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Daily reminder that Quake 3 will always be the objective peak of FPS gameplay. It was the high-watermark of the genre. Quake 3 has no skill ceiling and no other competitive FPS compares. Following its release it was all downhill for the genre. Linear, scripted, 'cinematic' shooters a la Half Life killed Doom-style FPS, while boring and slow, 2-weapon limited military FPS a la Counter-Strike killed arena FPS.

So let's have a tribute thread to Quake 3, the last truly great FPS ever made. Post cool Quake 3 stuff (Live included) to mark the occasion.

Here is a montage of Cypher being a badass:

Here is Fatal1ty's 0-8 comeback against Aim:

Here is the full round:

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Nah mate, UT2k4 was the last great fps.

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You can't move like this in UT though.

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also not retro so shut the fuck up

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Quake 2 is better. Ra2 .....

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Quake 3 was the first real esports title

every other FPS is trash in comparison

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quake 2's better

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/vr/ is way too casual for Quake 3/Live tbh

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I take it you're equating Q3 and QL, QL is slightly improved due to RG being only 80 now and other small modifications.

However for some reason QL didn't succeed very well, dunno why I have months on my account, and id software slowly went insane and started doing bullshit like loadouts in FFA.

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Don't be retarded.
You can't in Quake 3 either, that's a mod.
Quake Live weapon rebalances (some taken from CPMA iirc) are great yeah.
Loadouts on FFA don't bother me much because, well, it's FFA. Devs have said that with the addition of loadouts new players lasted at least an hour playing, compared to 10 minutes or less otherwise. Still not great, but it's something

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What's the best console version, DC or PS2? I want to get either one to play split screen with my friend when he's over.

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Dreamcast version has faster gameplay with no slowdown and better graphics (especially with a VGA adapter).

PS2 version has more gamemodes (it has some content from Team Arena) and uses a more conventional dual stick control scheme.

Honestly get the DC version for multiplayer. If you're looking for a PS2 splitscreen multiplayer game you should just grab TimeSplitters 3.

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No it's not "something". Anyone who plays for an hour and then leaves is completely worthless. Meanwhile the loadouts drove people who spent 20+ hours a week playing it away completely. So it's not something.

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>Meanwhile the loadouts drove people who spent 20+ hours a week playing it away completely. So it's not something.
I'm pretty sure they didn't. Since those people play either Duel, which is mostly unnaffected, or CTF/TDM, which aren't that popular on pubs, and server spawners just use the classic ruleset.
Also, the time was time spent playing in one sitting, IIRC. I could be mistaken, though.

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You're mistaken about a lot. I have like 2.5 months of play on my account there, and I can tell you that I played a lot of FFA and there are many others who did. Many, many people who played a lot of FFA quit or hugely curtailed their activity due to the changes. Those people who play 20+ hours rarely play those gametypes at all because duels and TDM at least take a while to set up. It's not like continuous as it is in FFA and CA. The people with the most time per week are the ones playing CA.

In fact for the next release they're going to reverse the loadouts in FFA, and the old way will be the default. This is the first time id have ever reversed anything no matter how bad it turned out, so you can only imagine how much of a disaster it was. So stop guessing what's going on and posting it as if it is.

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>Many, many people who played a lot of FFA quit or hugely curtailed their activity due to the changes. Those people who play 20+ hours rarely play those gametypes at all because duels and TDM at least take a while to set up.
Not the case in my experience.
>The people with the most time per week are the ones playing CA.
Who probably couldn't care less about the changes.
>In fact for the next release they're going to reverse the loadouts in FFA, and the old way will be the default.
I knew about this. I wonder what will happen with the other changes, like unified ammo and timers.
>This is the first time id have ever reversed anything no matter how bad it turned out
Didn't one of the Quake 3 beta builds remove strafejumping?
And while not a reverse, they have admitted they messed up before. RAGE, for example.
>So stop guessing what's going on and posting it as if it is.
Speaking from personal experience.

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Thanks man, I appreciate it. Also, isn't it possible to still play the DC version online? If so then that's even more reason to get it, even though it may not be as practical as simply booting up the PC version.

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Ha! How does it feel to be wrong? Everyone knows the best Quake is the original!

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quake had redundant weapons for mp unlike q3

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Quake had the best rocket launcher in all of FPS and a quad damage that worked as intended.

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>Quake had the best rocket launcher in all of FPS
Maybe, but that alone doesn't compensate for the other stuff that were done better in Q3
>quad damage that worked as intended
Quad being x3 damage was intended, wasn't it?
Anyways, talking about "working as intended" is kind of silly in a Quake game

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Don't you fucking dare gladhand how much the rocket launcher in Quake 1 flipped movement on FPS on its ear. It was fun as hell and EASILY trumps anything Q3 did.

Quake 3's only merit was that it wasn't shit like 2. It wasn't gold like 1, but it wasn't shit.

And calling it a quad damage when it doesn't quadruple your damage is just fucking idiotic.

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And so it begins. The show's only just started, and I'm already quite pleased with my work.

BTW, I'm a bit surprised nobody's tried to defend Quake 4 or the Enemy Territory spinoff. You'd think there'd be at least one fan of those games lying around somewhere.

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What is Discordianism? Some kind of troll religion?

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Quake 4's okay, after the patches.
However it hasn't hold up too well graphically IMO and it's fanbase was rather tiny. Crouch sliding is fun, but it's coming to QL anyways.

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Either that, or religion on drugs. Either way, I'm not a Discordian, but I'm apparently a Discordian pope, as is every human on the planet.

I just felt like half-starting a flame war for shits and giggles and half-genuinely stating my preference for Quake 1 over the others.

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>troll religion?
Basically. It was a brief fad among internet Subgenius types, primarily on Usenet. I haven't seen it mentioned in a long time, though I'm sure there's still people keeping it alive.

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Take it to the CSGO threads like all the other insecure Quakebabys instead of shitting up /vr/.

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Shit's older than Subgenius and Flying Spaghetti Monster, combined.
The first publication of the Principia Discordia was in 1963.

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So I never really got to play Quake what with having a toaster at the time.

So I would like to play through them all. Any mods or source ports of recommendation so that it isn't shit on a modern system? My copy of 3 doesn't like Windows 8.1.

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Huh. I didn't know much about it, I just remember seeing "praise Eris" or whatever in Usenet sigs.

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Quake 3 is great but by the time I got good internet and wanted to play online it was full with cheaters. Thank god Quake Live fixes that.
I remember playing this Dragon Ball mod called Bid For Power and it was pretty awesome to see Namek in 3D for the first time.

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exactly. theres even one guy asking for the console version even tho Quake Live is free on PC. I guess they preffer playing against bots with a controller

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i dont even play quake live that much but this is just beautiful to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdkDjsBiO58

they know the game so much

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So does Quake (any of them) have Source Ports like Doom that allow for some higher textures and resolutions?

I know of Quake Reborn for Quake 1, but no idea on the others.

