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This was clearly a US military recruiting tool.

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as evidenced by the legendary ending of Halo CE, the real message here is that niggers are gay.

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No but pic related clearly was.

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Try the entire Call of Duty franchise.

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I'm diagnosed with schizophrenia in case anyone is wondering.

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Oh yeah, Halo is just like shooting guns in IRL.

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halo was never good, go back

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Halo revolutionized the FPS genre and blew open the landscape for online console play. Combine that with a stellar campaign? You have a living legend.

The seethe these simple facts cause to this day is fucking epic. But go ahead, tell me how keyhunting in Doom is superior level design.

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this is a retro board

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This isn't tumblr, no one cares.

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And oddly it was kind of popular overseas. I was "homeschooled" (aka did nothing all day) in 2003 so I played this game constantly with europeans. I was in a clan with guys from the UK and Germany.

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Hardly, the US Army clearly preferred realistic shooters.

Doesn't SOCOM 1 literally have a Go Army commercial on the main menu?

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>This was clearly a US military recruiting tool.
Yes, you're 100% correct. Bet you many young men signed up and went to fight in Iraq, only to discover reality was completely different. Hell, I once read they actually have Xboxes in their recreational areas.

This >>9939510 however, was the most obvious one. Great freaking game, too. Memories of Insurgent Camp and CSAR.

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Why do you fags defend half life, cs, goldeneye, halo, fear, tf2, timesplitters and serious sam when real boomers like rpgcodex rightfully hates them?
i thought this was the retro board.

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No shit retard

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For me, it's Bridge.

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inferior to unreal and quake

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kek, sounds a lot like my childhood. was it just the one year?

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no unfortunately all the way from 6th grade through HS. I was extremely socially retarded and had to take remedial math in community college, but became normal after moving away to attend a university.

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meds. now.

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>See the heckin E-celeb said so! Now you have to think this way!!!!

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nah, OP's right on the money here.

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>join because you were inspired by someone who transcended manhood to become a hero and defeat enemies that wanted to wipe out your entire race
>end up being commanded by people who tried to transcend their manhood and want to wipe out your race

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Weird to think the OG Xbox and Halo: Combat Evolved came out only two months after 9/11.

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The Covenant did 9/11

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Stupid fucking idiot. Why would the Navy advertise for the Army? You are a retard

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>Joe Staten
It was like, what if you are the guy who lost the Halo ring? What if you were the guy whose butt was on the line for protecting the most valuable religious object in the entire world, and you blew it? That seems like a pretty interesting story, and one we should tell.

>Jaime Griesemer
For 97 percent of the game’s development, the Arbiter was the Dervish. I’m going to be careful here because I don’t remember all the details, but that name refers to a special, set-apart role in the religion of Islam, a kind of holy warrior. So it really fit the idea of this distinguished, extremely powerful, almost blessed-by-the-gods warrior.

But then 9/11 happened right before we shipped Halo. And the tone and atmosphere at the time was very complicated, especially when it came to Islam. At the last minute somebody in legal said we couldn’t use Dervish. Half of it was like we shouldn’t appropriate somebody else’s religious beliefs for some goofy sci-fi game, and part was we don’t want to antagonize anyone. It was a really complicated mix, and we just said okay.

>Marty O’Donnell
Dervish had been in place for a long time, and we had all these lines of dialogue recorded, saying the word all over the place. We said to Microsoft’s geopolitical experts, “Look, you approved this a year ago. We asked you about this stuff.” We were really upset. I thought that there was nothing we could do. But we cut out every word from every character that ever said the word Dervish, and re-recorded all those lines to try to match them, saying “Arbiter” instead. I think there were user manuals that were already printed with Dervish in them. It was horrible.

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>Marcus Lehto
We always joked about Halo being a space opera. Halo 2 was the quintessential space opera moment of the saga. Playing the Arbiter worked fine in the end, but it was something that I didn’t like. I wasn’t excited about it, and I felt like it was going way off the rails from where we started.

>Joe Staten
We didn’t want to churn out another copy of Halo. We wanted to do something unexpected and give people a view on the Halo world that they didn't think they'd get, and make that really relevant for gameplay. On that score, I think Halo 2 succeeded pretty admirably.

