the stage traps and cutscenes that were planned. The JP version, Return of Double Dragon, seems to be the later built of the game, but it's still unfinished.

It's speculated (but unconfirmed) that it might been interference from the game's U.S. publisher Tradewest, since Super Double Dragon seems to had been made mostly for the U.S. market in mind. They borrow a few concepts from the U.S. versions of the games and related media such as the name of the enemy gang being the Shadow Warriors (which was originally just a localized name of the Black Warriors in DD2NES) and Marian's occupation as a policewoman (which was something from the Marvel Comics adaptation and later animated series).

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Always wanted to give these games a go. The closest I came was one summer vacation where a classmate let me borrow the Game Boy version of Double Dragon II (technically a Kunio-Kun game, I know).

It took me all vacation just to beat the game, and that was before finding out I could do more than just the basic attacks.

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>Always wanted to give these games a go.
The NES versions are all pretty good start, but III might be a bit too brutal and difficult for some (I always found it to be an acquired taste). The arcade versions of I and II are decent too, but DD3AC was crap.

For me, Double Dragon Advance is the definite take on the series.

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I'd honestly just say start with Neon. It's easy for a beginner, has great music and humor, and it's always easy to transition to the older ones if you like what you see.

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>It's easy for a beginner
They really make a shit job of explaining how important the red parry boost thing is.

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It's influenced by 3D beat em ups / hack n slash and those inevitably have retardedly overpowered parries. Same thing happened with 3D Shinobi. I don't like it too much.

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Advance is a much better starter game. Neon has too much grindy shit

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I thought Advance was too ball crushingly difficult. Maybe I should revisit it to try again though.

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Has anyone here read Enter the Double Dragon? I want to get a copy if anything to read about the laserdisc games that Kishimoto worked on.

Secondly, was I smoking crack or was there a special edition of it with a DVD? There doesn't seem to be anything about it anymore on the site.

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>Has anyone here read Enter the Double Dragon? I want to get a copy if anything to read about the laserdisc games that Kishimoto worked on.
Hope you know your French, since there doesn't seem to be an English edition yet.

>Secondly, was I smoking crack or was there a special edition of it with a DVD? There doesn't seem to be anything about it anymore on the site.
It was a first print run only unfortunately. And it came with a CD, a DVD and a signed card by Kishimoto himself. The CD is simply just a compilation of music from the previously released Kunio and Double Dragon albums, while the DVD contains a tie-in documentary that aired on Nolife.

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Does anyone knows if this bezel was ever used in an actually released version of Double Dragon? I'm guessing it was used for Double Dragon II during its 1988 location test in San Francisco.

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Why does Kishi always look so dead inside?

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Because he just read the script to the Double Dragon movie.

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Well ain't that a bitch. I guess I'll get it eventually, but my collectors autism makes me want the better version I can't get…

Thankfully I could read French. Nice to actually get some use out of that worthless shit.

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because technos never let him move on

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They teased an English edition a few years ago, which isn't far-fetched since Pix'n Love has published a few English versions of their other books like a Sonic encyclopedia and a guide to Nintendo's pre-gaming products. Not sure why they haven't made for Enter the Double Dragon yet.

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Being NoLife TV I'm guessing the documentary/interviews are in Jap with French subtitles?

If the subtitles aren't built in, then maybe I can make some English ones. Based on the French ones though (not the jap ones).

But that's granted I can even find the DVD version, I guess the documentary should be on Nokko but in this case the subs would be built in. Got any leads on that?

Don't feel bad about piracy, I've already given money to No Life and fuck them anyway.

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>Being NoLife TV I'm guessing the documentary/interviews are in Jap with French subtitles?
It's actually composed of multiple segments, such as a brief history of LD games and beat-'em-ups prior to Thunder Storm and Renegade respectively, a Double Dragon superplay, a brief overview of the series and reviews of the media adaptations. The actual interview with Kishimoto is only half hour long in total (probably less) and it's broken down in multiple parts. My only gripe is that he mostly talks only about the original Kunio and Double Dragon and doesn't bother that much with the sequels. He does speak about the Double Dragon cartoon

>But that's granted I can even find the DVD version, I guess the documentary should be on Nokko but in this case the subs would be built in. Got any leads on that?
Yes, it has been uploaded online. I downloaded myself a few years ago, but I don't remember the website where I got it from. It might had been from Nokko for all I know.

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I really hope they have multiple playable like Double Dragon 3 Again.

