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I want to play the first 3 og Resident Evil games, what's the best way to do so on Pee-cee? Emulation? Or Their actual pc ports (I did some preliminary research and it seems like their are also patches for these version but not sure how close they are to vanilla)

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Go original ps1 all the way. Then if you even like the games, check out the other versions.

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there are like 3 versions just for the ps1, original, directors cut, and dualshock cut(?) I'm so confused

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PC verisions via torrent or someshit then go here and grab the fan patches. https://classicrebirth.com/

Dude fixed the warping polygons in RE3 and ton of other issues in all the classics.

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If you're doing ps1, do Director's Cut non-Dual Shock.
But you should really just play the patched PC versions for the additional perks and easier setup.

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RE1.ISO (mediakite):

RE1 (torrent):

>RE1 Classic Rebirth patch:

RE2.ISO (SourceNext):

RE2 (torrent):

>RE2 Classic Rebirth patch:

RE3.ISO (SourceNext):

RE3 (torrent):

>RE3 Classic Rebirth patch:

Dino Crisis 1 (SourceNext):

Dino Crisis 1 (torrent)

>Dino Crisis 1 Rebirth patch:

For RE2 & 3, copy paste the code (CD-KEY.txt) at config setting or else the game will not boot up.
Check the PCGamingWiki site for more mods. (Optional)

-Play in the release order.
-Start with Claire A/Leon B scenario for RE2 since that is consider canon in RE universe.
-Replaying them all is recommended; tons of replay value.
-leg it or sneak it. No need to kill everything.

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Piracy is wrong. You wouldn’t steal a car but stile games. Im reporting you.

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Choose one.

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Yes piracy for abandonware, which is wrong and illegal. Why else is Nintendo Corporation Ltd. cracks down on pirates. You’re hurting the game industry by pirating and most importantly hurting me as a gaymer, that’s what they said in the video. I’m sorry I’m reporting you

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dial 8 tendie,
piracy will always be a thing no matter what.

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No it won’t and soon you’ll see when it stops and all you pirates/thieves/criminals face justice

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PC versions with the Classic REbirth patches. Only thing I don't like is that Jill's scenario on RE1 doesn't use save ribbons for some reason. Other than that, they are the best possible versions available. Emulating the PS1 versions is also perfectly fine.

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Build a windows 98 machine with a voodoo banshee and play em the best way possible

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Absolute state of tendies.

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This >>9955269
But the lazy nig way

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You could Duckstation the first three, or Duckstation the first and do the Dolphin HD versions for 2 and 3. I would say just play the first three with Duckstation, but if you want 2 and 3 to look nicer, you could play them via Dolphin.

Ignore the tards who say original hardware.

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RE1 with REbirth is totally fucked on my pc, have this black bar graphical glitch. Even following the fix on dudes website didn't do anything. Looks like I'll have to emulate

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You're doing good work sir

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1 and 2 are best played with classic REbirth, 3 is best played on dolphin emu, the PC ports of 3 have a lot of issues that were never fixed, mainly the lack of unlocks and NG+ which means it's impossible to see the special end screens. RE2 is arguable fine on dolphin too but personally I find the PC with REbirth to be much better, RE1 should only be played on PC with REbirth as it's pretty much the definitive version of the game (uncut, good soundtrack, 2nd most bonus content out of all other versions) If you find yourself a big fan the Saturn port is a fun playthrough but definitely not for your first time.

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these are the settings I use and it works perfectly fine.

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Whh is it so hard for you regards to simply PLAY THE ORIGI AL GAME

Nothing is best played on emulator dumb fuck they're inaccurate laggy shit

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Is the 240p option real or some kind of fucky downscale? Any scanlines? This looks zhit compared to PS1

>zoomed "quickturn" and gameplay tweaks

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Nah I’m just going to keep playing RE 1-3 on duckstation with upscaling and shaders turned on of course. I might even play it in 16:9 aspect ratio too just to make you seethe more. I will NEVER spend one cent on retro games that I can easily pirate.

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>>zoomed "quickturn"
it was in the beta versions, and you don't have to enable it. go know nothing somewhere else
sticky this

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Ugly, the game was made with 240p in mind
IF you mean CRT shaders, good, but again, they require the original 240p.

Duckstation is shit because it's an emulator, emulators are shit for input/audio lag and inaccuracies

>it was in the beta versions
So not the game they released

Dont get defensive of your zoomer PC port lmao, no native 240p then? You probably played FF7 on PC too. zoomer

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I said original fucking moron can you not extrapolate

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Cope coomlector fag

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The PC ports dab all over the console versions because they don't stutter every time the camera angle changes.

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PC ports, REbirth and... Reshade for scanlines!

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I have an AMD graphics card so that's probably the problem, says it might be on dudes website

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that looks so fat, how do I do that

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Rebirth or True Director's Cut for RE1?