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The first one like you've mentioned.
3 Arena doesn't need.
2 is garbage, don't play it.

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The first one does like you've mentioned.
3 Arena doesn't need it.
2 is garbage, don't play it.

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Arena I have didn't like newer windows. Got it to work with IOQuake, but no 1920x1080 option.

And whatever this is looks amazing to play.

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>So I would like to play through them all.

>Any mods
Do check out Quake Mission Pack #1, it's pretty amazing. Better than vanilla Quake if you ask me.
>or source ports of recommendation

Try OSP mod/Gladiator bots to get a small idea of what Q2 multiplayer was like. You'll have to read the readme. Try to track down the lost Generations mod, it was good enough that id C&D'd it. Rocket Arena 2 is pretty great if you're going to play actual multiplayer (no bots)
>source ports
I don't think I've ever found anything suitibly vanilla. What out for that shitty port that changes default gameplay (weapon damage, etc). I don't remember which one it is but that's unforgivable.

Generations Arena, CPMA (mostly for Promode Classic mode, much more fun than modern cpma rules)
>source ports

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Even Q3A supports 1920x1080 with r_mode -1 / r_customwidth/r_customheight and r_customaspect

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Who needs cheaters when you can have shitty netcode instead.

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I sweet thank you. I shall give them a try.

Also damn iD did a C&D...that is just so against everything they originally stood for. Place really went to shit without Romero.

Oh cool I'll give that a shot. For some reason mine didn't have a .cfg to edit which threw me off.

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You'll want to create an autoexec.cfg rather than rely on the existing q3aconfig.cfg which can be automatcially overwritten. Try these lines:
r_customwidth 1920
r_customheight 1080
r_customaspect 1
r_displayrefesh 120 //replace with your monitor's max refresh rate
r_mode -1
vid_restart // I seem to remember the refresh rate change not working without forcing the vid_restart.

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The DC version is still playable online, yes.

You can even play cross-platform with PC players, but they have to download a specific mappack and have to be at 1.16 (which is pretty ancient). Matches are still limited to 4 players though (if the server is set for more than four players as soon as a 5th person joins all of the DC clients get booted).

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I've been playing Q3 since day one, and started with QL when I got my closed beta access. FFA is still my favourite mode, and I'm not happy with the loadouts.
I'm not blaming the devs, they're there for the money anyway, but I loathe what players have become now. They're so impatient that they can't enjoy the game if you don't give them good weapons right away? What about spending those ten minutes trying to figure out the weapon spots?

I've been thinking of going back to q3a. Apparently, there's still people playing it.

>> No.2625750

Where do I put that autoexec.cfg file?

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Your logic is weird. Quake Wars was a cool game, but why would you expect somebody to 'defend' it here? We're talking about q3 and quake arena shooters.

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They haven't because Quake IV and Enemy Territory aren't retro ya dingus.

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In the baseq3 directory for vanilla and it may be necessary to put it in the installation directories for any other mods you might have.
I'm kind of crap at instructions so I'll give examples:

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thanks. now i can finally play quake live without having to adjust resolution everytime

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apparently, somewhere in the US there were arcade cabinets with quake. ew wth


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I know dude. Watch at least the first ten minutes of this:


It's mindblowing how good they are.

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Challenge Quake 3, the sourceport CPMA reccomends you use, is also pretty good.
>And whatever this is looks amazing to play.
Challenge Promode Arena, or CPMA for short. It's a Quake 3 mod, with plenty of neat changes tothe movement and weapon/armor rebalancing.

>> No.2626828

>They're so impatient that they can't enjoy the game if you don't give them good weapons right away?
Kind of. The problem is that you spawn weak as fuck and you have no teammates to help you (TDM has it's fair share of problems too) so you will get chankilled a lot. By the time you more or less learn the weapon locations, maybe armors too, the map ends and the proccess restarts.

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Here, this is the only thing I have to contribute.

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Thanks. Not sure if I'm good enough for it, trying to play through now....got stuck on Huntress bitch and her lightning gun. Game hit a difficulty wall on that level for me at least.

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So how far do you need to get in Q3 before not getting totally murdered against real players? Working on Hardcore now.

>> No.2628403


The best way is to have a friend that totally murder you and another that has the same level of skill as you. Play together and you and your unskilled friend will learn more and more. Your skilled friend will also teach you a few things, give you advices and stuff like that.
After some time playing together, you'll be skilled enough to give some competition to both your not so skilled and really skilled friend, and everything will become more interesting.

This or just play Rocket Arena 3 with a skilled friend over and over;

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Discordians were like the Anonymous of the 60's. A weird blend of new age spirituality, political activism, and "lolsorandom" memes. Smart people pretending to be stupid. It's rumored that Lee Harvey Oswald was a Discordian. Interesting stuff.

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There are good quake 3 servers still around that are active. The most popular one is located in Chiacgo. They have active ctf, ffa, and freeze servers. www.cromctf.com, FFA server ip is ffa.cromctf.com

Quake live is a good alternative, but they ruined it by implementing a lot of bad decisions that the community didn't ask for. Loadouts, item timers, and universal ammo packs ruined FFA, which there was quite a bit community for, by dumbing it down and removing most of the skill and strategy involved.

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Does anyone on /vr/ actually like Quake? It seems to me like everyone just likes the "idea" of Quake. Like as a staple of geek culture, like Star Trek or Lord of the Rings.

I've hosted Quake servers on /vr/ before, and no one ever joins them. I've never seen anyone else host a server. I've never even seen anyone challenge anyone to a duel. Everyone just loves TALKING about Quake, but not actually playing it.

>> No.2628636


Quake (I, II and III) is the game I played the most with friends online. Nowadays I don't play that much anymore, but I used to play with 2~3 friends constantly like 2 years ago (mostly the 3rd and the first one, I mostly played the second on public servers).

>> No.2628651

I swear I'd play but I live in a third world shithole so that's that.

>> No.2628673

I would play more but Quake Live a shite now and no Quake buddies to play other titles with. Playing duels with randoms on public servers with shit map pools is not very fun.

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I liked UT99 and Quake III equally. Fuck with me.

>> No.2629578


First of all, Quake is very different to Quake 2 which is very, very different to Quake 3. Also single player in Quake 1 is uncomparable to multiplayer in Quake 3.

Secondly, it's quite an ignorant comment to make. Quake was never been considered "geeky" until it got older (if that). I hate Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Star Trek is pretty good, especially TNG, used to watch it a lot as a kid with my dad, who was the most testosterone-loaded guy in this neighbourhood. I have never affiliated with any sort of geeky culture, and was completely addicted to Quake in recent years, to the "ruining your life you pathetic loser" level. If I started playing now I'd get extremely addicted again and be unable to pull myself away. The reason I finally took myself off it was because I don't want to be playing the same damn game and not experiencing others.

