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What are some really shit weapons in retro games? Which one would you say is the worst weapon of all time?

some criteria:
>not a joke weapon
>it works as intended and doesn't suck because of a glitch
>has to be an upgrade or a choice where weapons are all on equal class
>not the starting weapon
>can't be shit because of an better weapon available, has to be worse than every single other weapon when compared

I say the Axe in ghouls n ghosts. always fires upwards when the game is designed around shooting forward. Only throw one at a time (most weapons can throw at least 2) Pierces enemies so you have to wait for it to leave the screen further reducing damage output, and isn't even stronger than most weapons. The magic is also the worst being an explosion around you when all other magics at least attack the entire screen in some way. I hate the axe and jumping over it when it appears is the hardest challenge in the game. There's not a single situation where the axe is better than another weapon.

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Oh god, the close up sword is also really bad in this game dude. You can't even fight the weird maggot worm boss with it, because you can't reach with it.

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> There's not a single situation where the axe is better than another weapon.

What about when you're trying to kill an enemy above you?

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Fire Flower


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I'll trump you your Axe with Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts Bow and Arrow.
In a game where you primarily shoots forward this shoots up. You have to duck to hit enemies ahead of you.
but I guess it looks pretty useful here

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most flying enemies at that height can just be ignored, the areemers are only thing the axe would theoretically be good against but I've never picked up the axe in a level they were present in.

I imagine it wouldn't work because they dodge your shots and the axe is so fucking slow to fire since you have to wait till it leaves the screen.

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That weird dust weapon in Symphony of the Night was pretty horrible. I can't think of a time when you'd ever pick it over something else.

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It's much easier to beat some bosses with the Flower than the Leaf or Cape.

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not op but

-even against areal enemies the axe subs
the bow is the best for air enemies
the axes is so slow that even weapons that are not meant to be used in the air like the lance end up being better because they can put more projectiles on screen

-there are parts of the game that are practically unbeatable with the axe. enemies can spawn faster than you can kill them with the shitty weapon.

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Those are ashes.

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are you kidding.
the bow was my main weapon for the game, i use it as much as possible.

flying enemies are the main thing that kill you in the game, the ground enemies are easy, just move in close, duck and use the bow

the bow can also hit enemies at angles that no other weapon in the game can

once you upgrade it than it becomes homing and you can start killing enemies the moment they spawn on screen

I don't think I could have ever beat SGNG without my trust bow

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the laser power up in the arcade version of super C

the laser's beam cannot be canceled like the NES version, so if you miss with it you need to wait for it leave the screen to fire another. the arcade version infitily spawns enemies at nearly all times so missing even once with the laser can make you die

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I've always hated it. I always used the throwing knifes, and if not that the scythe.

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Bounce shot in Metal Slug 2 I think it was.
Practically no range and its slow damage output makes it hard to use

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I hated the bow right up until I met Red Arremer Aces and realized it was the only decent weapon against them

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Well that. That is something I had not considered.
polite sage for off topic

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The NES version's lasers weren't that great either.

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Any game where you pick up the weapons from the ground, and if you have a good weapon then the shitty first weapon can appear on the ground in unavoidable spots. Joe and Mac did this and it royally pissed me off.

But as for worst weapon I wanna say the discus in GnG since you brought that game up, its charge is a wall or something that does fucking nothing but block shots. There isn't a single enemy in the game that will be foiled by that goddamn wall.

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the reason you get the fire flower is because the cape/leaf make it too easy

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its a very effective weapon against enemy that try to run into into since the weapon does very high damage.

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the spinning 3d tower
good luck hitting gargoyles coming down

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The top spin is great against most of those enemies that jump/fly in at you from weird angles, the ones that refuse to kindly get directly in front of your gun.

i.e. Practically everything in Shadow Man's stage.

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its pretty easy if you have the bow
you can kill the enemies before they ever touch the ground

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The Klobb.

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Drop shot had its one time good use at the third level when it would bounce over cover enemies were using and then explode on them.

Other than that it is a pretty terrible weapon.