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I don't own a single physical game. Consoles can run the exact same ROM/ISO files as emulators idiot

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>muh original hardware
no the PC port is genuinely the best version, better graphics, no lag, can skip doors, and if you want you can get mods if you are into those.
As I just stated the RE3 PC port has it's issues, all 3 versions of it while the GC port is both extremely easy to emulate and also runs the smoothest while staying true to the original gameplay unlike some of the other ports.

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>zoomer PC port lmao
>You probably played FF7 on PC too. zoomer
Why do you have to be like this? These came out in the 90s... What the fuck are you talking about... Why do some people on this board try their hardest to be obnoxious morons when they haven't even played the games they talk about?

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N64 version of resident evil 2 is the best

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it wasn't a proper screenshot, here's a fullscreen one.
The scanlines (or CRT filter of your choice) help making the high res 3D assets not stand out as much.

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oh you've GOT to be shitting me... i just switched to GayMD away from NVidia and now I have the same problem

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actually I got it fixed, just follow the troubleshooting steps on the guys website for graphics glitches EXACTLY, do what he says with dgvoodoo or whatever now it's working fine

Thanks for posting, now I'm using the scanlines abs filter and I agree it helps blend the 2D and 3D

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You are a LARPing zoomer, you know nothing of these ports and seem to forget most of these came out right after the PS1 game did and in the case of RE1 specifically it was developed by Capcom, 2 and 3 were outsourced to various different companies and is why there is 3 different ports for each with the only one people caring about being the SourceNext versions because they have the highest quality videos and audio.
Stop being a faggot and maybe play the games, if you actually were into these game you would have played all the versions you could so you could be informed on which ones are shit and which ones are not.

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Emulated with shaders. RE1 Director's Cut, RE2 Dualshock version, and RE3 is just RE3

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hey what API did you use for reshade? Can't seem to get the menu to show up ingame

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RE1 mediakite is based on the 1996 Japanese PSX version, so the difficulty is on some weird as hell easy mode where you get a million ink ribbons with Jill and hunters have less hp. To unlock hard mode you have to use a cleared save and its not the same as any normal/hard mode in US releases.

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Directors cut is the original game plus a bonus arrange mode, dual shock is directors cut but with shit music

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Lookin' good.

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Biohazard sourcenext uses dx7 natively, I'm using this wrapper that converts the game's calls to d11
Then ReShades takes those d11 api calls to do its magic.

I remember doing this while following steps of some README or config guide. I can't remember which guide exactly. But these steps for RE1 sound very similar:
(the "I HAVE VISUAL GLITCHES" section)
These steps are similar to the pcgaming instructions in the first link

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this. i can't believe some retards in this thread are telling OP to emulate the PS1 when this exists...

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>playing with a dgvoodoo trademark on the screen


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>not playing with a ocular implant for 4:3 vision

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Anon it's unironically easier for most people to just download an iso and run it on an emulator

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and? it's even easier to not play and just watch a streamer

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Answered in the FAQ
Go to pic related in the FAQ and just follow it. Should fix the visual bugs (though it introduces a chance to crash after about an hour if I recall. If it's your first time, Jill has infinite saves).

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>based on the 1996 Japanese PSX version
Yes, that would be the original version of the game. Many players prefer the US difficulty which is fair, but the game was not designed that way during development. It was gimped at the last minute so that Americans couldn't beat it during a rental period.
>hard mode is not the same as any normal/hard mode in US releases
This I haven't heard, can you elaborate?
>Download ISO, download patched EXE
>Download emu, download BIOS, configure emu, download ISO
>unironically easier

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>download patched EXE
What's that

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Oh sorry, I see what you mean. Still people who emulate on this board already have a PS1 emulator ready, so it really is easier to just download an iso instead of installing a 90s PC game on your Windows 10/11

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Fair enough but if you can handle configuring an emulator, you can handle running setup.exe + extracting a DLL for a superior experience. Lack of censorship alone makes it worthwhile.

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Use your pc to order a ps1 and a modchip and some blank cds. Or a premodded ps1 if you’re lazy. The pre-rendered backgrounds in the re games look like pixel vomit unless you’re playing in proper 240p on a crt.

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Tips for unlocking the HUNK mission in RE2?

I just finished Claire/A Leon/B with B ranks in both.

Apparently you have to get A rank in just one of the scenarios to unlock this mode.

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can you give more information about how the PC port of 3 is worse than the console versions?

I tried to do some googling but I found zero information on the pc port of 3 having issues

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be quicker, save less, get good.

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You need at least 270 points for an A rank (called S rank in the JP version which is what's used for the REbirth classic patch on PC)
>Finish the game in less than 2h30m for 100 points (pretty easy once you know the game)
>Never saving gives you 100 points (you lose 5 points every time you save)
>Never using a F-Aid Spray gives you 100 points (you lose 10 points every time you use one)
Note that healing with herbs doesn't count so you can heal as much as you want with them.

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Thanks, was able to do it today

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>tfw capcom scrapped the RE1, RE2, RE3, Code Veronica and REmake source assets

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Will there ever be a 4K high dynamic range restoration of RE1's intro?

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just play the REmakes bro

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just put a bullet through your head bro

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