Thirdly, a person on /vr/ randomly going "hay guise you want a game" isn't going to be very appealing to hardcore players with years of experience. People have their own clans, partners they play with, etc. There's no point in playing some casual game where someone's going to with 35-0. Joining such a game would be only like some kind of experiment, not because they really wanted to play quake.

>> No.2629581

It's Open Arena OK?

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Holy shit this looks awful.

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Uh, Quake comes from a time when video games were for nerds, especially PC video games at that. Quake has always been considered geeky. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

/vr/ is geeky too btw, as are most boards on 4chan. You seem to be in denial about the man you are. It's not a big deal to like nerdy things m8.

>> No.2629768

It's pretty cool, though I prefer ioQ3 or Urban Terror.

>> No.2629770

>Uh, Quake comes from a time when video games were for nerds, especially PC games

yeah I have a feeling nothing good is going to come of this discussion and that you likely didn't even have awareness at that time.

Playing a computer game on the PC in 1996 was NOT a nerdy thing to do by any stretch of the imagination even something like an RTS, and ESPECIALLY not a fast-paced shooter like Quake. Playing some sort of pen and paper RPG would be. Sure you can say it was more "nerdy" than going to the gym. You wouldn't say a person reading the paper is doing something "nerdy" or trying to be part of "nerd" culture just because they're reading. Reading some fantasy or sci-fi novel you would consider much more aligned with it.

"nerdy" or "geeky" are really not even useful or accurate stereotypes but it's just stupid to say oh I'm going to guess you pretend you like Quake just to say you're part of nerdy culture, and then accusing me of trying to distance myself from being a nerd while I'm just trying to argue properly.

>> No.2629781

you sound like an autistic nerd tbh

>> No.2630237

I had never really played it before due to shit computer at the time, or well no computer during Quake 1.

Just went through 3 in two sittings. Most phone I've had in a shooter in a long damn time. I look back at those days playing Goldeneye thinking why the fuck was not a building a PC then.

It does make me sad that in many ways it was the death of the real Id Software, and I do wonder what the original Quake would have been like had it turned out to be an RPG.

But then again I love me some LotR.

Owning a computer in 1996 was geeky let alone playing Quake on it. This was still in the time frame of 'oh ew you play video games'. We are talking pre every girl liking pokemon.

>> No.2630538

Huntress can be hard yeah

but if you wanted single player you couldn't have picked a worse quake, seriously
Beating them in hardcore is a start
Bots don't teach you movement and stuff though, not to mention gamemodes that aren't ffa
Just get Quake Live, play the movement tutorials, and get playing

>> No.2630541

Honestly I was liking it for single player. I know its just arena simulation, but Quake 1 was just making me wish I was playing Doom. Got past her and tore through the rest of the game after with little issue.

>> No.2630717

> daddy issues

>> No.2630735

Trouncing the bots won't really prepare you for playing against real people. The high skill level bots may have bullshit aim and reaction times but they'll always be as dumb as bricks on dicks. If you focus on building bot-smashing strategies it will actually hurt you in the long run when you find that none of your strategies are worth shit against humans.

Honestly, I wouldn't bother going above Hurt Me Plenty skill for bots.

>> No.2630740

Well my reactions I find are slow, too many years or more tactic based stuff and consoles. Its like for Quake you have to get in the state of mind of not thinking about what you want to do, but just acting as it comes to you without hesitation. Nothing in those games seems to feel nearly as good as diving down a level while spinning to railgun a dude half a map away.

Know what you mean about bullshit aim though fuck me Huntress killed me more times then every other level combined.

>> No.2630754

I love how all these shitters talk smack about CS and they wouldn't even be ranked higher than silver. It just shows how they have never even played the game if they think its comparable to quake at all, besides being in first person the 2 play nothing alike.

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File: 10 KB, 256x342, thinking kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nobody thinks CS is comparable to Quake (apart from retards).

>> No.2630940

Every girl liked Ecco and NBA Jam and Micro Machines fuckwit. Pokemon is much more nerdy than any of that.

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>Thirdly, a person on /vr/ randomly going "hay guise you want a game" isn't going to be very appealing to hardcore players with years of experience. People have their own clans, partners they play with, etc.

>There's no point in playing some casual game where someone's going to with 35-0.
Who's "someone"? You?

See, this is exactly what I was talking about. Geeks like you love circlejerking about how "hardcore" Quake is, and how you used to be in a clan, and how fucking hard you'd stomp anyone's face in a duel... but then you won't actually duel anyone. All talk, no action.

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File: 236 KB, 800x600, raz_12_v_elite_rd_hudbot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

being teh hardcorez is like that. Have you ever played a single game for 10 or 15 years?

Where even 6 months or a year in you could stomp a newb 100-1? And he got the 1 because you decided you'd stop picking up health and went to get a drink?

Try just joining a pub server and get up to speed. We'll still be around.

>> No.2631409

As a tribes faggot I always thought they were closer to each other than to Tribes.

Hitscan weapons? lol. Learn to aim newb.

>> No.2631446

Quake is still closer to Tribes because vertical movement.

>> No.2631450

Hitscan weapons work better in Quake because the map isn't xboxhueg

>> No.2631470

>steering wheel games
I dont know why but I find that funny.

>> No.2631483

I always wanted to start playing early quake games because I dont have a really strong pc for newer titles, but everyone always stomps me so fucking hard I just give up.

>> No.2631487

>All talk, no action
I agree with this guy.

Wouldn't you be interested in dueling with other 'teh hardkoar' players on /vr/ and see where you stand among them (since there are apparently so many of you here)? Wouldn't you be interested in just playing pubs on /vr/ for fun?

>Try just joining a pub server and get up to speed. We'll still be around.
You sound so completely full of bullshit tbh.

>> No.2631503

Plenty of baddies in Quake Live.
Just play the tutorial and play Free for All or Capture the Flag. Team Deathmatch is an option too, but it' harder to get used to the weapon and stuf since their spawn times are bigger. Clan Arena (Team Last Man Standing basically) is fun too, if you can get into a server (some admins are dicks and they'll kick you for being new, but as long as you don't disrupt team balance you should be fine)

>> No.2631597
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Listen, your lame ass walking up and grabbing the flag at 90m/s is called a 'llama' and you'll get banned from the server if you piss off too many people with it because you suck and should know better than to try and do it.

You can't chase for the same reason you can't cap.

You also literally will not be able to hit anyone with a weapon because the physics are so different from any other game you've played Get the chain gun out right? That's like a machine gun? No, the bullets travel through the map before they hit someone. They do not accelerate with you. If you're going too fast you can shoot forward and the bullets will come out behind you and you can see them stretch out away from you.

A duel is like a goddamn ninja fight. You'll shoot everything you have at a guy and never hit him because he's just one power level better than you, and you are dead already and you don't even know it because you didn't see him throw a grenade behind you or bounce it off the wall behind you into your back while he was throwing mines, other grenades, and shooting you with the plasma gun.