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Every single weapon in Daikatana. EVERY. SINGLE. WEAPON. They all hurt you more than they hurt the enemies.

>blaster that ricochets back all the time
>TNT with an explosion radius longer than its throw distance
>chargeable weapons that explode in your face

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Final Fantasy Adventure for the GB.

Swords. Even at the end of the game with the Fabled Sword of +12 Shitslapping that was destined to save the world.. the god damn morning star from early on in the game was better then it in every day.

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The mines in Future Cop LAPD, especially when upgraded. Escaping from their blast radius is, difficult.

I found more use for that than the bouncy stone thingy.

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That's a blatant lie. It's mostly a few weapons in episode 1, the rocket launcher equivalents (which behave pretty much exactly like the rocket launcher in quake), and that ice gun in Episode 4 which shoots rebounding ice everywhere and can also be used to propel yourself upwards like the shotcycler (which, unlike the ice gun, it doesn't hurt you).

The worst offender was the starting ion gun in episode 1 which shocks you underwater. A lot of shitty reviews from back in the day would always complain that every weapon could hurt you. You sure you actually played it?

You shouldn't be hurting yourself with the remote mine launcher unless you're really stupid. The hammer in episode 2 can hurt you, but it's a shitty weapon only useful for killing the statues anyway.

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The knife in Castlevania is almost always the worst subweapon, by far. One major exception is SotN, they're surprisingly one of the best. Most players probably avoided the thing expecting it to be worthless like the last dozen games, but you can launch them straight forward all the way across the screen at lightning speed in rapid succession, and go fucking ninja when you use it's special, which is great for obliterating certain foes.

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>>996909 Knife is amazing vs. Dracula's 1st form in CV3. It's also pretty good at sniping crows and such.

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Any game with a "homing" weapon that actually flies around in circles instead of hitting targets. Or picks the wrong targets and gets you killed

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The MagSec 4 pistol in Perfect Dark. It's less accurate and does less damage than the Falcon 2, AND somehow eats through ammo faster than the CMP-150 despite not being automatic. Even the secondary mode (three round burst) sucks, since all that does is waste even more ammo and make it even less accurate.

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I'm pretty sure Drop Shot was always intended as a joke weapon; a punishment to the player for picking up every power-up they see.

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maybe it's not all of them... but that seems like a lot of weapons that can hurt you..

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>Contra for NES: Fire Gun
I would rather have the pea-shooter than Fire, slow er travel is the big negative.

>Gunstar Heroes
Anything but Blue Laser + Tracking

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The shotgun in 1943 and the four-way shot (yellow) in Twin Cobra. I'm not sure which is worse, but both are so bad that accidentally picking them up usually leads to quick death.

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My personal demon would have to be the buster from Megaman Legends 2.
I don't know how they fucked it up so bad since Legends 1, but unless you spend all your zenny to max it out: the buster in 2 is weak, the projectiles are maple syrup slow, and has shit range (good luck taking on any moving/flying enemies with it unless they're coming right at you.) Combine that with the incredibly biased auto-aim and you have a recipe for disaster. All I can say is thank god for the homing missile arm.

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>>Gunstar Heroes
>Anything but Blue Laser + Tracking

Are you high. The only good chaser weapon in the game is fire+chaser. Anything else is worthless unless you're playing on easy or normal, which you shouldn't be.

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I found laser + chaser to be the best for the bosses since it would be fire and forget.

It moved quickly so it was effective in 2player mode for one person to use, as it would clean up the area while your companion used something with heavy firepower.

(i never really played those types of games alone)

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Also another terrible weapon is the bubble gun from Rascal, it does NOTHING!!!! Little to NO damage, not to mention the occasional glitch where hits against your enemies don't count...

Thanks Traveller's Tales for ruining my childhood

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The trip bombs in Duke 3D outside of multiplayer. You're the one who's always on the move and going forward into enemy territory, not holing up and defending, waiting for something come.

>Low on everything
>Find secret area
>No health
>No weapons
>No ammo
>10 trip bombs

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