We can have in addition to the double dragons:
* Marian, let her kick ass for once out of a fighting game.
* Abobo, whose practically the mascot and was going to be playable in Double Dragon Advance.
* Chin, the superstrong overweight guy with the claws just like Sammo Hung.
* Ranzou the Ninja!

They could even do what the Iphone game did and make all enemies playable.

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what doth the moonrunes sayeth?

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Heck we can add the Neo Geo characters as enemies, or even playable characters too

* Cheng Fu, A Jackie Chan with the drunken fist theme.
* Duke, a Double Dragon rival.
* Rebecca, another ladyfighter.
* Dalton, can have a henchman type based on him.
* Amon can simply have his techniques be given to Ranzou.
* Shuko can exist if you wanna make fun of the cheesy stuff from the 90s, like the movie adaptation he came from.

Actually come to think of it, there should be a Double Dragon adaptation that tries to use something from every bizarre adaptation of the series.

I was little annoyed that Neon just invented more for the convoluted mess of Double Dragon adaptations.

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Oh right, Eddie can have a mook type based off him. Or give some of his moves to Roper, who I initially mistook him for when playing the game.

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Panel 1
Billy: "After we fight through everywhere else, we go to Egypt."
Jimmy, Ranzou and Chin: "Right! Let's Go!"

Panel 2/Final Panel
Narrator: "From here on, push the Start button to begin. Good Luck!"

Its the Double Dragon 3 famicom/NES Japanese manual.

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Full manual translation is on Kontek


Also I hope the Ninja girl mooks are named Shun like in Neon, I want some consistency to this franchise at this point!

As it is, at most we get Abobo, and Marian, otherwise not even the Double Dragon hair colors are consistent.

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>at this point

>> No.3721743

You're probably right its too late now.

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Honestly I think Technos didn't care about the Double Dragon license, and just left those "baka Gaijins"(excuse my weeabo Japanese) on their own because Double Dragon began as a Kunio sequel under new paint so they wouldn't have to localize the sprites as they did for Kuno to make it Renegade.

Another case of Japanese devs not doing enough to ensure quality out of Japan.

BTW, here's one link on the Kunio Double dragon thing, there's more interviews on it.


Basically it was originally a Kunio-Kun sequel, but when asked to make the sprites more westernized overseas, Kishimoto just decided to make the sprites the same everywhere as Double Dragon.

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Has anything been revealed since the games annoucement?

>> No.3722643

Eh! I don't mind the inconsistencies in this series. It's not like other IPs from the same era were any different. If anything, it adds to the charm.

>Jimmy, Ranzou and Chin: "Right! Let's Go!"
The "let's go" is a bit superfluous. "That's right!" or "Right on!"

To be fair, it's not like Technos had much control over what happened with Double Dragon overseas, where they made most of their money on that series. They made the mistake of giving the console publishing rights of the series to other companies (namely Tradewest and Acclaim) instead of their U.S. subsidiary. It's the reason why the Double Dragon cartoon and movie turned out they way it did.

I'm guessing that's probably why they made Combatribes to begin with, so they could have a western-oriented beat-'em-up IP they could claim as their own.

The official website hasn't been updated since the teaser announcement.

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Dumping Famitsu's review of the original Double Dragon.

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File: 250 KB, 830x1024, CePOakPUAAIrPpr.jpg orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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666 get

>> No.3722682

I'd argue Super Mario, and Megaman did have a consistent though.

Any thoughts on adding any of the cast members from prior games?

>> No.3722686

This is where we finally found out mohawked Abobo was Jick.

Did they call the name Bald Abobo, "Abobo" yet?

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Double Dragon, fuck yes

First game: Tiger LCD handheld, so lame
Favorite game: DD arcade
Favorite enemy: DD2 Shadow Master. also Ricky from Renegade - slightly cheating tho
Favorite character: Lee brothers
Favorite move: DD1 knee bash is so rude, but the vertical elbows/boot to the face combination in DD2 were so good also. also DD2 flying knee strike esp when it blasts people off buildings. also the seated punches in Renegade. overall an embarrassment of riches, 10/10 technos would get gf killed again thx for the good memories

>English: High Jump Kick
>Japanese: Bakuma Ryuujin Kyaku (Demon Exploding Dragon God Kick)
>are you guys even trying, fucking get in the game english translators

Favorite weapon: the boulder
Favorite music: pretty much all of the music from DD1 is awesome and it's a pick 'em. So, the Industrial Area
Favorite design: DD1 Billy with unholy death-knight blue eyes


nice work anon. technos rules

>> No.3722723

>PS4 Arcade Archives

Hamster just uses MAME. They got in trouble for doing so back in the PS2 days but now that MAME is FOS they're free to use it for commercial releases.