>> No.2631625

There were always nerd girls. Some of the early Quake tourney players were girls. Hell I forget it was either Romero or Carmack that met a wife that way at the time. Think Romero. These were not common. That subculture expanded a lot with Pokemon, the DS, Wii, explosion of Anime, broadband, and to be honest mobile phones.

But that was the exception not the rule. Computers and the internet were still reported as a 'fad' by the news at the time retarded as that was even at the time.

Most peoples interaction with them was in the library, being pissed at the one or two computers at work many of which were pre-Windows still, or in the school computer lab.

Doom had a huge thriving rockstar like culture before Quake which helped as well, but Jock McDbag wasn't exactly rushing out to grab a dos machine. And Quake was a dos game as well, granted multiOS, and CLI still scares away normies.

Perhaps you grew up in a nicer area that was more advanced, which is great as many of us missed out on something really cool, but this was the norm back then when even a shitbox PC was expensive. Hell Quake was probably part of what started to end that stigma, but at the time the computer users and camp DnD were very much the same.

Seriously people still got called a nerd for having a PS1 or N64 at the time.

>> No.2632127

Just play reflex. It's pretty much identical to cpma and most cpma players have already moved to it.

>> No.2632257

almost noone is talking about cpma in this thread

>> No.2632843

Playing a game doesn't mean someone likes it. I do like Quake and I have put a cumulative 15K or so hours in the three of them. But on the flip side I have put 5K hours in CS and I fucking hate that piece of shit game.
I also don't play Quake all that much anymore because it's pretty much dead for pubs anyway. I'd go on IRC for matches but in my experience most of the people on IRC tend to be dickwads not worth playing with anyway.

Also, I prefer to saturate myself in play rather than play here and there from time to time. Having to break matches and spend time looking for matches is annoying as fuck.

>> No.2632872

>There's no point in playing some casual game where someone's going to with 35-0.
I'm okay with going 35-0 so long as it's a challenging road to get to 35-0. Just because you crush someone score wise doesn't mean you aren't sufficiently challenged if you barely scrape by. I've kept ~40/0 leads on players who were sufficiently challenging to me using certain tactics or map play advantage, where when I couldn't it was more closer to 10:9 ratio.

But yeah, some matches you can go 35-0 and it's not a challenge at all and the other person gets stomped and that's generally not interesting for the stomper and way not fun for the stompee.

The models and graphics look terrible, but outside of enabling some of the alternative weapons/modes it plays just like Q3A and it's free. It's also largely backwards compatible with mods for Q3A as well, not that there were really a lot of mods for the thing ironically - given that it was designed around easier modding than every other version of Quake.

>> No.2633108

I feel your pain.

>> No.2633203

>But on the flip side I have put 5K hours in CS and I fucking hate that piece of shit
my god. how does one put in 5k hours into a game they hate? shit. that's fucking pathetic, honestly.

>> No.2633207

>Playing a game doesn't mean someone likes it.
actually for most people it does. you're just fucking weird.

>> No.2633231

Not him but come on... you have to get the fact that people get addicted to things they don't particularly like doing. Things that they know are very flawed but just haven't been able to kick yet. Posting on places like /vr/ comes to mind. Sometimes people just are bored and they don't have better options.

>> No.2633316

No dude. I'll play a game I don't like only when new to it. After I've determined it's shit or that I'm not enjoying it that's pretty much the end of me playing it. I certainly have never spent 5k hours in a game I've flat out 'hated'. Jesus.

>> No.2633318

You don't 1.6 -you don't understand. And that's okay.

>> No.2633332

Cal o all over your post. 'ranked silver' ha ha. You are nothing! Step back

>> No.2633334

I prefer Quake and Quake 2 but Quake 3 was the one to beat. Nonetheless I do not like some aspects of the art direction(e.g. some effects, too colorful) and the player feels too chunky for my taste. Part one and two felt sharper but I have to admit that part three had more "snap" to the movement. Overall Carmack and crew had a good day.

>> No.2633386

Cal O is nothing I would still shit all over you kid. If you were Cal I maybe I would be impressed

>> No.2633395

Actually 1.6 is a game I played throughout my adolescence. It was a lot of fun. You probably don't think so and that's fine but that's another argument.

>> No.2633398

Did Romero ever comment on Quake 3?

He commented on Quake 2. I remember him saying that it was 'the best game ever!' when it came out.

>> No.2633408

John Romero LOL what a tool. What was his game again that was supposed to be the quake killer? LOL absolute trash.

>> No.2633409

You are cal o, you simple soul. You reek of it. You getting agitated just like when you used to get rolled 16-0 haha.

>> No.2633465

ur a shitty kid i would juan deag all over your face

>> No.2633482
File: 86 KB, 1916x806, MoS3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Stop, invincible wizards.

>> No.2634690

quake 2 isnt so bad. i dont get why everyone hates it, its decent
quake 3 just skips the whole story thing and is centered in multiplayer, wich was pretty revolutionary by the time but we are flooded by this kind of scheme nowadays. still better than most generic modern shooters but the arena-shooter genre is pretty stale and only comp.tf seems to bring something new to the genre but thats looked down by a lot of people because of how most of the playerbase isnt involved in it.

>> No.2634710

agree with this. It you're not in the USA or western europe you cannot play. Ping makes a great difference for quake.

>> No.2634774

dude i got so fucked up on mxe today and watched ESL finals at the theatre. They dont do that shit for quake.

>> No.2634891

The thing about modern FPS is that they tend to restrict you to "realistic" weapons and movement wich takes away a lot of the weapon variety that we used to see in the late 90's.

People just like to keep things simple. Clicking on heads is literally an eSport. The few games that try to give in to interesting gameplay elements are overlooked by the vast majority of 'head-clicking addicts that want to shoot guns in the desert'.

>> No.2634905

tf2, titanfall, advanced warfare, upcoming doom, break those trends in mp fps

>> No.2634960

have you ever jumped and shot someone in the head with a MAG7 in your life? Just wondering were you get these assumptions about realism.

>> No.2635005

I wouldn't know about Doom since it hasn't come out yet.
Comp TF2 had a bunch of international events and could be considered as a teamplay-heavy class-based version of Quake but most people just look down on it because "lol f2p" or "lol its cartoons".
The thing is that a lot of people decide on what games they like or they dont before trying them, so theres this tough middle-ground between making your game look "cool" so that people actually try it and making the gameplay interesting to keep a rich competitive community. Also with TF2 specifically there's the problem that competitive is extremelly different from the normal gamemodes due to balancing and the stuff you are supposed to know depending on your class (RJ, heal order) wich makes it harder to play or watch for outsiders.

>> No.2635008

The peak of FPS gameplay is Doom. Sorry.

>> No.2635024

>I wouldn't know about Doom since it hasn't come out yet.
it has shotguns, of course, staple of doom, and some guns will feel like tired tropes to some (tropes that doom invented, but still)
but there are some neat altfires, and new weapons
like, the railgun equivalent only does damage if you move around, fast
he's talking mp, you're talking sp
doom's mp really doesn't have much on quake's

>> No.2635028

You are a fucking idiot.