>Marty O’Donnell
We had a great plot twist in Halo when you discover the Flood. We kept that secret from everybody—it was a wonderful moment and a great reversal, as everything you thought you knew now was different.

I told Joe that I didn’t see that in Halo 2. He replied, “It’s when you realize that you’re playing as the Arbiter.” But no, that’s not a plot twist. It just isn’t. I could never convince them it wasn’t. It wasn’t a good reversal; it was just a mechanic that was unsatisfying.

>Joe Staten
I must've worn down enough people that we should absolutely tell the story of this other guy. Not many games of the time were doing dual perspectives. But I think what sold it was access to all the Covenant weapons, being allied with Grunts instead of marines—it's not just story, it's the entire sandbox you get.

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AA had a nice netcode. Playing via a shitty dial-up connection was pretty passable.

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Anyone who didn't beat a game after seeing this message will end up doing meth in alleyway.

Those who beat the game will join the ranks of world government ubermensch project and will give birth to advanced civilization of super humans.

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Does tumblr even still exist?

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I never made it even 1% into this game: my brother and I would get a huge kick out of shooting the drill instructor a la pvt. pyle

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>I once read they actually have entertainment in their entertainment areas

Holy shit, you're a fucking retard.

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>They have xboxes in their recreational areas
The fuck did you think they had? Porno mags and loose cigarettes?

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you're trying too hard kiddo

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Kinda but it's not as big now
It was never as one dimensional, community wise, as 4chan made it out to be anyway. I think a lot of people excused the horrible shit on this site because lol internet over 9000 niggers but I genuinely regret almost every website I regularly browsed in my adolescence

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Trying hard at what, you fucking retard? Why the fuck would there be an advertisement for the army in a game about the NAVY FUCKIN SEALS? Enlight us, dipshit.

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not retro

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i think the HOOAH unironic starship troopers shit is childish and gay since i'm not an american child but i think OPs statement only applies after CE

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Essential Halo Kino

>Halo games
Halo CE
Halo 2 Project Cartographer

>Halo Bulletins
Matt's Halo Updates (6 October 2000 - 5 October 2001)
Frankie's Bungie Update (16 January 2004 - 5 November 2004)
Bungie Weekly Updates (12 November 2004 - 17 June 2011)
Feast of Bones
Bungie Interviews

The Art of Halo: Creating A Virtual World

>Bungie behind-the-scenes
Halo - Macworld Unveiling
Halo 1999 Story
Halo Archive
Making of Halo: Combat Evolved (Ultra Rare Xbox magazine DVD)
Halo: Combat Evolved Devs React to Speedrun (Marty O'Donnell, Marcus Lehto)
Halo 2 Alphas
Halo 2 Killtacular Documentary
Halo 2: Artifacts
Halo 3 - Full Documentary + Bonuses
Halo 3: ODST [Behind the Scenes]
Halo Reach Developer Commentary (2010)
Work of Rob Stokes
Max Hoberman dishes on Halo 2's crazy development
Martin O'Donnells YouTube Channel Archive

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too much retro

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What the fuck is your problem? You're offended an anon slightly misremembered their propaganda from 20 years ago? Change your tampon you overly sensitive twat.

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William Sessions went on to represent a drug trafficker Jew kingpin. The whole war on drugs thing started as a result to the Manson family, the mightiest thing that has ever graced the earth are Nazis on speed

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This definitely was too

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I doubt it was intentional but I'm positive that a few people definitely enlisted because they though Iraq would be similar

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Teenage me would've thought the word "dervish" was gay. Arbiter was a much better word choice in the end.

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It's about as boring as being in the military at least

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Take your risperidone, sperg

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>everything is a conspiracy
Kids just like guns and soldiers.
America's Army was an actual recruiting tool.

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no kidding. i was introduced to AA by some online friends from the UK

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If you're retarded enough to get indoctrinated through a video game let alone fucking Halo of all things then the military was probably your only avenue for a decent life if you don't die or get crippling PTSD.

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then why didn't i join? checkmate

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they didn’t let gays in back then

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makes sense. the US army needs the most retarded people to join its ranks, and only brain-dead morons would play Halo

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I wouldn't doubt that.

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No one asked blogcel