>> No.3723239

>Hamster just uses MAME
That was only in the PS2 era. The PS4 Arcade Archives version of Contra is actually much better emulated than the MAME version (it emulates the behavior of the enemies in the 3D stages much more accurately).

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File: 278 KB, 792x612, double_dragon_by_kokoricosas-d3kr9xf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'd argue Super Mario, and Megaman did have a consistent though.
Only because those IPs had most of the same staff member working on all the games to help maintain a general style, so inconsistencies were managed to be minimized. Now compare those franchises to something like Castlevania or Shinobi, which had multiple subsidiaries within the same company working on different games for different platforms at the same time. Castlevania didn't even have a functioning timeline until Symphony of the Night.

>Any thoughts on adding any of the cast members from prior games?
I don't have any particular attachment to any of the enemy character, but I do like the bosses from DD2AC.

It only mentions three enemy characters by name: アボボ、ジック、ウイリー. Abobo seems to refer to the Green Abobo in this article.

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>get to stage 7 in double dragon ii NES
>suddenly its a platformer with conveyor belts
>with double dragon jump mechanics
>a single screw up is a death

for what purpose

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Git gud! But in all seriousness, I never understood why the jumping controls in DD2NES had to be precise. On the other two NES games, you can just hold A and press B for a simple jump or vice versa, but here it has to always be AB simultaneously.

>> No.3724471

> Shinobi: Play as a stereotypical ninja in a sidescroller battling ZEED.

> Castlevania: Fight Dracula as a Belmont with a whip.

With Double dragon you can be a 1 on 1 fighter, or they could be fighting Cleopatra. I'd also argue across the Double Dragon mediums, there's characters that do the same thing. Like why Amon when Ranzou would do?

> I don't have any particular attachment to any of the enemy character, but I do like the bosses from DD2AC.

Oharra, and Abore(Arnold) are the lesser used ones. Jeff is from number one, but rarely gets used.

> アボボ、ビック、ウイリー

One of those names is "Wheelie", who is that?

>> No.3724485

>Jimmy giving the thumbs-up

>> No.3724491


>> No.3724497
File: 313 KB, 480x318, mibobo_zpse4c38e25.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got it!

I wonder if Mibobo was Abobo, was Abobo, Bolo, I wonder?

>> No.3724579

Double Dragon advance is sweet but rare and expensive. There are tons of bootleg copies on ebay all the time.

>> No.3724625 [SPOILER] 
File: 788 KB, 2620x1956, 1483849520710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did

Beat the game but I used continues.

I would like to beat it continueless someday but honestly it would just be grinding out the muscle memory to do the tough jumps in Mission 6/7.

Great game, but from the co-op stuff I did its awkward to play with friendly fire due to the many 2-D sections making it hard to avoid hitting your bud. I guess its the best of the NES trilogy by default as its co-op and doesn't have III's ridiculous lack of lives.

>> No.3724853
File: 843 B, 27x60, chardd2pcemigiude.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think the PC engine version of 2 is the best. Only problems are:

* Some interesting enemies like the Ninjas+Right arms were left out despite having sprites within the game.
* No one bought a PC Engine/Turboduo.
* It was Japan only.

>> No.3724906
File: 1.75 MB, 630x486, 2017-01-01-0311-39.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3724916

This is the first i'm hearing of DD4.

I'm so over 8-bit sprites being used in modern games. I don't think of the characters from retro games as a bunch of pixels, I think about them based on their official artwork, and I'd much rather see them "throwback" to retro games by creating graphics that can actually mimic the look of the art in those old instruction manuals I used to thumb through in the day.

I'm not saying I want pixel art to die off forever, I'm just tired of it being the only way developers know how to throw back to their roots.

>> No.3724924

I can definitely see the appeal for some sprite styles like River City Ransom/Kunio NES sprites which are like a really cool.

I don't see the need for the NES Double Dragon sprites to continue to be used unaltered, especially as they don't even get the Double Dragon's differing hair colors.

>> No.3724954
File: 321 KB, 786x589, 485007_8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No. Bolo is just the name given to the Abobo-like enemy in DD2. You're overthinking things.

>No one bought a PC Engine/Turboduo.
>It was Japan only.

Well duh! It was console that was only popular in that particular region. You write this as if it's some kind of revelation to everyone.