>> No.2635059

>the railgun equivalent only does damage if you move around, fast
thats pretty interesting. i wonder if they will add more special conditions in other weapons like this.
Shadow Warrior 2013 was another great remake but without mp

>> No.2635268


Doom mp is pure skill. Quake is skill plus map knowledge

>> No.2635296

Map knowledge is key in both of them. Doom's MP basically = get SSG/BFG or RL in exchange of the SSG in Doom 1 and basically spam/wall blast shit. If you don't know where those particular things are you're basically fucked if you're dicking around with virtually anything else. After that, it's less about skill and more about strategy, especially when you consider most your movement is simply messing with strafe/wallrunning. Aim is almost a non point since there's bulletmagnetism and most of it ends up being spam anyway. Quake requires map knowledge to stay in the game with equal opponents, as well as proper map control. Higher level play though, better players don't even need to have any map knowledge to trounce your shit. Better players move better and faster and shoot more accurate and quicker. They can learn a map while they're shitting on you and once they do, it's just carnage. Obviously skill will make a difference in Doom but it's nowhere near the kind of skill gap that happens in Quake.

>> No.2635530
File: 992 KB, 250x250, chuckle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doom babies

>> No.2635795

I like Unreal 99 better

>> No.2636037

>Quake Live a shite
Whats wrong with it? Just downloaded it today

>> No.2636676

Psy Trance and Goa Trance are your safest bets. When playing QL I nearly always turn on some radio station through Winamp's Shoutcast, just search for the right genre.

I compiled a short playlist of psy/goa trance tracks, mostly 90s:

You can also try Eurobeat:

>> No.2636753
File: 204 KB, 1621x701, Manly Hand Shake Sarge and Brock, UT Q3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Brothers. There's competition and rivalry, but it's always in good spirit. You can choose one over the other but in the end they're better horizontally.

>> No.2636759

that's some shit taste u got there m8

>> No.2637221

>Quake 3 will always be the objective peak of FPS gameplay. It was the high-watermark of the genre. Quake 3 has no skill ceiling and no other competitive FPS compares.

Except the original Quake, which was harder, faster, and objectively better. And it had bunnyhopping, which is probably the single greatest thing to happen to vidya ever, IMO.

Enjoy your cut-down version.

>> No.2637259

Well now you have to be a "subscribed" member to vote for the next map when the match ends, but other than that its a balanced version of quake 3.

>it had bunnyhopping
just like quake 3
the map design in quake 1 was pretty limited too. very closed areas most of the time. maybe this is why you preffer it.
For me personally, quake 3 is better

>> No.2637262
File: 189 KB, 1115x768, quake_is_for_everyone_german_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hahahaha holy cow I guess they were right in the ads that Quake is for everyone

>> No.2637293

Shit if you're going, 90s bigbeat and breakbeat are hot. Also, you don't have to go psy/goa for acid - there's other high energy acid music like hard-acid or acid-techno and occasionally hard-techno tracks. Also psy/goas derivative acid trance. Also break trance/nu break like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oeslAqeTEc

Also ironically, Quake 2/3's OST creators have Q3 Arena Noize that went with RA3 when it was released.
Though Q3's OST is also actually pretty good.

Other genre's that would be suitable would be Industrial Metal, Electro-Industrial, Aggrotech, Aggroindustrial, EBM, Electropunk, New Break. If you're into the 'Skrillex' sound that's kind born of dirty electro/complextro. Electro is pretty good for plenty of stuff. Glitch like Famtomenk might work. Glitch might do it. A lot of chiptunes kind of do that, but chiptunes aren't really a musical genre as they are a musical motif - it's akin to saying guitar tunes. Nintendocore would actually be an aggressive chip tune/rock/metal based genre. Similar would be SID-Metal like Machinae Supremacy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKkmyMKbPKE
Then there's also synthwave/neowave/outrun like Lazerhawk or Kavinsky for that 80's-esque techno/eletro that's more background and less in your face and kind of chill but still kind of gets you in an adrenaline zone. Daft Punk's Tron Legacy Remixed kind of feels like this with various other higher energy stylings including complextro.

There's really a range of genres he can choose from for energetic electronic music that may work depending on what he likes or the types of sounds he enjoys.

>> No.2637462

>just like quake 3
Yeah, nah. CPMA had hopping, as did GA. Quake 3 vanilla had neutered Q1 movement, though i'll admit the vertical-to-horizontal transfer of momentum was interesting. Actual hopping was definitely absent.

And the maps i'd prefer more open than Q1, so it's not that.

Howthefucktospoiler. Warsow has hopping+, but it's so enhanced i can't keep up with it. Fucking completely insane 90deg insta-turns and more.

>> No.2637643

Vanilla, playing as intended, I prefer UT99 too. It was a lot better in most respects.
Latest update changed the "meta" significantly, in ways that the game and maps weren't really designed for. TDM is a LOT more action focused and chaotic, for example
It's importance varies according to what modes you like and which ruleset your go-to server uses.

>> No.2638134

>implying quake 1 wasn't better

>> No.2638138

I fucking hate the loadouts. People like to pretend FFA is just mindless spam, and yeah thats true to an extent, but with everyone being your enemy, you will always spawn near an enemy, and all those newly spawned enemies start off with a fucking rocketlauncher and shoot you in the back. You can barely fight back either because you can only do half damage in the first 3 seconds after a spawn. Its cheap, its boring, its stupid.

>> No.2638150

It really wasn't. All that mattered in Q1 was LG and RL, nailguns were entirely irrelevant unlike the plasma gun. No RG either. That makes for a far diminished gameplay experience. Sorry but at least you tried I guess.

>> No.2638153

I play Quake 1 all the time. Singleplayer though, every time I try multiplayer, there is never a single US server going, except I think on saturday. Sometimes I jump around dm4 for an hour waiting for someone to join but someone joining is pretty rare. I also don't browse /vr/ that much but I would have joined you if I saw it.

Quake Live I play pretty much daily, I would play more Quake 3 Arena too if all the servers didn't broadcast bots as people and confuse the shit out of me. Quake 2 I even occasionally boot up because they always have servers filled and its fun as fuck. Quake 4 is also fun as fuck multiplayer but not even foreigners have servers up for it and that makes me upset. I love Quake, its probably my favorite series of all time, I even enjoyed Quake Wars, but everyone else who 'loves' it just says 'oh but its dead and that wont change, so i wont even play it' or some other cancerous attitude which is exactly why its fucking dead in the first place. Last time I visited /vr/ I encountered this kind of character. Just fuck your shit

>> No.2638184

but that is the point of the higher tier weapons. to be fucking better than everything else. thats why they are always placed in difficult to reach areas and places which would leave you vulnerable. in quake 3 you could dominate with any gun just about because it was so boringly balanced. there was no real reason to look for specific guns. and dont tell me you are one of those fags who actually likes game breaking weapons like the fucking railgun. yeah, i can hit 60% rail in a game too, it isn't hard, it just pisses me off how easy it is to pick a persons health apart at a distance in quake 3/live.

and weapons aren't the only thing quake 1 has over quake 3. i really like how armors work, how you can pick up red armor and have full 200 armor instantly. or that you couldn't pick up the same weapon to get 10 rockets over and over again, you actually had to get those well placed rocket packs across the map. or the interactive maps, and secrets in multiplayer, how the maps were designed for fun and not just 'competitive' gameplay. and lets talk about sounds systems for a second, quake 1, a game that came 3 years before quake 3, has better fucking sound. i can tell where enemies are 95 percent of the time even without the stupid 'walk' button that slows quake 3 to a fucking crawl.

