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What exactly did Kazooie mean by this?

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Kazooie wants to stick that in her cloaca

>> No.9936665

That fucking 100% post ending was such a fucking tease

>> No.9936672

Unlocking her chastity belt for Banjo.

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>Kazooie wants to stick that in her cloaca
a bird man of culture

>> No.9936998

Why didn't Rareware just use the Memory Pak for Stop n Swap? iirc it was available during development and would have solved everything.

>> No.9937208

I’ve been asking this question for years.

>> No.9937214

Because britbong IQ

>> No.9937218

Rare was all about weird hardware tricks on the N64 and someone got the idea to dick around with the N64's initially slow decaying RAM.

Plus I'm not sure if the Memory Pak sold that much anyway.

>> No.9937264

Because for some insane reason they didn't think to ask Nintendo about their weird hack until it was way too late to fix.

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