On the subject of DD2PCE, it's a good version, but not as well-made as the FC one. Platform jumping is way more difficult due to how jumps are handled in that version and the balance is all over the place since the larger enemies are as OP as their AC counterparts. It's still worth playing because it's a pretty interesting hybrid of the AC and FC versions and the animu-style cutscenes between stages are entertaining.

>> No.3724962

>starting on the ground
>1 life left


>> No.3724983

I wonder why Abobo didn't return for 2 since every other character from the arcade version returned?

While it would've lost to the SNES, and Genesis in the end, bringing all those good titles over would've really helped the Turboduo.

>> No.3725096

you forgot the vastly inferior music

i don't understand why they just didn't recycle stuff from the arrange album


>> No.3725616

I wouldn't say vastly inferior, some of that doesn't exactly fit the game and sound more like it fits a film.

>> No.3725741
File: 110 KB, 1024x514, bolo1-1024x514.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I wonder why Abobo didn't return for 2 since every other character from the arcade version returned?
It's the same character with a different name and only a slightly different design. The only reason for the name change I would imagined is because Bolo fits better with the Bruce Lee theme naming they had going on and the internet wasn't around for Abobo to be meme'd to death.

You're sperging too much and putting way more thought into this than any of the game designers ever did. :p

>While it would've lost to the SNES, and Genesis in the end, bringing all those good titles over would've really helped the Turboduo.
Except, the PC Engine outsold the Mega Drive in Japan. It was hardly "bought by no one" as you put it.

I'm guessing they didn't use the arranged album's music due to licensing issues, since it was separate company that made that album. Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari had its own arranged album too, but the PCE versions uses different arrangements.

DD2PCE's soundtrack is not that bad though. The same composer later did some music for a bunch of Bemani games if I'm not mistaken.

>> No.3726138

> You're sperging too much and putting way more thought into this than any of the game designers ever did. :p

I'm probably am. I'm sure the game developers didn't keep track of names, and named characters later.

> Except, the PC Engine outsold the Mega Drive in Japan. It was hardly "bought by no one" as you put it.
No one bought it overseas pretty much, it hurt it in the USA that many awesome titles for PC Engine stayed in Japan.

>> No.3726171
File: 17 KB, 223x152, CHIN SEIMEI.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doesn't anyone think it's weird how some guy that hates your guts and swears to kill you both just joins you after he has been defeated?

>> No.3726587

> You killed my brother prepare to die.
> You've beaten me, now we're Best friends Forever.

It seems like a common thing in works of fiction.

Anyone know of any good hacks for Double Dragon.

>> No.3726642

They changed the plot in the U.S. version. In Japanese version Chin never says his brother was killed.

>> No.3726679

According to the translation, I read, Chin does mention his brother's fall in the original version.

>> No.3726701

He says that the Lees defeated his brother, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he was killed.

>> No.3726708

the translation I read said it could also mean killed, its unclear whether or not Chin, and Willy died in DD2.

>> No.3726726

I've been calling the guy in 2 Abobo this whole time

>> No.3726736
File: 119 KB, 1656x401, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anyone know of any good hacks for Double Dragon

If it's like Kunio-kun the japanese probably have the monopoly on the good ones.

>> No.3726746

Nope, it's ambiguous.
Willy wasn't in the FC/NES version of DD2 by the way.

>> No.3726756

Brett does mention Willy in the japanese version of 3 I believe.

It seems both villains are equally either dead, or defeated.

Kunio-Kun has always been way more popular then Double Dragon in Japan. Doesn't seem like Double Dragon is super popular there, its Wiki page is very bare.

So a hack I just found.

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCkrzKMVYL4
Double dragon 3 hack in the works, improved version of a previous play as enemies hack, and adding a visible enemy lifebar.

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBGptcywPyo
Bosses like Burnov, and Shadowmaster replace all enemies in Double Dragon 2.

>> No.3727035

>Brett does mention Willy in the japanese version of 3 I believe.
Hiruko mentions that, not Aldo. Did you even bother to view the link I gave you? It has the whole script of the FC version.
>It seems both villains are equally either dead, or defeated.
My point was that Willy was only in the first FC/NES game. Chin was in both of the first two games, but he was just a mook in the sequel (he's the guy with the twin sticks).

>> No.3727139

Yeah, Willy is in the Arcade, and PC engine version of 2.

>> No.3727756

Bumping with Mike & Ryan Plays Super Double Dragon. I think they were unnecessarily harsh on the game, even if it's really lackluster compared to the earlier NES games. I don't think they're aware of the game's troubled development.