>> No.2638215

>nailguns were entirely irrelevant unlike the plasma gun
That's not even remotely true. Using an LG under water, yer fucked. Using an LG at distance, yer fucked.
The SNG does 18 damage per shot. Just six of them will kill you unarmored and it shoots ten per second, but you only get ten seconds of spray. RA gives you 80% damage reduction. So it effectively gives you 500 health. At 18 per shot, That's 28 shots or 3 seconds of continuous fire. If you picked up a quad, that's 1/4th or 7 shots and 750ms, assuming you hit them all. It's not instakill but in the right situations it's pretty close, but it'll fuck someone up pretty good. Most of the weapons in Quake are like that. Even the shotgun has a place, it's low DPS but it's meant to be used from far away when a player can dodge. It largely depends on the map and positioning. LG and RL do maintain significant status because they dominate so much much of the gaming space, but both of them can be out shot in various scenarios. Q3 tries to balance weapons to be fairly equal for DPS with a bias in their relative ranges. Q1 balances weapons more biased towards stricter strategic usage rather than making the weapons themselves roughly on par. The standard NG is decent for spamming and conserving ammo since it let's you half the rate of consumption. If you're playing FFA it's not terrible for crowd control situations at distance without giving up your position. Often the NG also has the benefit of not being placed in a precarious spot like the LG that could cost you for attempting. Please don't act like a retard and suggest I'm not saying the RL/GL and LG aren't the strongest weapons, but that doesn't mean every other weapon is useless. It's a matter of how you use them.

>> No.2638225

The RG isn't game breaking. It's easier to pick apart someones life up close in Q3. Nothing is stopping you from putting up a fight at distance. Assuming the player with the RG doesn't run away the MG will actually out damage it and the best players will rip apart people in open spaces who are using the RG especially if the person with the RG misses shots because it's so devastating, time and damage loss wise. Missing a shot with the MG is far less costly, but you need to stick the fight to do damage.

>> No.2638242

excuse me but the rail gun in quake 3 does 100 damage, while the mg only does 7. if you hit one shot with the rail, thats 100 fucking damage. you dont usually rail people unless you have cover, they will hide until their weapon is recharged. and if they cant hide, they will run away. there are people who do use rail upclose and even then you wont ever see yourself being outgunned by the mg unless you somehow aren't able to kill some fuck with a little over 100 (as anyone using mg would only have that little most likely). and even then you are comparing the railgun to the only other non-distance restricted hitscan weapon in the game. no other gun has a chance on a railgun abuser, other than of course another railgun, some might say PG but its advantage lies in spamming areas BEFORE you see your enemy. you wouldn't stand a chance popping your head out to spam them. quake 3 and 2 are rail dominated and for good reasons; ease of use, and heavy returns. i wouldn't have a problem with it if it was nerfed to 50 damage, but it isn't and wont ever be.

>> No.2638264

So strawman fight and a poor one at that. Whatever. Not even going to bother reading the latter half since you're not actually even taking the discussion seriously. Learn how to play the game then decide.

>> No.2638273

>rg breaks the game
>rg does not break the game
>yes it does and heres why
>lalala cant hear you strawman
i am taking this conversation about as seriously as someone could possibly care about weapon balance in a fucking videogame. i wrote you a paragraph, you refuse to read it, and im the one who isn't taking the discussion 'seriously'? ok kid

>> No.2638609

Not him but Q1 does not have the skill ceiling of Q3 and you're utterly retarded to think otherwise.

>> No.2639171

How armor works in the Quakes is certainly a point of contention within the communnity
I like how it works in 1 but not for the exact reasons you mentioned
>or that you couldn't pick up the same weapon to get 10 rockets over and over again
That's Live, I'm fairly certain. In vanilla, it put you at 10 ammo if you were lower than that, nothing more.
And I think you're greatly exaggerating how ammo was placed in 1.
>interactive maps, secrets
Those still exist
>how the maps were designed for fun and not just 'competitive' gameplay
Not 2 opposite axxis

>> No.2639290

Is Quake 4 any good?

>> No.2639295


>> No.2639381


>> No.2639410

Pretty good observation.
I had the opportunity to play Quake on LAN against 3 of my buddies for about 2 years on every weekend and you nicely summed up what makes a successful strategy. I was around a 1.5/10 on the skill scale but steamrolled people who did not grasp what it took to get a nice frag count. Many got frustrated, even though I told them the essentials, and we ended up with "QuakeII/The Edge" on endless loop... fantastic combo.
But nothing comes close to the frantic ecstasy and power trips of the original Quake. Probably the most exciting game of all time.

>> No.2639442

It's on par with 2.

So no.

>> No.2639545

>quake 2
>"not good enough for me"

>> No.2639671

>Not him but Q1 does not have the skill ceiling of Q3 and you're utterly retarded to think otherwise.
not him but hahahahhahahhahahhahahahhaha

I haven't laughed that hard in ages.

>> No.2639674

It's way better than 2

>> No.2639691

Map knowledge is a skill.

>> No.2639839
File: 35 KB, 636x344, padded.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Linear, scripted, 'cinematic' shooters a la Half Life killed Doom-style FPS
You know what I don't like most about Half Life? That I'm supposed to love it. That I can't criticize it without being crucified. I have to love the long, drawn out intro. I have to love the pointless scripted events. I have to love the boring puzzles. I have to love that the levels are based on realistic-looking locations instead of abstract fantasy worlds. I have to love the 3D platforming. I have to love it because /v/ said so. I have to love it because it somehow made everything better, it saved us from having to play exciting games like Quake or Hexen in the future. I have to love it because it was the future, and Valve can do no wrong. It's not really a bad game, but I can't just like it. I have to love it.

>> No.2639849


>> No.2639875
File: 561 KB, 1250x1250, 5TwYp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I have to love it because /v/ said so.
Not anymore. The hivemind favours Doom now my dear. It's in fact cool to hate Half Life now in 2015.

I was way ahead of the bleating curve. I had a classic Doom game in my 3x3 way before /vr/ was made and the Doom general was established. I had it in there when hardly anybody would have Doom in their 3x3s. This was only in 2009 btw. Loads of people had Half Life and HL2 listed; meanwhile Doom and Doom clones like Duke were rare. Now you see a classic Doom game in every other 3x3. This is because 4chan groupthink '09 favoured HL. Now 4chan groupthink favours Doom and the modern 'consensus' is to call HL shit.

You're all just a bunch of idiot bandwagon jumping sheep tbh - unlike me. I always simply listed what I liked and as it turns out you now happen to be on the same page. You clueless fags just bleat whatever the 'consensus' is at the time.

Imagine if pic related was made today. You could bet your balls Doom would be a top 10 game, maybe even top 3. Yet here it sits at 34.


>> No.2639885

>You're all just a bunch of idiot bandwagon jumping sheep tbh - unlike me.

4chan in a nutshell

>> No.2639887

>Doom clone

>> No.2639890

But you are.

My taste is so fucking good and unpretentious, free from the influence of a bunch of tryhard bleating neckbeards. Feels so good.

I literally witnessed the Doom meme take over /v/ and /vr/ following the creation of the Doom general. I know you were all playing Halo before. You came here and thought you'd get 'gamer cred' for playing an older game. It's fucking laughable.

You were born in the '90s weren't you? :)

>> No.2639894

>You were born in the '90s weren't you? :)
Nice argument.
Duke is nothing like Doom.

>> No.2639895

For someone claiming to be an oldfag you act an awful lot like a stupid teenager.

>> No.2639913

Except it is. And if you actually weren't in diapers around the time it was released you'd know that shooters like Duke and Blood were referred to as 'Doom clones' colloquially in gaming media :). Google 'Doom clones' right now and see the results you get kiddo.

Indeed I am a manchild and I am free from pretensions. After all we are discussing fucking video games here on an image board ffs. Stop acting like it's a science you fucking dweeb.

>> No.2640070

Are all platformers Mario clones?

>> No.2640107
File: 624 KB, 900x720, nexuiz_screenshot_5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MEH. Quake3 never seemed all that interesting.

Nexuiz however was pretty nice.

>> No.2640117

Are you suggesting classic doom is bad and Half life is good?
If not, then why are you complaining that more people are seeing both games for as good and bad as they are?

>You were born in the '90s weren't you? :)
While that's likely true of him since he doesn't get that reference, it still doesn't make your using that term any less fucking stupid. There is a phrase that means what Doom-clone did when it was common vernacular but the new phrase is more accurate it's called first person shooter, you might have heard the fucking term before. There's zero reason to call something a Doom clone in this and age except to literally phrase it as an actual clone of a Doom.

>I am free from pretensions.
Quite not since you're using age as a show of pretention and even bringing age bigotry into it.
>After all we are discussing fucking video games here on an image board ffs.
There's nothing wrong with that or manchild about playing video games. You might as well call anyone who does anything but eat, sleep and work a manchild for having hobbies.

>> No.2640134

Reminds me Open Arena for some reason

The lighting looks very good tho

>> No.2640137

>daily reminder that system shock 2 was the last good FPS/RPG hybrid!
>daily reminder that X-wing alliance was the last good star wars game!
>daily reminder that final fantasy origins was the last good remake/FF game!

>> No.2640138

Reminds me of Unreal, or what little I've seen of it.

>> No.2640146

Oh man you've been there!

Hey guys, this guy has been there! He was there when shit was going on! Listen to this guy !

>My taste is so fucking good and unpretentious
I'm pretty sure saying this made you sound like an asshole. If you had some self-awareness you would realise how pretentious your posts are.

>> No.2640298 [DELETED] 

I love how upset you are. The only reason you're upset is because truth hurts. If it wasn't for the bandwagon jumping and 4chan hivemind bleating you'd both still be playing Halo. Facts are facts and you can't deny them, try as you might :)

>> No.2640305

I don't know, quake3 did seem rather eager with the story, especially considering it was just a deathmatch game. Quake2 on the other hand had awfully limited story, especially compared to contemporary or even earlier single player FPSes.

>> No.2640471

>had awfully limited story, especially compared to contemporary
You're joking right?

Doom, Shadow Warrior, Hexens/Heretics, Blood, Quake, Duke 3D, Half-Life story - Invading aliens/demons by summoning/portals, kill'em all.
Quake 2's story - We war'in aliens fly instead of portal, kill'em all.
Outlaws - Bad guys comin, get revenge, kill'em all. (pony edition)
Turok - Bad guys gonna comin, stop'em by kill'em all (dinosaur edition)
Goldeneye - Bad guys comin, stop'em, kill'em all. (cheesy spy ion cannon edition)
Sin - Bad guys comin, stop'em, kill'em all. (boobs and idtech2 edition)
Unreal - Prisoner crashed on planet, invading alien bad guys comin, kill'em all.
Redneck Rampage - invading aliens, kill'em all yall.
Kingpin - We be the bad guys comin, kill'em all. (FUCK YOU, gotta dolla? edition)
SoF - Bad guys comin, stop'em, kill'em all. (Hooah for money and missing limbs edition)
Postal^2 - We be the bad guys comin, kill'em all. (urinating neocon edition)

The stories in most of it's contemporaries aren't exactly masterpieces, they were never meant to be either.

>> No.2640871

>Are you suggesting classic doom is bad and Half life is good?
Are you really too retarded to understand what was being said in that post? I was complaining that you bandwagon jumpers don't actually know shit about video games. You only parrot shit you read on 4chan like the retards that you are. Liking Doom is literally a meme now.

>There is a phrase that means what Doom-clone did when it was common vernacular but the new phrase is more accurate it's called first person shooter, you might have heard the fucking term before.
Nah not really. 'Doom clone' refers more directly to shooters that are 'Doom style' FPS. I wouldn't refer to Half Life or COD as a Doom clone. I also find it hilarious how you sexually frustrated autists get so retarded over semantics. It's irrelevant and petty tbh but keep going :^)

>There's nothing wrong with that or manchild about playing video games.
lol when did I say there was?

Stupid bandwagon jumping Doom babbies :^)

>> No.2640907

Can someone screencap this.
Finally fucking said it,this goes for all popular games.

>> No.2640910

>reading comprehension of zero
Its ok anon,happens to me all the time when I talk to someone.

>> No.2640919

>Owning a computer in 1996 was geeky let alone playing Quake on it. This was still in the time frame of 'oh ew you play video games'.
Not if you were a kid. In '95 you didn't even need a 'gaming PC'; you just needed a computer good enough to run DOS or Win '95 and you were good to go. Most houses did have computers by '95 and kids always loved video games. Every kid had a Sega or SNES and nobody was going to call you 'nerdy' for playing on them. Literally every single one of my friends had a Win '95 computer in their house and we'd all play video games on them. You don't know what you're talking about m8.

>> No.2641067

Only as far as DM goes, for the rest UT > Q3, the game had fuckhuge content, especially with the 4 bonus packs. But as I said, DM in Q3 is like no other, I never understood what was supposed to make Deck16 in Unreal so special.