>> No.3727798

>posts e-celeb shit in a discussion thread

>> No.3727808

Just needed an excuse to bump it.

>> No.3729081

What about the game's troubled development? I don't know anything about it.

It is a pretty boring game though. I tried it a while back and it got tedious quickly. Was that the real final boss though?

>> No.3729187
File: 259 KB, 835x1024, COB1EoPUsAAepO1.jpg orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Basically the game was supposed to have more elaborate stage designs filled with traps like in the original NES, plus an actual plot with a proper ending along with other thing. But some executive told them to release the game a head of scheduled, leaving a lot of the planned content in the cutting floor.

The JP version has two extra levels.

>> No.3729349

>For Marian's occupation in the game, we received various production materials from the Double Dragon cartoon series being produced in the US and decided to make her into a policewoman in the game (Marian's patrol car and a sprite of her in uniform were programmed into the ROM, but are not actually shown).
> (Marian's patrol car and a sprite of her in uniform were programmed into the ROM, but are not actually shown).

Has anyone actually posted those sprites?

>> No.3729448

I didn't think Marion wore underwear

>> No.3729829

I have to disagree with them that most people think DD2 is the best. Most of the time I hear it brought up it's because people are bitching about either the platforming or the control scheme that switches punches and kicks depending on which way you're facing. I never hear any complaints about DD1. To me it's a classic with the best music and is the best.

>> No.3730241
File: 146 KB, 377x517, boxdd1-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Return of Double Dragon, like many SNES/SFC games, uses a compression method to store its graphics. If you load the ROM image on a program like Tile Viewer, you will only get the OBJ sprites for the player and enemy characters.

A few unused graphic assets have been found through save states hacking, such as character portraits and backgrounds, but nothing of Marian yet. I', really tempted to write a graphic decompressor for the game if I knew how.

The most common criticisms I've seen for DD1NES was the fact it's 1P only (well 2P alternating, but who the fuck plays alternating modes in this day and age) and you're forced to level grind for your moves. It also had platforming sessions, but the jump controls weren't as ridiculously strict as DD2NES.

>> No.3730532

The NES version of Double Dragon 1 started the Billy/Jimmy hair color confusion, and Jimmy being evil was retconned for the sequel.

>> No.3730665

>a.k.a. shit nobody actually complains about.

>> No.3732051
File: 87 KB, 480x320, Photo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

iOS!Marian is the best one.

>> No.3733720
File: 219 KB, 821x1024, COB1Gk1UkAAkNK9.jpg orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dumping some Return of Double Dragon scans from Famitsu.

>> No.3733730
File: 234 KB, 803x1024, COB1II8UcAAyhtP.jpg orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3733735
File: 181 KB, 524x1024, COB1J7SUcAAsxIZ.jpg orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3734146
File: 133 KB, 480x320, doubledragonios-02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3734192
File: 192 KB, 960x640, Double-Dragon-iPhone-43.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3734226


>> No.3734904
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Are you Team Billy...?

>> No.3734906
File: 119 KB, 480x320, Ending 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...or Team Jimmy?

>> No.3736261
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Double Dragon for Sega Mark III review.

>> No.3736263
File: 214 KB, 804x1024, CFFneB9UkAAxonM.jpg orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3736561
File: 190 KB, 1280x720, 2121287-169_double_dragon_neon_ps3_video_review_091212_gs2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>First game in the series you've ever played
not sure, probably one of the nes games
>Favorite game and version
double dragon advance
>Favorite character
>Favorite move
>Favorite weapon

>> No.3736858

>DD thread
>not posting the show´s intro


>> No.3738076
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I always thought it sounded like a vocal version of the Mission 1 theme from DD1. I wonder if it was intentional or just a coincidence.

>> No.3738110

Kek, was this designed by Tetsuo Hara?

>> No.3738476
File: 154 KB, 744x526, img_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope. Masao Shiroto was the one who did the promo art for the Famicom version of DD1.

>> No.3739596
File: 291 KB, 1035x1495, DoubleDragon-SMS-JP-Manual-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is this expression trying to convey?

>> No.3739801


>> No.3740508
File: 13 KB, 277x182, spitroast.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

seems like a double team would be thematically appropriate

>> No.3741642
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Isn't there a version of Double Dragon where she actually kisses both of the Lee brothers at the end if you clear the game in co-op? It might had been the 7800 version or one of those obscure 8-bit PC versions.

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