>> No.2641251

nexuiz is nice indeed.

>> No.2641252

Duke and Shadow Warrior did not have stories, they had non-stories, they were meant to be as generic, dry and theatrical as possible.

Maybe you see nothing in Half Life, Outlaws, SIn and SoF, but the fact is, they put the story out in your face vividly. Hence, less restrained story than quake.

And then no mention of terminator rampage and future shock, dark forces and jedi knight, perfect dark, strife, system shock or thief.

>> No.2641370

Not trying to derail the thread into non-/vr/, just a quick side question: has anyone here tried Toxikk? Is it actually worth the purchase for someone who likes all those oldschool shooters?

>> No.2641606

Toxxik's ok, but it doesn't have that many players at the moment.
In fact, I think Unreal Tournament 2004 (the game it heavily draws inspiration from) has more players. And there's a new free Unreal Tournament in the works anyways

>> No.2641610

I hated UT2k4 actually, everyone is a fucking tiny midget sprinting around and the weapons just didn't feel as satisfying as the first UT (which is one of my favorite game), projectiles became really crappy in favor of hitscan. I have been trying the new UT a few times but I'm not too sure about it.

>> No.2641617

Dunno then anon
Have you looked at other arena shooters?

>> No.2641623

I have been playing a lot of Dirty Bomb and I love it. Just wondering if there are other current flavors to get my fix of sanic shooters with crazy weapons.

>> No.2641634

>And then no mention of terminator rampage and future shock, dark forces and jedi knight, perfect dark, strife, system shock or thief.
Same shit really.
I never said the games didn't have stories. They do, however they boil down to excuse to murder the shit out everything on screen and are basic as shit. The closest shit to having more complex stories is star wars but only because it intertwines with other cannon. Otherwise, the story ends up being largely, steal plans to blow shit up - kill super duper troopers,
Also, no Half-Life didn't put it in your face. Half-Life's story was actually quite not even actually told properly. The game starts out, portals oh my, shit goes down, people get fucked up, military raids shit, shoot everything, portal to alien source, find the nihilanth and fuck him up, then G-man puts you on ice. So the story you learn at the end is.. G-man works for other people, he's powerful and the nihilanth says "Their slaves...we are their slaves...we are..." Which is ambigous as fuck on it's own.
Pretty much none of the story is actually fleshed out at until HL2, where they even bothered to explained what's going on and even then the what's going on is literally elaborating on invading aliens portaling in and G-man is hired out by alien benefactors as some vague sort of intergalactic mercenary headhunter.

>> No.2641638
File: 2.93 MB, 1280x720, 1411246393384.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well there's Reflex
If you didin't like the sprinting around of 2k4 I'm not sure you'll like this, but it's more fluid and the maps are far smaller, so

>> No.2641640

My problem with the "sprinting around" were the dodgejumps, I found those to be a broken move. If it's just a lot of fast paced movement I like it.

>> No.2641648

Yeah I know.
Are you familiar with Quake movement?

>> No.2641659

Not really, my experience with Quake is mostly single player and getting my shit slapped on LAN by people who play tournies. I have heard that it's very complex to master.

>> No.2641667

is it just me or is this game's art style eye cancer?

>> No.2641674

Quake movement is based on "broken moves", basically. The moves vary from game to game, but the point is that most advanced movement techniques weren't intended to be there, but they are incredibly enjoyable to use.

Reflex movement basically takes all the advanced movement from all the Quake games and puts them into one game.

That's why I was asking. If you do not enjoy people hopping around, or movement that spawned from broken moves, you shouldn't try Reflex I think.
I think it's a good game, sanic fast, but I'm not sure it's for you
What do you not like about it? I'm assuming the pickups.
My friends and me like it, for what it's worth.

>> No.2641679

It's a different type of "broken" though. Dodgejumps were working as intended, I just thought they were a detriment to gameplay. I do like certain intuitive things like walljumps, I guess I'll try this Quake on steroids to see.

>> No.2641680

it just looks disgusting, the whole thing
I hate the colour palette and how shiny and plasticy the whole thing is
it's so fucking GROSS
makes me wanna gouge my eyes out

>> No.2641684

It actually looks a lot like the new UT.

>> No.2641686

>it just looks disgusting, the whole thing
There's no much "whole thing" in that webm. The map's not even textured

>> No.2641729

Same bro.

Apples and oranges though, not sure why they're always compared considering they were quite different gameplay and community-wise.

>> No.2641736

how much time does it take for a weapon to respawn in tdm and duel in ut

>> No.2641762

A few minutes, depends on the server - some servers change the respawn rate or even disable it completely.

>> No.2641768

minutes!? holy shit that's fucking long

>> No.2641881

> not sure why they're always compared
Because they're more like each other than any other game, and they were both released around the same time as direct competitors to each other.
>Apples and oranges
Comparing these is also completely viable.

>> No.2641906

>I hate the colour palette and how shiny and plasticy the whole thing is
That, plus the title is dumb as hell. The Quake fanbase's borderline-autistic obsession with speed and reflexes is kind of cringey to be honest. They're like Sonic fans.

>> No.2642079

>The Quake fanbase's borderline-autistic obsession with speed and reflexes is kind of cringey to be honest.
You're just upset that you suck tbh.

>> No.2642102

I don't see it, to be honest. I think you're overreacting a lot.
And I mean, the map's not textured and the weapon model isn't the one in the latet version anyways.
I think it's a nice balance of purrty and visibility.
>the title is dumb as hell
That's Toxikk

>> No.2644129

i saw this time ago in kickstarter and it sure looks interesting, but with quake live being free i really doubt this will ever catch on

>> No.2644137

Yeah there's a few factors.
Quake Live is ree but it's old and the devs made some questionable decisions
Reflex is not so much Quake 3 as it's CPMA, aka all Quakes combined
But they need to differentiate themselves even further, which is a difficult task

>> No.2644142

lol at least quake got speed & weapon variety
cs only got reflexes and point & click (on the enemy head) with generic weapons that are all the same kind of weapon with slightly different statistics
everyone ends up using the same 3 rifles over and over

>> No.2644220
File: 2.22 MB, 1280x720, valvepls.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cs only got reflexes and point & click (on the enemy head)
That was 1.6, GO doesn't even have that. It's an abortion of a game with the most hideously unsatisfying gunplay I've ever experienced.

>> No.2644231

people on /v/ say that in the beginning of the round the dude is invincible for a set amount of time, so thats why the headshot didnt happen

idk if its true, never played go.

i;m reallly fucking drunk right now btw

>> No.2644237

The players look transparent when they have spawn protection. The problem is that they severely reduced first-shot accuracy from 1.6 to GO, making tap-firing extremely awkward and turning combat into mindless sprayfests where the only "skill" involved is learning how to pull your mouse down at slightly different speeds.

>> No.2644316
File: 9 KB, 360x203, B4CwxZgIAAA7XaF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's a bummer dude

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